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In this, the final publication of NamePending? Network and the NamePending? Podcast, I djvolqu talk about the why of what is happening. I BEG you to please just listen to all I have to say with open ears and an open heart. This may be hard for
We continue our story this week in the mysterious tower in the strange land that lies beneath the resting place of Samular Caradoon. Our Next and Newest show is coming out soon! Please check out the Pokemon Pending Podcast and subscribe so tha
This week, the Gang heads out on a quest for Renwick and they find a wild scene... Now, I need to preface this with the fact that my "fey wild" is completely different from that of Wizards of the Coast's. Hope you enjoy! Also, please visit our
Ladies and Gents, this is the official announcement and teaser of our upcoming Show!!!!....... POKEMON PENDING PODCAST!!!!! Follow us on Instagram @pokemon_podcast to stay up to date on everything Pokémon Podcast Related! Thanks! :D and subscr
This week we dive deeper into the Sacred Stone Monastery and find amazing things, like dust! :D NamePending? Network New Member! Please give some love and support to the new member of the Network EGAMER on YouTube. He focuses on streaming popu
This week Balgrax and the crew continue in the fight against Hellenrae and attempt to learn more about this Sacred Stone Cult. What will they find out, and what will happen to Luca? Find out this week on NamePending?!!! Special thanks to: Steve
This is the continuation of the World of Tale! Please support Hans and his game by visiting WorldofTale.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/podcast-pending/support
Welcome back! This week as the crew has now gone down the river they search for the Monastery mentioned to them that would house the goofy monks that were skulking after the Mirabaran Dwarf Delegation, as well as potentially Renwick? Let's see
This Week on NamePending? Podcast! The gang continues on their quest to search for the Sacred Snapple Monastery and heads down the Dessarin River. Lets see how well they do! :D Thank you to our sponsors: Anchor.fm - a one-stop shop for all you
This is the second attempt to get the World of Tale up and out there for all of you. We hope this time that it gets to iTunes and other sources. In this venture into the World of Tale by Hans Ekornrød, we see a brand new style of gameplay and r
This Week, on NamePending? we get to see Bolus show off his stuff... again! Some Friends of Balgrax come ripping and roaring through Beliard; for what reason, we don't know. But the crew makes their way through and does what they can. The more
This week on NamePending? Podcast! We get to see how our new friend, the busboy does. Join us in the epic fun that is to come with these oncoming foes. This is the real test to see what is going to happen with our potential new friend. Will he
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and Girls, with Groc missing and everything going awry currently, what in the world is going on!? Elduin is being a crybaby, Luca is taking advantage of the loss of the lawful person, and Balgrax is still trying to fi
This Week, they players get under the skin of the DM and drive him crazy. What good can happen from that? NONE I TELL YOU, NONE!! Anyway, they have fun, and that's all that matters in the end. :D   Special thanks to DiceEnvy.com for letting us
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, we have another fun episode for you! I hope you thoroughly enjoy it, because I lost my voice in recording this one! haha. We almost lost this episode completely, but we were able to get it back and get it for
This week on the NamePending? Podcast! People come against Groc and the Gang, and then get beat up, does Groc take a nasty tumble or will Luca make sure that he is ok? I don't know I guess you'll have to find out, NOW!!! Welcome to 2019 Offici
Welcome to our first of the quarterly episode series. This will be only a portion of what is to come of the True Dragon Prince. If you want to hear the whole thing, please go to our Patreon and join us in the Silver Tier or higher to have acces
What is up #nppodnation! We are wrapping up the Womford arc here and we are excited for what is to come! We are so glad that you are helping us to achieve our goals for this podcast and to turn this dream of ours into a reality! It means so muc
This week on NAMEPENDING? We have lots of fun, we are looking at the finale of the Gulabus and seeing what will come of that fight! Groc and the Gang also make their way back into town and prepare for the Annual Pie Festival in honor of Chaunte
This week on NamePending? you will see Groc and the Gang take on the one, the only, GULLABUS!!!! ok, but seriously, this is going to be a fight you have all been waiting for. Will Groc and co. succumb to the wit that is the gullabus or will Luc
Players Pending is going behind the scenes to see why Elduin finally lost it! we are going to try doing more of the behind the scenes for you guys as we move forward. Do you like behind the scenes? Leave us a review on iTunes and tell us about
After the combat last week with the elven hunters, what could Groc and the gang want with the couple left over hunters that they have captured from the end of last week? Well, you'll just have to wait and see what they do. Special Thanks to: Di
The group gets caught unawares by a rowdy bunch of somethings as they are taking a nice leisurely stroll through the woods. I wonder if there was something we are forgetting... *Thoughts of a certain barmaid stroll through the minds of the play
Insanity arises because we have now had two back to back maggot fights end in nearly the same way! What! How could that happen!? I'm going to have to fire somebody over that. Anyway, here you go this week, get ready to see Groc and the gang get
In search of how to help Mortimer, Groc and the Gang go and visit the priestess of Chauntea, the goddess of the Harvest. See how that goes, this week on Name Pending?  Special thanks to: DiceEnvy.com for letting us use that beautiful starburst
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