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Episodes of Neighborhood Twin Mom

Lexi Burt is mom to almost two year old identical twin boys and a three year old singleton.  Lexi is the co-host of the podcast "How to Moms" where she and her mom friend Jessica Doxey talk all things "mom" for those moms who don't feel good en
Mallory Brown is mom to 5 month old identical twin boys and a three year old singleton.  Mallory is an IVF warrior and NICU survivor.  Although she did IVF she only implanted one embryo that split to give her identical twins.  We talk about the
Ashlyn Sadler and Ashlin Hofstrand met online in a twin group and bonded over their very similar lives.  Besides the obvious of sharing the same name, they were each born in the same month, have 4 kids under 4, have identical twin boys, have a
Best friends Ashlyn Sadler and Ashlin Hofstrand both have identical twin boys.  In the first half of this episode Ashlin and Ashlyn tell how they found out they were pregnant with twins, their twin pregnancies, and their beautiful birth stories
Becca Robins is mom to 7 kids including identical twin boys.  We chat about her view of putting twins in matching clothes, how she has advocated for her kids' health and an easy twin pregnancy. Shop Kindred Bravely and save 20% off your first
Stephanie Rodriguez gives a fresh perspective on her twin pregnancy, twin induction at 39 weeks, and what life has been like the first three months with identical di/di twin boys. Find Stephanie on Instagram @stephierodriquez Shop Kindred Brave
Kathryn Ditson is mom to 2 school aged kids, homeschool mom, and Air Force Wife, and fellow podcast host on Our Nuclear Family.  On this week of the podcast we talk about common complaints parents have about summer time and how to solve them.  
Kiki Amlaw is a mom to 4 singleton boys and young twin girls.  She talks about her temporary bed rest, her uncomplicated quick twin delivery, and all her favorite twin products.  As well as her advice for having a big family and building relati
Ana Kyriacou is a mom to identical toddler twin boys.  She is a dental hygienist and has been in the dental field for 10 plus years.  We chat about breastfeeding twins, pumping and weaning toddlers.  Ana Kyriacou also talks about oral health in
You asked for it! This week we take a look back at some of Amber's favorite moments from season one and get a few updates from some of the guests from season one as well. Follow my friends on Instagram  Jaylena Miller and Pineapple Girl Designs
Carrie is mom to fraternal triplets and has been in the military with the Air National Guard for 24 years.  Carrie talks about using acupuncture and IVF (in-vitro- fertilization) to get pregnant with her triplets.  Carrie chats with me about th
Stephanie Stutevant is a public elementary school teacher and mom to 4 including identical twin girls.  Matt Sturtevant is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard and dad to 4 including identical twins.  The Stutevant's talk about family
Hannah Hensley is twin mom to fraternal toddler boy girl twins.  She is an US Air Force wife and stay at home mom to three kids.  Hannah shares her experience of giving birth and raising twins during a pandemic as well as the struggles and uniq
Jalissa Olsen is a mom to 5 including fraternal triplets.  She shares how she ended up with triplets and their birth story.  Jalissa Olsen shares the ups and downs of her triplet's NICU time.  Her triplets are now a year old and she is headed b
Sisters Brianne Dedelow and Stefanie da Silva were pregnant with twins, due 5 days apart from each other.  Although their stories are very different.  They include identical (mono/di) twins, fraternal boy/girl twins, NICU time, c-section and va
Bre Ahrens has two sets of spontaneous fraternal twins.  She created an online twin group that reached over 500 members within a matter of weeks.  Bre Ahrens shares the joys of raising two sets of twins born within a couple years of each other,
Brooke Bain is twin mom to boy/girl twins plus another boy and girl.  She recently became an empty nester.  Brooke reminisces about raising boy girl twins and things she did to help them have their own identities.  She also talks about the teen
Meghan Hertzfeldt is twin mom to fraternal twin boys who started kindergarten this year.  Meghan is an IVF warrior and infertility survivor.  She talks in this episode about years after her twins were born going to therapy to heal her heart fro
Lindsay has two sets of twins!  A set of identical twin boys and a set of fraternal boy/girl twins just about two years younger.  Four kids in two years! Lindsay dealt with infertility then twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), NICU time, a
Caroline Hershey is mom to micro preemie fraternal boy/girl twins.  She believes that "there's no better learning experience than travel" so she takes her set with her and blogs about their travels on her website JetWithASet.com In this weeks b
Jacqueline Kopito is an identical twin, mother to 2 boys and a writer. She has written for Chicken Soup for the Soul and Twins Magazine as well as a new book Twintastic. She talks about her inspiration in writing about tween twin girls with mag
Andra Erickson is the founder of Twin Mom Academy and a twin mom life coach.  She is mom to three kids including mono/di identical twin boys.  Andra talks about their miracle birth and how she herself is a miracle.  She preaches that we have ev
Laura Zubrod is a twin mom of 22 year old boy/girl twins.  She talks about what it is like when your twins leave home.  Laura also explains what its like to give birth and raise your kids as an ex-Pat, living abroad in Singapore and Thailand. 
Daniela Webb is a mom to 3 including fraternal boy twins. She talks about her experience as a twin mom and its challenges, like when people exclude one of her twins, here unique C-section birth and learning to be a new stay-at-home-mom   Shop K
Tamara Tinnell is a mom to 5 including fraternal boy twins. She tells of her surprise when she found out she was pregnant with di/di twins.  Tamara had a smooth twin pregnancy and delivered both (big) boys vaginally even though twin B was breec
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