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Ricky Diaz

Released Wednesday, 29th June 2016
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Ricky Diaz – S1E16 New Media Lab with Rob Southgate      
On this episode, Rob’s special guest is Ricky Diaz, host of the Primatech Files Podcast and blogger for TVBinges.com.  Rob and Ricky discuss strategies for getting guests, launching a successful podcast, and insights into his social media strategy.

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In this episode of new media lab is brought to you by tweaked audio to get awesome headphones. Go to tweet dot co dot com and use the coupon code Southgate to get thirty percent off free shipping and a lifetime warranty or you can get through the link on our website Southgate media group dot com. Welcome to the new media lab. I am your host rob Southgate day. Very special s I have Ricky the as he is a podcast from our network. And he does the private tech by which is a show all about the show heroes. It's been really successful for us. He gives us a lot of insights into his social media strategy and kind of how that show organically grew into being such a large force. So here he is Ricky as Ricky thank you so much for joining me here in the new media lab, this has been a long time coming man, I I I was really excited to see that we could line this up for those that don't know Ricky Ricky is in the UK, I'm in the United States, and we've got some time differences there, and we're both super busy. So getting you on here. This is literally the first time we've spoken to definitely I just wanna say. Before we get into this just wanna say, thank you. Rub. Putting up with me, and my OCD, and how particular I can be. I know it's what me a while to Lilith to get used to it. So I'm glad that you know, it's been clear sailing with you as well. So yeah.
Oh my gosh. You're OCD doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I feel so blessed to have you here. A Martin I talk about that all the time. And that's another funny thing before you started doing prime attack. Ricky does the private files for the Southgate media group and four you started doing prime attack files, which is what we're here to talk about. You you were working for TV benches show ratings TV, which were partnered with and it's funny because we were talking online, but you were like the only one from there that I didn't know at I kept getting these notices from Ricky like loves TV McHugh loves movies and Katina's, and I'm going who is this. How how does he not hitting my radar this? And then one day Lilith sent me a note said Ricky, and I are doing the show, and I was like how do you Lilith, and I guess we just hired Ricky. So I it's great. But I think it was a long time coming for this to happen. Definitely. So Ricky tell us a little about yourself before we get into prime tech vials. What's your background? You're a new media person. That's for sure. So let's hear it. So yeah. Basically, I work in post production over here in the UK a kind of been doing it for a couple of years now. But most of my stuff comes from. Well, the the beginning of the story is by see I went away on cruise ships for a couple of years, and I I didn't watch TV. And when I go back, I just ended up binge-watching loss stuff and found the joys of Twitter from Twitter, I met Kyle, and blah, and then it will kind of started from the like I'd start joining up with them to from. We love we love TV more to show ratings to TV binges. And then fruit Kyle is where I met kind of Lilith, and that's where primates at clause came from now premature files, but I don't want to get into that too much yet. Because I want to talk about what you do a little bit proprietary files is about heroes. Are you a huge heroes fan is that why that niche attracted you, or did you just see it as an opportunity?
Oh, no. I've always been like a really big here. I was found. It was one of the TV shows. I used to love is a I'd say a teenager. But. Yeah, it was it was one of the shows that I I re-. Really got into inside light checking back on the mythology because there was so much extra content. The heroes. It wasn't just the TV program. There was like comic books that was like online games. They had a. Oh, jeez. And I was checking all of the out, and then when it ended I was working on all PG boards, and like all my knowledge from heroes came from that all PG Boyd because I was trying to make you as canon as possible while diverging at the same time, and I was on that site for a good couple of years. Then that was it here. A kind of left there to go traveling than when I came back started working for Kyle, and blah, and then heroes reborn came out. And I was like if there was one show I wanna pug cost about it's going to be here rose so reached out to Lilith and the rest is history. Yeah. The rest is will the reason that I wanted to have you on number one. I wanted to talk to you about your social media strategy. I wanna talk about you know, how you've done some of this stuff. For the listener the reason that I specifically wanted to talk to Ricky is with prime attack files, which from a from a standpoint of TV shows is pretty niche. We think about it heroes. Reborn was how many episodes dozen.
Yeah. Thirteen episode series. That's that's bringing back a series. That's years old that only lasted what three or four seasons full. And and with all that behind it. You have so far put together a hundred sixty four episodes or actually more in the in the can here and your your numbers from a download perspective are like quadruple, our highest show was the is the niche isn't it in it is niche? Yeah, definitely heroes was always kind of like a big. It was one of those shows that came about just a run round about the the good the sweet spot of TV in the second. And I think they called it the second viewing experience so like Twitter, and I think they had like little things that you could watch in the commercial break. So that kind of stuff, and it was one of the first TV programs. I remember I think lost was big on it as well. But that was the whole mythology behind it that you kind of have to look if you were really big fan online, and they kept to the little people that way, and they kind of stayed. And so I think the online heroes fandom is as is as much as sometimes it infuriates may it's one of the most passionate fan bases. There is whether they like it or not so yeah. Yeah. Well, it's to me. It's just fascinating. And you mentioned lost lost his actually when I've talked to other other podcasters to pop culture stuff lost his touchstone where the the two that come up every time the say, the reason I started podcasting was fixation on loss in a fixation on X files. Then I really think you've hit on something. I think there's a fixation on heroes.
Does that most people don't put at the top of their mind? But as soon as you said, I wanna do prime attack files, I'm going to be talking heroes somebody who hadn't myself who hadn't thought about heroes in awhile got really excited and started thinking, oh my gosh. I used to read all this stuff. And I hope the comics are good. I got like right back to it. The ironic thing is I didn't watch a single episode of heroes reborn podcast. So that's right now that was intended to be a thirteen week series. And they'd they said that from the beginning. But have you heard any rumblings are they bringing it back? No. I don't think at the moment when it when it was a when it finished its run. It was it's it's a very click by thing to say about the show has been canceled. But they always said that it was going to be a, well, it just depends on your point of view. Like, Tim crane has always said it was going to be a one and done. But you know, if it was more kind of a need for it. That there was a possibility of it coming back, and it didn't do too well in the writing. So a lot of people would said, oh, well, you know, that's what they would say. If it if it was going to come back. It would have come back. But obviously because it's it's been canceled. But on show.
I don't necessarily buy that with this. I think that that this series was meant to be a chapter and this series seems like something that has a joy, call it a second life it. Yes. It can live in other formats kinda like Buffy has gone onto live comics. And yeah, those comments are popular, you know, I think this is the same type of thing. So I I don't know how much I buy that is click beta or really that was just kind of wear their head was at and Tim kring. Thanks. I have other projects I can do this. I think it's just one of those things that like he had the time. And he had the story that he wanted to tell and he wanted to finish the story, and they will give him this opportunity. He took it. And now it's just a case of waiting a couple of years, hopefully, not five for him to think of another story. We told to quite a few of the riot is one of the riot is is really quite friendly with us. And he's told us that you know, they they do have a plan for a second season of heroes. They they would include it review. Because that's a separate chapter. They would call it something else. But they actually have an idea, and it will be something completely different from what we've seen, and that's all I could get out of him because he didn't want to tell me anything else.
I don't wanna push you away. Right. Right. So you've been really successful with the podcast. I n you also are a blogger, right? Yes. So do you do any blogging related to the prime attack files? Or is it literally just the show notes that you deal with? Oh, no. When when heroes reborn came out. I was doing the TV binges. I was doing a a five things recap on the episode and stuff lead to look out for in like kind of stuff that you could that that was being launched in future episodes when you so lucky enough to get a free game. So yeah, we we got a couple of days before he got released to the general public, and it took me like three days to complete or my ipad, and I had to complete because I had to get it out before before the general release. So yeah, we got very lucky in some respects. Like, there was a magazine that came out a managed to speak to one of the senior says on it because it was. Coming out that that much over here in England or I couldn't find any ended up sending me free copies. We go very lucky with some of the stuff. But you know, you have to take those opportunities while you can get it. No this. This is part one of the strategy that I wanna talk about you did get a lot of attention. You guys ended up on TV Canadian. What was it entertainment tight?
Yeah. You ended up getting some great interviews. You got some as you said some early release stuff. How did you go about doing that? And this is we're gonna framework in TV, but anybody listening. I mean, whatever your show is about whatever your blog is about their YouTube channels about you've got a subject, you're working. So you can take these ideas and kind of go out how did you attract that attention? Well, it was my my stuff was done through Twitter. I know there's loads em. You know, we've got all this. Social media's we've got like, the we go Facebook tumbler klama, but most of it was from Twitter and most of every all of our content stems from Twitter, and then the rest kind of was just placed on the other four on the other social media platforms. We manage to get followed by quite a couple of big heroes. Reborn. Kind of official site says the heroes universe which was very big. And we even go followed by the heroes official account. One of the biggest things that kind of was. Aw, was all the Lynch pin of everything was a Facebook group on Facebook cooled heroes fans unite unites and one of the admins of that when heroes was first about they were doing a lot of the stuff that we were doing they're covering everything from heroes. And I guess they took a liking to us and they helped us out with a low of interviews. And we got a like it was interviews from heroes prime. So.
Oh, the original stuff. But then she managed to gals quite a low of of the heroes. Reborn people. And from that that kind of from getting the interviews with like hit Tim crane was a really big one. Who's the creator of the show? Yeah. Then I think each one to get from that that's where everything kind of stemmed from and we were able to get the executive producer on the executive producer was able to put us in touch with a costing. And we live was really big on talking to one of the causing agents. And then you know, he was able and then we got a couple of the riots to follow us, and they quite like they like to a law, and you know, we've interviewed a couple of them a couple of times. So yeah, it was just really a lot of being in the right places at the right time. The Facebook group also got us on sir AT Canada, because I was put in the episodes on the Facebook group as well as mice live things. And the guy the producer from anti candidate sore and said, I'd love the toll ta and. That's where that came stems from while you actually had there was a lot more than just being in the right place at the right time in just said, I I I have a couple of questions. This is one of those episodes. I'm gonna have to go back and take notes, and then we listen again and take notes again, I have a feeling so so you you get in with this group this Facebook group, and they're connecting you how does that go and how how does all of this go because I know personally like we interviewed Doug Jones. And that was a big interview for me. I'm a big fan. And I don't do a lot of those types of interviews. Just because I just don't, but this was one I I wanted to grab and the way that happened was I tweeted something I tagged him in it just because it was relevant to him. He wrote back and said all thank you so much. I said is there any way I could possibly interview you he gave me his PR person. And we set it up is that the route you've had to go or is it been more?
For they've contacted you and said, I love to be on or have you seen their name pop up and you've written back and said, hey, can we make this happen? What what's out different ways? The Tim Tim kring in view was sell through the puzzle on the heroes. Reborn. A Facebook group. And she goes a lot of other interviews with people from heroes the original series, but a lot of the heroes prime a a love the heroes. Reborn interviews with Don initially three tweeting. I basically would sell the notification. So as soon as they tweeted anyone from the show, whether it be cost crew, right? As I wanted to speak to everyone about their opinion on the show. As soon as they tweeted, I would get a notification. I would tweet them directly straight that sometimes. But look, I run a hero's re heroes reborn pub costs would you have time to to for an interview. And, you know, some people got back to us like eve hollow pretty much as soon as she got the Email got the tweets she said, yes. And just told it's a follow us in. Then we arrange the time for that. The same thing happened with quite love them. Like crazy. One of the riot was exactly the same. But I think that crazy also had kind of heard of us through the I don't know if they blowing smoke into, but, you know, Zachary was like, we listen to you guys in the writers room, and I think that helps us out a little bit. But you know, again, I don't know if he was just being very nice. But yeah, a lot of the white is kind of go in with talking to us about it. And we're going to kind of try and do more stuff with that. Because.
Heroes reborn. The DVD came out and the like some of the extras were not very good. So we which wine to do a commentary with the rights and us all what a great idea. That's the idea. We've already talked to one guy we've already told the two of them. And they said they're up for it is just about trying to find time. So yeah, now, you said something in there again that I wanna I wanna go back to and this is something that I've I've gleamed we've had by the way people that listen to this show. We've had Lilith on as guest and the next person minute bring up his Troy Heinrich who was the first or second cast. I think Lilith might have been one. And he was number two. Troy does a blacklist podcast that has been nominated in has done. Really? Well, and in what you just said it reminded me of Troy because they have had the same type of experience with the writers room blacklist. And I think that might be a key. If you're doing TV more if. You're doing film or any type of subject you find out. What that what that step is? And maybe re tweet to that group. I know I'm sure heroes probably has a hero's writer's room Twitter account. Correct on doesn't oh. So basically when a soon as heroes. They started announcing everything for heroes. Reborn live from the the costs. I pretty much was on IMDB every other day looking at and seen who was Ryan episodes. I will try and find the Mansueto I made a comprehensive list of pretty much everyone who was on the show. Whether it be like, a recurring carrots, a couch who's on unit for one or two episodes, who I really liked the main cost the riot is some of the the makeup all is the musicians, everyone I made a comprehensive list on my on the primates at falls twits. And everyday I would search through that see what they were talking about. And I would have them. No fly like, it would notify soon as I tweet it. So I will straight away just being able to say would you have time for an interview talk about your time on heroes? And you know, a lot of the kind of not we got quite a few of the secondary carrots is. And I appreciate that so much because some of them were some of my favorite characters.
And the rise really helped us out as well. I think so. Yeah. So yeah, I think that there's a lot there to unpack in it. Don't just go for the prime people you want to try to build those relationships in. They opened the doors to other things. Yeah. Now, we keep talking about Twitter. And we keep talking about that at one point. I ask you what your strategy was because you were getting a lot of attention. Your response back to me was I don't have any you said, I have OCD. I just do this a lot. And then he and it's funny because you don't know this. But on my end, I was trying to figure out why it was blowing up so much. So I started trying to analyze all the little pieces at one thing. I did was I took four days of tweets, and I wrote down when you tweeted, and what you tweeted, and that was when I ask you about your strategy. And when you said, you didn't have one I found it really interesting because you naturally did a couple of things one was you did almost. You were almost right on for the eighty twenty rule. Twenty percent original tweets eighty percent, retweets. I mean, you were almost spot on with that in that for day. Mark. You also didn't have I tweeted three. And then I tweeted at five I it was just kind of throughout the day. There wasn't a rhyme or reason to it. But I did see a consistency. And it seemed like it could be unobtrusive. Now, if you're working from lis-, I'm sure that makes it really easy to the re tweeting thing because we're getting those notifications, right?
So it was just to me. It was really telling that it wasn't so much about the strategy as much as it was about the consistency of just doing it. And being cognizant of who is involved with the show. Well, it it will kind of started with the kind of pre heroes reborn because as soon as we found out the show was coming on mainland. Start thinking about how we can incorporate people into it because you need an audience. Some we didn't know, you know, this show had been off the F like five years. So we had to try and bring them back into it. So the first thing we did was we're going to do a weekly live tweet, and we're going to rewatch the episodes, and then directly off towards me, and let us we're gonna do those episodes as appalled cost separately. And that's how we started. We started off with really small numbers because we only had a few people who joining in. But we kept those loyal fans, and they came with us the whole way through and that's kind of where it started. So what would happen was? It was basically I I would have a routine. What I would do. I would wake up first thing in the morning, maybe about an hour and a half before I actually had to leave the house, and I would go through Twitter, and I go through the heroes hashtag, and I would respond to everyone, and I would re tweet anything that was good. I did the same with the heroes reborn. And that would be like a good forty five minutes of my first thing in the morning, and then maybe about lunchtime. I do exactly the same thing. But because obviously, you know of the time difference it would show up a different time in America. Like, it would be like the middle of the night. But it was something that people who would follow us would be able to look through when they go up. And I would always make sure it was the last thing that I did. So I was doing like that three times a day. I was doing like I was going to the hash tides of anything that was relevant for heroes or anything that I could join make relevant to hero. So like if there was national sibling diode put as many siblings in heroes.
As I could in a tweet. And I would sweep the out. We got really lucky that an eclipse happens in the right? Good timing. Yes. So we just like that was old day of may trying to find time of checking heroes and tweeting everyone re tweeting and as soon as someone responded, I would follow them hoping for them to follow me back in the you know, we kind of build up an audience that way. And then you tell them like, oh, we do a weekly rewatch. If you want to join us for a live tweet and anytime someone would join us for the live tweet. We would shout them out on the on the episode. And as soon as the episode went out, we would sweep them saying you got show on the episode. Make sure you listen, and that kind of stuff, and we it like everything from heroes reborn kind of followed that same pattern. We would also people for feedback. And no matter what feedback they gave we would read out. And then we would sweep them. When the episode came out we use tweeted to a couple of the because. Anytime someone from the heroes. Reborn costs tweeted out. So we we tweet at them. And they tweeted back, then I was like, okay. They're on the list. And I would have a list on my notes on my iphone of people. We would sweet every time a new episode came out. So we'd always always tweet out the same bunch of people. And if Austra while you know, I figured out that they were getting annoyed with I'd take them off. And I'd only do it if it was relevant to them. Obviously if we were bad mouthing people, we will take them off.
Right. But yeah, it it just kind of became a routine of stuff that I was doing and that was it. Yeah. Interesting. Now, you mentioned other social media, you mentioned, I mean, you've got clamor you've got tumbler Facebook. Now, you said that you basically create the content that you're gonna use to push out from Twitter. Just push it to those things. Do you do any type of strategy for those other formats, or is it really just you push it from here? And it goes where it goes literally by if new trailer came out, I would watch the trailer, and I would screen show any news scenes, and I would make like a an analysis of it for twit. So like something for one hundred like the characters that we needed. And then I would do exactly the same thing with that on the Facebook and on the tumbler, but I would elongate it because you you've got more more words to play them. Okay. All right. Just depends. That's important. So you're not taking your tweet and just pushing it to Facebook tomorrow. No, I'm your. Okay. All right. Just depends. Zuni Ted putting it there. But adding a little bit changing it slight. Yes. That is important Ricky. So an idea I'm really high on right now that I'm trying to develop for us NAN when I say us, I mean, we have eight shows in this network. It's going to be a hundred by by Christmas. And I can't obviously handle all of those you see how hard it is to handle one.
Yeah. So I'm actually writing like a playbook for everybody. And we talk about it on here. I'm kind of sharing it as we explore this. But a big thing that I'm high on right now is this idea of you create something so you take an episode of prime attack files, and it we pretty much do what you do you you find different ways of of sending out there. But my my big thought right now is how do you create multiple pieces of content off of that one piece of content that you can use for social media? So what I mean is you mentioned your top five list, you mentioned clamours. So you make you. You make five clamours off the episode, you make sure you send those out you make sure that you have screen caps in your tweet. Some of that stuff out you make sure that you have a blog post if you can or whatever. So it's not just the one piece of content getting pushed out there. Doing that. It sounds like you're naturally kind of doing that. I'm trying to develop a strategy little bit more. So it's a little easier for people to grip onto my question is how much do you push that one piece? So let's say you make your blog post your top five. Okay. You tweeted out when you're done. You put it on Facebook. You obviously stagger. That correct. Yeah. How often do we know? Don't stagger. It pretty much if I create like something for Twitter. I would once I finished with I pretty much put it onto Facebook in some blow. Just right.
Yeah. Yes. Our this. Yes. Yeah. Go ahead. No. The only reason I do that is because I I've got everything in my hand there, and I can do it straight away. Snow because I could push out like a time. But I feel like if I'm going to be doing something on Twitter. I'm wise, we'll do on the other two because people might not be looking at the Twitter at that time. They might be looking at the Facebook or they might be looking at tumbler. So I to me that's how I do it. And most of my stuff is pushed out through is done on Twitter. No pushed out, and it's repeated on on that shirt ends the rest, I kind of one and done it. Okay. That makes sense. And when you do this on Twitter. So let's say you take your top five list. How often are you tweeting out that tweet about the top five list, not the other content? We're talking about we're let's say claim it. Let's say you make a clamor, and you send it out once in. It's out the either or do you say you don't I'm gonna send out a clamour on Monday. And then I'm gonna wait twenty four hours and Senate again, and then I'll wait for days and send it again. Do you have any type of strategy like that no pretty much this push out? The only thing that I would alway I always push out every day is is episodes. 'cause that's like sounds really bad. But I'm just all about the download numbers shirt. So that so bit I said that's driven by so do you do you send out? So let's say it's episode one sixty four will that go out every day. One time will it go out multiple times at another question is will it go out with the same lake meeting? Do you send the itunes link do said the Google play link? Do you send the Lipson link? How do you manage that?
I only well, I would only do I only have indeed be I tunes link. But that's just because that's how I've been doing it. I haven't even thought about putting out different different links for it. But basically I would. So today's is my is my primary. Balls day. That's when new episode gets released. So I will release I will do a tweet, but each individual putt catches service. And then I will finish it with the itchy. And then tomorrow around about the same time, which is about eight o'clock, my time, maybe ten just depending on when I'm tired. Basically, I will just do it. In case you missed it tweet with a generally while we'll put the the newest episode. And then at the moment, I'm doing old episodes underneath it. I'm just doing one one extra what moving up one a day. So I will do that old throughout the week until the next week and the next Wednesday. I will put the new episode, and then someone so forth. Any case you missed it. Yeah. Yeah. And if like say, we're doing the COMEX once I finished the fi once I get once we get to the fishy, which the loss one, why would probably do as all put swoop to in case you missed it tweets out a day with all five episodes. So that you can listen to them continuously. Interesting interesting now fan interaction, you you're obviously dealing with them on Twitter. You're talking to people. Are you finding that fan interaction is key to this also?
Yeah. Well ago, we when we first thought it was only a couple of people who following us and a couple of people who would sweep out to us all the time. And you know, it was really good. Because at the end of 'cause we were doing this rewatch at the end of like the first season we were able to do a Google play a play we're able to do a Google hangout. And we had about eight nine people on that, which you know for a little show which had been off the F like five years. I was quite proud proud of it. And then we put the out possess puck cost as well. So we were able to let them know that you know, you you were involving them in everything. So it's the same with the feedback as soon as we finish one of the reward. She's we would say, okay. So what did you think of that episode? You can tweet us. You can let us know when I'll Facebook, you can let us know one. By email. We will read out anything, and we did that. And then like I said we would tweet them as soon as that episode became available to air. And then the same thing happened with the Facebook group. So I would put like every time a new episode come up. I would put a post and they were the guys on the admins on. There were really great about is just like pimping now are episodes essentially, and at the bottom of that in a common, I would want everyone who we had talked to will. He would sit in feedback.
I would say you got show in this episode. Make sure you listen. And then they would. And then the same thing happened on the Facebook group where I would ask a question, and then they would on, sir. And then I talked to them, and you know, it's it's always good to have that kind of fan interaction because it makes them feel Paul the the crew as we call them prime attack peop-. So yeah, it's restoring interesting. Well, what points haven't we talked about here? I'm sure that we're gonna finish. And I'm gonna have eight hundred is. But what haven't we talked about here? What points? Did you? I wanna make ranching we got lucky in the fact that primates at falls was available on pretty much everywhere that we went. It's not the thing about the name primate falls is it doesn't instantly you don't instantly think of heroes unless you're really big heroes fan. But I think it's a brand that we've been able to develop and with starting to move off into other things now. And you know, I'm as much. Yeah. We'll just leave that. Okay. Okay. Randy this important, and and take your branded at work it yet. Definitely, you know, you actually said something important there too. This is an ongoing conversation. I've had with people because we have shows with some of them have very unique names. Some of them are spot on wall monkeys podcast is about the twelve monkeys TV show. Private tech files about heroes. That may not.
Yeah. Ring enough said podcast is about marvel. It's about agents shield is what it was originally about. Now. All about marble. I think that in your branding. I think it's important to either be spot on like twelve monkeys or to do if you're going to do it find something that speaks to the fan prime attack vials because I was a hero's fan. I knew what that was. Yeah. Nuff said everybody is a marvel fan knows Stanley ends everything with enough said name mmediately. No, that's immoral show. Yeah. And then you make sure you have your tag, a hero's podcast, a marvel podcasts. That's how you build that brand. But worked at brand don't keep shifting it underneath. But also, we we stop every episode. We saw with the same blood, which is you know, whip hall the Southgate media group. This is prime attack falls Paul the Southgate media group heroes in heroes, reborn podcast dente will things in the heroes universe. That's how we solve every episode. And then we always end on the same end tag. All like, we have one of two enzymes, and we always end up with something heroes relates and whenever we did interviews with people. We were able to get them to. Ceo Rennes Agan, that's a nice little night as you have U S A must will note, you could have in a clamour. You could say, you know, you can have that. And that's what you need. And then you can say this is an interview with eve hollow they know isn't interview with the hall eve hollow because she says a name she says I'll tied at the end. And then the link to that interview. So yeah, you know, what it's it's funny. 'cause we when you talk about that beginning ending as a producer, and this may seem wrote to to some people listening, but to a lot of podcasters, especially new people. They don't understand that importance of having that beginning and the end and have something that builds the brand at the beginning and the end and don't stumble on.
Yeah. Because there's nothing worse than stumbling through the beginning of the end of your show, and it feel it you feeling like what did I just listen to? The other one it. Oh, you mentioned the the getting people to say it. I can't tell you how many people in the beginning when we interviewed people for Nuff said, or when we would even interview other podcasts talked other podcasters, they all wanted to say our tagline, which is at the mary-anne. We said, that's it. Everybody enough said, and they would also want to say Nuff said having that type of brand building is so important because the fan grips it. I know we're gonna stop moving, obviously. Because heroes is not is on. I'm gonna say hi is at the moment. Yeah. We're gonna call it. Wigan assault branding out raunchy out into other kinds of superhero shows book that on kind of model DC related because I think that's kind of another niche market that's not kind of being looked into. So when moving onto ALPHA's next and ALPHA's was very heroes. It was kind of like heroes bought Masai fi channel a bit more grounded in reality. And we've got about four or five episodes in the can. But it took us about three or four episodes to think of an end tag. And that was something I was really pushing to we needed a decent end tag. And finally got one and I'm really looking forward to like moving onto these other shows though as Ellen stain on prime attack files where it's going to be okay.
Yes. So basically, we're going to brunch. Everything cow, and it's just gonna be alpha files 'cause own private falls. We go about three or four different segments. We've got from its at falls, which is looking at the old episodes. We've got rebellion reborn. Which was looking at heroes. Reborn. We've got. Molly Walker which was to thinking about like the the kind of high. He kind of things we've got the interviews. We go rebellion. Reborn roundtable. Rebelling reborn review the lots of different segments on the primates at while. So we the way I'm seeing it as we want to keep that branding. And we want to keep that kind of that list of that body of work behind us. And you know, anyone who's an alpha found is probably going to be a hero's found as well. So if we only pick up people if we only pick up people now from ALPHA's, they know that when they go to all of feeds that the oldies heroes reborn an hero stuff that they can listen to as well, that's fantastic. And I have one more requests than for you. Yes. Look at the show powers yet. It's a mobile show. Isn't it though says it is power? I think as either Modelo DC, but it's one of the off shoes, but other staving off shoot I didn't even realize it was so I think that it kind of stands on its own. Own. And I think that it fits really well don't do the Cape. The Cape was terrible.
Ooh. The Cape complain about that one. I do my said it would bait you the next the the one that we kind of push towards which I think is going to is going to be very much like heroes in heroes reborn, and we're going to pretty much do the same kind of strategy or I will kind of do the same strategy for it which is sent site because that's coming out roughly around about the end of the year. Once we finish ALPHA's. We'll go straight into sensei, and it will basically be exactly the same. As what happened with heroes? We will do the the rewatch and live tweet and get people to get fans from that. And then we'll do sent site the new season to a weekly often. It's come out just hope that we can get everything out before the new season unlike heroes in heroes reborn where we would like mixing the matching them while. I'm going to request that you let us know when you're doing a sense eight roundtable because we did it for binge. Worthy. Ned? We love it we presented income. So, and I think that's a perfect fit to I think that makes a lot of sense with heroes analysis. I think I'll also let you know when we do the Cape as well. Can you please do please? All right. We'll Ricky thank you so much. This was so much information. I'm definitely going to have you back on this show.
I can't wait. I've got a process. This is a lot to take in a lot of things. I take notes on. I hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did Ricky. Thank you again. What did you give your social media and let people know how they can get in touch with you. And if anyone has questions or comments right to him. So go ahead Ricky, so you can find you can find my podcast primates at falls on any social media, just such web, prime attack falls same thing with the with the pod catches of is just such prime attack falls on any catches as you will find us. And if you want to contact me, you can just find me on Twitter. That's Ricky Jay DSS r I c k y J D. I is Ed Ozzy if you're American all right, man. Thank you again. Ricky the problem. New media lab is a south gate media group production produced mixed edited and hosted by Robert Southgate, if you enjoy new media lab, you'll love new media labs social media Monday on the same feed. You can listen and subscribe to new media lab on itunes, Google, play Stitcher or on your favorite podcast directory, please rate, and especially review on I tunes or wherever you found our show reviews, Keith the new media lab on the charts, which helps other people find us. Additionally, please consider supporting us on patriot at patriot dot com.
Backslash Southgate meeting. Oh, and don't forget to visit our website at WWW, south could media group dot com slash new media lab where you can also find past episodes, and all our other content. Thank you so much for listening to media lab and heath creating.