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Our first parody commercial is for AstraPharmaSuitica & Ghehtbenghnt.  NOT a real product or company.Be sure to check out our first full episode dropping November 2nd at  Support the show
A short introduction to Nerds & Non/Sense™, my new audio podcast dropping it's first episode on November 2nd.  The What and Why of our show, including copyright information such as Special Thanks to Joe Daniels, copyright owner of the song "Bound For the Floor" by Local H, for permission to use it as our show's theme song.Be sure to check out our first full episode dropping November 2nd at  Support the show
It's time, and I assure you he's been a licensed medical marijuana patient for 20 years.  Meet Music Man Mark and my mom, a few of the regular players. Check out my discussion with Brett Shavers, of, regarding the Encryption Backdoor Debate of 2019 in our "What's Your Opinion?" segment:Brett Shavers - China Law Blog - China’s New Cybersecurity Program: NO Place to HideMatt Blaze - Chip -'ll be discussing the topic in our next episode as well, and I'll be chatting with Josh Brunty, accomplished Author & Professor of Digital Forensics at Marshall University's Forensic Science Graduate program.  We'd like to include your feedback!Give Us a Call & Tell Us Your Opinion!Leave us a voicemail message & let us know your thoughts.  Call us at (541) 314-4271And finally, I wrap up the episode chatting with my mom about a Country Music Hall of Fame star, Kris Kristofferson, in our "Holy Sh*!, Did You Know!?" segment.Be sure to check out the chapter markers when listening via our BuzzSprout site, so you can jump right to interviews and the like.Until next time my friends, Be Great, and Do Great Things!Support the show (
On the road, so I apologize in advance for some of the quality issues in this episode. In this episode, I chat about our "What's Your Opinion?" topics to-date, share some related news articles that caught my eye, and toss in some nonsense with me & Mark.A few links referenced in the show:Encryption Backdoors, The Illusion of PrivacyWhat I'm reading - The Age of Suveillance Capitalism (Amazon books)DOJ Says FBI Cracked Lev Parnas's iPhone 11 in Two Months Even as It Demands Apple Backdoor - GizmodoUN calls for immediate investigation into Saudi role in Jeff Bezos hack - The VergeMicrosoft and Google just can't agree on proposed ban on facial recognition - ZDNetBipartisan bill would scale back key section of the Patriot Act - EngadgetWork/Life BalanceBurnout: 'Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired' - BBC NewsDelta gave its employees 2 months of extra pay. Here's why that's good business - CNNImpeachmentThe Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play (Official Video)Drop us your thoughts at (541) 314-4271It's the most dedicated voice mailbox in the history of time.  Always on. Always taking messages.  The best messages really.  It's perfect!  Give it a call... Support the show (
It's a brief holiday episode, one where I intended to seed January discussion & spread holiday cheer...but damn, what a few weeks we've had in the news.Impeachment - A great topic no matter what time of year it is, particularly when you have a narcissistic, authoritarian tyrant at the center of it.  One who is often the first to document his own crimes inadvertently through his “great and unmatched wisdom”.  Carnac the shitty POTUS.I wish I could ignore it, but I can't.The Illusion of Privacy & The Great HackI've been dropping the name for weeks.  Cambridge Analytica.  "That's old news Larry!".  I know, but so many of you were just as oblivious then as you are now...and it's even worse now, despite so many advancements we've made to help you protect yourself.January Topical Links:The Great Hack documentary, NetflixAmazon & Under Attack by privacy activists over recent incidents.Ratio of CCTV cameras to U.S. citizensIdentifying & Tackling Manipulated Media, a primer from Reuters & the Facebook Journalism ProjectFinland is making its online AI crash course free to the worldNY Times Special Feature - Opinion: Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero PrivacyListen, these aren't funny subjects.  In fact, nothing funny at all about them, IMHO, which is why I'm pushing them off until January, 2020.  Do yourself a favor...Disconnect for the HolidaysAt the very least, change your focus.  Drop the tech sh** and national & global issues for a few, and focus on those that matter most to you.  Spend time with those you love.  Hug more.  Ski, hike, jump out of a plane...whatever & whomever you them & it more this holiday season.You'll be glad you did.Be safe out there doing it, my friends.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  😎❤️ Support the show (
A brief overview of one of our regular segments you can expect called "Holy Sh*!, Did You Know!?", where I get to feature some fascinating people & stories.You might know their story, but..."Holy Sh*!, Did You Know!?" Be sure to check out our first full episode dropping November 2nd at  Support the show
A mom.  A well respected digital evidence pioneer.  A well known & established CEO.Thank you, Amber, for all that you do!Literally made my eyes leak.Sending love, always. XOXOXOSupport the show (
"Why on earth are you doing a comedy podcast Larry?  You may be funny looking, but..."Well, I'll tell you why, and I'll also give you a heads up about a few topics from our first full episode dropping November 2nd at  Support the show
A brief Behind the Scenes look with Music Man Mark and I chatting about customer service practices these days.  Be sure to check out our first full episode dropping November 2nd at  Support the show
Thank you to all of my guests for their patience during my unexpected break.  It was very much necessary, and your understanding is very much appreciated.I start off chatting with my nephew Peter Serefine, Jr., author of the book Progress, Really? and host of the podcast Liberty Lighthouse.  It's been far too long since we've chatted.Aftwards, I get to hear Josh Brunty's opinion regarding The Encryption Backdoor Debate of 2019 in our "What's Your Opinion?" segment.  Josh is a Professor of Digital Forensics at Marshall University's highly regarded Forensic Science Graduate Program.Finally, I close out the episode with Music Man Mark and some nonsense.Drop us your thoughts by calling (541) 314-4271In Episodes 4 & 5 we'll be changing the topic for our "What's Your Opinion?" segment, and we'll be chatting about The Great Hack documentary, on Netflix, Cambridge Analytica.We'd love to include your thoughts, but if you don't have worries.We got this.  😎❤️ Support the show (
Skip the Non/Sense™, if you want, it's doable.  Plus I provide some more information about our show's Patreon Community, which is for both listeners AND supporters of the show.Be sure to check out our first full episode dropping November 2nd at Support the show (
SPECIAL EDITION.  SPECIAL EPISODE.  WE'RE SPECIAL, DAMN IT!So much to talk about.  I can't tell you how much I wish there was more time to talk to the ones that I love.  The ones I want to listen to, more than anything.  Sometimes, I have to talk about or deal with bad things.  Sometimes, really, really bad things.  Recently, a family friend passed, but it was it a blessing.  It was.  RIP Joe Stansfield.Other stuff in this episode:The HurryCaneTom Hanks, shares some good news.  (CNN Story)Single cannabis joint linked with temporary psychiatric symptons, review finds (CNN Story)Playing with Fire (Movie Review)NAPA NostalgiaWho's Sexy to Me?And more.Spend more time with those you love.  I see greatness all the damn time my friends.I choose to.  How about you?Support the show (
My mom is hilarious, at least to me. She'll be dropping in on the show randomly for sure, especially in this new segment "Random Moments". Be sure to check out our first full episode dropping November 2nd at  Support the show
My to-do list nearly done for the day, I check in with my mom to see how things are going.Typically the type of thing I'd release to patrons via their private RSS feeds, but...wth.  😎 Hope your week is off to a great start!  Support the show
Out soon, released early...but incomplete. My apologies to my planned guests for episode 2, I assure you I will include you in Episode 3.Essentially, interrupted by life and idiots, the latter of which I've jetisoned by deleting my Twitter & Facebook accounts.Sorry to those I love, to those who actually care.  If you know me, you know I am all about integrity...and I hate saying I'm going to do something, and not coming through.  Ask anyone.If you've enjoyed the show, keep listening.  We'll be creating.  Moving forward as planned...without social media.If you're a loved one, whether family or friend, I couldn't possibly be easier to reach.  It's been that way since analog pagers, so you're not trying very hard if you can't find me.  I love you all.  I do not give a shit if we're "friends" on social media.  I appreciate my friends in real life.Until next time, maybe.  All the best.Support the show (
Calling a thought in from a quick break from work, as I have no idea how I'm going to find time to keep up my current schedule...let alone my hobby.  (Sorry for the quality of the call)Thinking we may go to one episode per month.  Next one should be out mid-March, then likely another early-to-mid April.Unfortunately, the vast majority of my schedule is out of my hands.  Like travel.  Ugh.Anyway, we're not going anywhere...just trying to find time for the people & things we love most, like all of you. More soon.Be great, and do great things my friends!Support the show (
"America must win this war.  Therefore I will work.  I will save.  I will sacrifice .  I will endure.  I will fight cheerfully, and do my utmost as if the issue of the whole struggle, depended on me alone." - Martin A. Treptow  (Link to video on YouTube)You've heard it all before, I know.  I'm going to listen to it again, with or without you.  Just sayin.Also in this episode:Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation, on Work/Life BalanceListener E-Mail: A forensic guru's thought's on balance.More nonsense with Music Man MarkAlways wishing you & yours all the best, my friends.  Always. Sending love.Support the show (
Listen, I tried calling.  You didn't answer.  You didn't even have a voicemail greeting. I'm concerned.Give me a call when you get a chance. (541) 314-4271Nevermind...just saw your text.  ❤️ Support the show
Just a review, in case you're anything like me...Call-In & Let Us Hear Your Opinion @ (541) 314-4271Support the show (
Sorry for the delay with episode 3, I've been busy spending time with those I love most.  Lots of transition going on in everyone's lives, which is so exciting...even more so now that I have the time and ability to focus on helping some of them more.It's only fair.  They're the ones who helped me become me.Some of you are in that group too, so thanks for that.  Looking forward to getting back to the rythm I had going for a couple months with the show, prior to release, soon.  Likely won't be until after the first of the year, but always doing my best & sending love, my friends.Make it a great day!Support the show
Michigan State Univeristy Libraries houses a phenomenal collection of audio recordings from Presidents of The United States throughout history, including the oldest known recordings done by Edison himself.Here's one from my main man, Teddy.Talk about going off grid.  This guy was the King of off grid.  Target of the largest monopolies, pigeonholed into Vice Presidency.  Shot before giving a speech, went on with it anyway.Surely Carnac the Shitty POTUS supporters will find some way to interpret this as supporting their lunacy, but...Really listen to Teddy.  Hear the passion in his voice, then pull your head out of your ass...and listen again.  Hope you had an amazing Christmas surrounded by love my friends, regardless of your political affiliation.  Sending love, always. 😎❤️ Support the show (
I don't even know what to say.  This wasn't planned.  This just happened.  No script.  No planning.  Freestyle.  A few quick edits, and straight to your ears.  Hope you enjoy.  Personally, my jaw dropped.  I listened repeatedly.  I can't even describe the emotion, but I did cry as I was mixing this.  I was also smiling ear-to-ear the entire time. ❤️This, my friends, is "Chosen" from The TruthMusic - "PTSD" - composed by DeMarcus Morgan, mixed by Larry C.Support the show
You might've known it was coming, with the 18+ restrictions and all.  I swear in this!  A brief parody infomercial, the kind of which I'll provide to patrons only after we launch. :)Hope it makes a few smile.  Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our first full episode dropping November 2nd at  Support the show
Just a quick note from the Road.Have a great weekend my friends!Support the show
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