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SageError reviewed this podcast on Oct 16th, 2018
"The best in Nerdy entertainment for a solid decade. They truly cover anything geeky you could think of."
streetshadows reviewed this podcast on Aug 13th, 2018
"I cant speak highly enough of this podcast and the other Nerdy Show network podcasts. Dungeons and Doritos, Ghostbusters Resurrection, and The Call of Cthulu Mystery Program are personal favourites with high quality content and production The Nerdy Show crew are the nerd friends you always wanted. They cover a wide range of topics that are funny, honest, and always interesting. Give it a try "
Sapphire.Wolf reviewed this podcast on Jun 11th, 2018
"I enjoy listening to your podcasts. I've been listening for a couple of years. I like finding out about new books, games, shows, etc and hearing your opinions. I also enjoy your Dungeons and Doritos podcast."
galdapjunior reviewed this podcast on Jan 11th, 2018
"I've been a fan of the podcast for seven years and it never has not delivered on its promise of nerdy news and entertainment. The hosts are all wonderful and hilarious people. They (especially Cap) work hard to make sure that what they release is awesome quality content., from discussing the latest in science, to immersing you in the fantastical adventure of Dungeons and Doritos."
MilkmanLuke reviewed this podcast on Sep 21st, 2017
"Thoughtful, fun, and plenty of variety. "
Yutorio reviewed this podcast on Sep 1st, 2017
"The perfect show to catch up on nerdy events, find out about new interests, and raise your spirits.. It is easy to listen to in any mood, but impossible to finish in a bad mood. I started listening a few years ago, just jumped right in and never looked back. This is the podcast you are looking for."
Abyzz reviewed this podcast on Jul 18th, 2017
"Always fun and interesting. Spend most of their time being genuinely excited but never feel fake or forced. Thank you for being awesome and nerdy."
kraftybasterd reviewed this podcast on Jul 14th, 2017
"My favorite podcast. I've been listening to Nerdy Show since 2012. They cover everything nerdy, geeky, and just plain cool."
Gophergawd reviewed this podcast on Jul 8th, 2017
" A discussion of just about anything Nerdy among a group of friends including but not limited to Video games, Movies, Books, Science, Comics, and DnD.. A variety of viewpoints with great chemistry between the hosts, will have you laughing out loud in public (may have happened to me and resulted in some odd stares for the general public).. This is my primary source of keeping up with all things Nerdy. PS The best part is the show also supports a whole cavalcade of great podcasts including Wicked Anime, Dungeons and Doritos, State of the Empire and a special shout out to the audio dramas Liberty and the Orphans. "
Kaosubaloo reviewed this podcast on Jul 5th, 2017
"One of the best variety Podcasts on the internet. Whether it's games, music, comics or science, Nerdy Show dips its fingers into every aspect of Nerd Culture."
Twig reviewed this podcast on Jun 22nd, 2017
"Sometimes it's nice to chill to the sound of a bunch of nerds nerding out. Although sometimes when they talk about video games, I want to reach through the internet and shake someone very hard."
evanbaumel reviewed this podcast on Jun 13th, 2017
"One of my favorite podcast networks! Actually, I think it is my favorite!"
FiZ. reviewed this podcast on Jun 13th, 2017
"I don't usually have the time to know all the topics being discussed in every episode. But on my commute, the nerdy show crew catches me up on the nerdy world at large, and introduces me to comics, movies, and content I hadn't considered before. "
barreyi reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"The best Nerdy podcast on the internet."
Scionide reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"All the news nerdy and techy can be found here with often humorous tones. The hosts are great and each episode is wrapped up with a song that will expand your horizons of artists. A must listen."
wolfboy1988 reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"This podcast is great if you like to stay caught up on all things nerdy."
Garayur reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"A fun dive into nerdom. The cover pretty much any nerdy topic you could desire. Sure they cover the standards of comics, video games, science, and movies but they also cover stuff like wrestling, giant robots, music, and weird internet cooks. They approach nerdom from a place of love and inclusion, not gatekeeping. "
allofthebreadsticks reviewed this podcast on Jun 11th, 2017
"Nerdy Show is the pinnacle of nerdy entertainment. Even non-nerds will agree that Nerdy Show is absolutely incredible. This spectacular podcast will have you laughing, crying, crying from laughter, you name it, Nerdy Show will do it. The episodes may be long, but you'll want them to be longer by the end of one. It's just really, really great."
fosentertainment reviewed this podcast on Jun 11th, 2017
"My favorite Podcast Network. Has the best nerdy podcasts out there. Dungeons and Doritos, Friday Night Fanfiction, Wicked Anime, Nerdy Show, Flame On, Orphans, much great stuff! CHECK IT OUT!"
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