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Episodes of Nature Check

The party spends a lot of time planning how to capture the red parrots. They return to the Hnub Poov Zoov rainforest and check in with all of Nautia's fey friends, then go after the parrots. REFERENCE SECTION Join us on Discord: https://discor
The party enters the Shortgrass Clan's camp and finds a familiar face. They do some trading and hang out for a day while Cedric performs some much-needed metallurgy. Will his efforts be worth the wait? REFERENCE SECTION Join us on Discord: htt
As the group tries in earnest to leave the desert, they fall victim to a rash of practical jokes. Who is behind all the tricks? And what will they see as they finally make their way back into the grasslands? REFERENCE SECTION Join us on Discor
Our heroes continue south through the desert and encounter a large monitor lizard acting strangely. Fletcher and Cedric investigate the carcass, then the group moves toward an oasis Nautia spots in the distance. What strange things will they fi
When a group of mosses and other simple plants is suddenly gifted with sentience, how will they navigate the world? What choices will they make, and how will they use their individual skills to save their scientist? REFERENCE SECTION https://di
An unlikely trio investigate a building in the slums while trying to track down the person causing street people to go missing. What will they discover once they've entered the building? And what scientific horrors await them farther in? REFER
A group of university students decide to party in the woods during finals week. But what starts out as a day with magical rum hangovers turns into a wild plane-shifting race to set their world right again. REFERENCE SECTION Join us on Discord:
The group makes their way into the mine and has to re-navigate some of the traps they'd previously encountered. What will they find within? And what sort of solution will they devise to put an end to the noxious pollution? REFERENCE SECTION Jo
Our heroes return victorious to the Raptoran village, where Siw is able to tell them more about the relic they've acquired. Afterwards, they decide to retrace their steps to the mine beneath the desert where the underground river is still being
The groups journeys up the side of Belukako Chuchuro (the Evening Peak) in search of a relic from Ehlonna. Will they be able to surpass all of the obstacles in their way and find what they're searching for? And what will they see once they're a
A day after the miracle, the group is trying to figure out their next moves. After some conversation with the village elders Siw and Braga, they decide to first perform the Ceremony in the temple and then embark on a quest to find a relic of th
How does each member of the group react now that Cedric is back among the living? Some things stay the same, but a few things have changed. REFERENCE SECTION Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/j7yjGunFY8 Follow us on Twitter: Nature Check:
Join Sheryl, Cindy, Peter, Sarah, and a special guests for a one-shot adventure where they Awaken in a Strange Place! Nelo, Ruby, Harry, and Max wake up to absolute chaos on their puffin ranch high in the mountains and realize that a group of
We're able to watch from two perspectives as Cedric explores the World Beyond and the party tries desperately to help him return to the Land of the Living. Will they be successful in bringing their friend back to life? And what will Cedric disc
The group leaves the mine, though not entirely without incident. They travel west across the desert and into the foothills of the mountains, but will they keep track of their prisoner? And what will they find as they journey higher into the mou
Join Sheryl, Emily, Sarah, and a special guests for a cow-themed one-shot adventure! Moira, Colleen, and Marilyn Moonroe start the morning in their usual barn, but quickly things get complicated and the ladies plan an escape from their farm ou
We pick up mid-combat with the mysterious dwarf in the polluting mine. How will Cedric and Fletcher fare against this foe? What will Nautia and Kae experience when they wake up? And how will this encounter be resolved? REFERENCE SECTION Join u
Our heroes begin to make their way through the mine beneath the desert, carefully exploring each room as they go. Along the way, they encounter a strange door and a weird puddle, then navigate along a narrow ledge covered in rubble from a lands
*Please forgive the audio whoopsie at the beginning! With some boons from our audience, the group manages to make their way through the dangerous desert rock maze known as the Stone Teeth. But once they reach the other side, will they be able
The group says farewell to Rashidon and meets a pair of young Scorpionfolk scouts who give them an interesting clue that sends them in a new direction. But first, the party travels with them to the Scorpionfolk camp where they make some purchas
After riding a slide back to the central chamber of the temple, the group is tasked to enter the door in the other side and complete another 5 rooms filled with wind-based puzzles. Will they find themselves in a sticky situation, or will they c
With some reluctance, our heroes enter the Desert Temple and meet a mysterious figure. Kae is told she needs to pass through some trials in order to learn about who she really is. The group enters a door in one side of the temple and begins to
The group spends some time in the Thri-Kreen market bartering for supplies and searching for information. After having a conversation with an old woman, Kae remembers that she had a dream directing her toward the next temple. Conveniently, Kuy
Our heroes conquer the obstacle of the canyon, then approach the encampment they'd been making their way to. They befriend a young warrior who explains his people's specialized weapons, then demonstrates his prowess in a tournament. Afterwards,
The group has well and truly entered the desert now. They awake in their campsite and meet some of the local wildlife. As they begin their journey northeast toward the campfires they had spotted in the distance the night before, Nautia acquires
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