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Negative HP

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Episodes of Negative HP

In this solo episode, I talk about my favorite games, TV, and movies of 2021, my reading plans for 2022, and other stuff! 
In Episode 22, I have invited fellow tabletop RPG enthusiast John Palladino to chat with me about some of our favorite character creation systems. We didn't have time to talk about everything we wanted, but we focused on Dungeons and Dragons an
In Episode 21 of the Negative HP Podcast, I talk about how my experience as a teacher has shaped my design choices, why I'm choosing to craft a new system, and why I decided to not use an existing system. 
This episode deals with the mechanics of the Unnamed Grimdark RPG Project. It includes the House Leader (Macro) System and Delegate (Micro) System. It also highlights how territories and resources work in the game. 
The development of the as-yet named Grimdark RPG Project continues, this time with character creation, specifically how to build your House, choosing a Class, generating Attribute scores, and touching a bit on Traits, Achievements, and Sins. St
This reboot of the Negative HP Podcast features an overview and worldbuilding for an unnamed Grimdark RPG Project. In this episode, I talk about the overview of the RPG, worldbuilding related to the countries, and recent games I've been playing
The seventeen episode features Evan Winter, author of The Burning series, which includes The Rage of Dragons and The Fires of Vengeance. Evan rolls a character while answering questions about dragons (of course), Drizzt, Druss, Robert Jordan, S
The sixteenth episode of the Negative HP Podcast features author Sebastien de Castell in the most in-depth character creation so far on the show. We also discuss cat faces, bards, swashbuckling, emotional depth, and more!  Website: https://dec
Episode 15 features author Michael Sliter, author of The Pandemonium Rising series which includes Solace Lost and Wisdom Lost.  We roll up a painfully average character, discuss his books, and wax philosophical about Final Fantasy VI. His book
In Episode 14 of the Negative HP Podcast, host Philip Overby goes solo and talks about tactical RPGs of the past, present, and future. Topics include: Fire Emblem Darkest Dungeon Slay the Spire Battle Brothers Shining Force Final Fantasy
Episode 13 of the podcast brings us back to Jowl, the Village of Stabs and Scabs. This time we have Nicholas Eames and RJ Barker as our players, bringing to life the hideous, face-bitten dwarven ranger Grimwile and the antlered urban druid Ivor
In the 12th episode of the Negative HP Podcast, I talk to myself and I roll up a character named Stinklepee, probably the most underwhelming character in Negative HP history. Topics covered include games I'm playing at the moment, favorite movi
The eleventh episode of the Negative HP Podcast features our first foray into role-playing with The Village of Stabs and Scabs RPG featuring Elle Lewis's fae Cleric of Death, Boxie!  Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify You can buy Elle Lewis's
Episode 10 of the Negative HP Podcast features writer T.R. Napper, the author of the cyberpunk short story collection Neon Leviathan. We talk about cyberpunk influences, using Dungeons and Dragons as a teaching tool, crazy RPG stories, and crea
The ninth episode of the Negative HP Podcast features the wondrous RJ Barker discussing his newest trilogy which starts with The Bone Ships, pen names, badger riding, weasel skates, the versatility of bones, and the true meaning of ANTLERS!  D
The eighth episode of the Negative HP Podcast features Dungeon Core authors Laura Hughes aka Demi Harper and Jonathan Smidt. Laura is also the head boss of The Fantasy Hive, a website featuring news, book reviews, and interviews. This episod
The seventh episode of the Negative HP Podcast features author and tabletop game designer Mike Shel. We talk game design, the Self-Publishing Fantasy Blog-Off, Hummel figurines, crazy monsters, and create our first gnome alchemist on the podcas
The sixth episode of the Negative HP Podcast features Nicholas Eames! We talk about all manner of things, including 90s music, a dragon eater, handsome authors, and create his dwarven ranger, Grimwile…who has achieved quite a feat of Charisma.
The fifth episode of the Negative HP Podcast features independent author Elle Lewis discussing her book Dark Touch, cosplaying, Godzilla, boxes, and creating her first D&D character, Boxie!  Download the episode! Stitcher Apple Podcasts  
The fourth episode of the Negative HP Podcast features authors Anna Smith Spark and Michael R. Fletcher discussing their collaborative work for Grimdark Magazine, viking poo, obsessions, cannibalizing authors, and the creation of a beautiful ra
The third episode of the Negative HP Podcast features author Peter McLean. The second book in his War for the Rose Throne series, Priest of Lies, was recently released, the follow-up to one of my favorite new books Priest of Bones. Listen to hi
The second episode of the Negative HP Podcast features author Gareth Hanrahan. The first book of the Black Iron Legacy series, The Gutter Prayer, has gotten a lot of buzz in fantasy circles. You can also hear Gareth roll up his very neutral mag
The very first episode of Negative HP Podcast welcomes best-selling author and all-around swell guy Mark Lawrence. The writer of various critically acclaimed novels including The Broken Empire Trilogy, The Red Queen’s War Trilogy, and The Book
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