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Oldest African burial site uncovers Stone Age relationship with death

Released Wednesday, 5th May 2021
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The earliest evidence of deliberate human burial in Africa, and a metal-free rechargeable battery.

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In this episode:

00:44 Human burial practices in Stone Age Africa
The discovery of the burial site of a young child in a Kenyan cave dated to around 78 thousand years ago sheds new light on how Stone Age populations treated their dead.

Research Article: Martinón-Torres et al.
News and Views: A child’s grave is the earliest known burial s…

09:15 Research Highlights
How warming seas led to a record low in Northwestern Pacific typhoons, and the Arctic bird that maintains a circadian rhythm despite 24 hour sunlight.

Research Highlight: Warming seas brought an eerie calm to a stormy…
Research Highlight: The world’s northernmost bird is a clock-watch…

11:35 A metal-free rechargeable battery
Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionised portable electronics, but there are significant issues surrounding their recyclability and the mining of the metals within them. To address these problems, a team of researchers have developed a metal-free rechargeable battery that breaks down to its component parts on demand.

Research Article: Nguyen et al.

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