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Kid News This Week: Texas biotech company closer to resurrecting the woolly mammoth, two dinosaur discoveries – one in India and one in the US, Avatar and its director, James Cameron break box office records and Australian park rangers discover
Kid News This Week: Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the rabbit – what does that mean? Australia’s marathon marathoner who ran 150 marathons in a row, the English woman who uses her drone to save lost dogs and Bolivia’s epic search for
Kid News This Week: Grand funeral for groundbreaking Pope Benedict, now Catholics asking if Pope Francis will also retire, UK fails to launch satellites from “cosmic girl,” but NASA finds crater full of opal gemstones on Mars hinting to microbi
Kid News This Week: Hear about the ground-breaking research into why we get colds and flus, plus US bad weather brings out heroic and kind acts, Australian school students banned for acrylic nails and Belgium environmentalist find use in human
Kid News This Week: As the year comes to a close, we look back at the biggest news stories of 2022 from Russia’s war on Ukraine to unusual protests in Iran and China, the end of an epic royal reign as Queen Elizabeth II dies, plus world populat
Kid News This Week: Best oddballs of the year from sea-sponge snot and deep-sea blue goo to Spain’s ghost village, Hong Kong’s dumbest thieves, Malaysia’s slithery plane passenger, Vietnam’s glass bottom bridge, the strongest shoulders and the
Kid News This Week: Hear the first in our special holiday "Best Of" series - kicking it off with our best nature stories for 2022 from Earth Day to the return of cheetahs to India, Australia’s endangered koalas, Bangladesh’s oyster reef, the re
Kid News This Week: Scientists make out of this world material - tetrataenite– in a lab (!) that could help save the world! Plus Prince William’s Earthshot prizes from innovative eco-warriors, Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year (any idea what
Kid News This Week: Unusual protests in authoritarian China, two young inventors create plastic recycle machine that makes 3D printer filament, spring comes early in UK – what are the knock-on effects? – and down under in New Zealand some young
Kid News This Week: One of the biggest sporting events on earth kicks off in the desert of Qatar – we’ll tell you why World Cup 2022 is five months late, plus NASA’s Artemis 1 rocket finally takes off, Taylor Swift’s ticket woes, Taiwan’s peace
Kid News This Week: There are now 8 billion earthlings, Switzerland breaks record with the world’s longest train, Banksy’s 8 artworks in Ukraine, Taylor Swifts MTV Europe sweep and the men who braid the their beards together to create the longe
Kid News This Week: Who knew busy bees like to play not just make honey?! Speaking of bees – their numbers are dropping, so the UK is creating special bus stops to attract bees and butterflies to help pollinate more plants. We’ll also give you
Kid News This Week: Hear Earth’s magnetic field courtesy of the European Space Agency (ESA), the sad news of South Korea’s stampede and India’s bridge collapse, Taylor Swift tops the pops and breaks pop music records, candy inflation effects Ha
Kids News This Week: Autum is a season full of festivals from the scary to the sweet - this autumn festival capsule has the story behind most of them. From Halloween in the US to Asia's Hungry Ghost Festival and Mexico's Día de los Muertos (Day
Kids News This Week: Did you know mushrooms "chat" to each other? Or that dancing can be used to power a Scottish nightclub? Hear all about it,  plus a new era in tennis as sporting greats go from the court and a San Francisco cafe dishes up a
Kid News This Week: We dive into the Nobel Prizes and what the “merchant of death” has to do with it?! We also tackle the story of the protests in Iran and explain why they are so important. Plus, California’s “plastic piranha” is unleased and
Kid News This Week: It’s the “invasion” of stink bugs in the US & spider crabs in France, India’s electric car built from scrap, M&M and Quality Street candy news, plus dogs detect stress with their noses – all that and more this week!Thanks al
Kid News This Week: Festive season in India is underway with Ganpati, Navratri and Dussehra festivals, NASA crashes asteroid, carp changes its name to tempt people in the US to eat the fish, in the UK TikTok might get fined and passengers on a
Kid News This Week: NASA’s Artemis-1 moon rocket set to try launching again, Queen Elizabeth II’s epic funeral, UK Royal Mint releases Harry Potter coins, India’s running doctor defies traffic and deep-sea blue goo mystifies scientists in the C
Kid News This Week: UK mourns death of Queen Elizabeth II, chimps drum-talk, Taylor Swift announces album release date, California’s electric call-to-action and new “sus” words added to Merriam Webster dictionary, plus the world wrap and fab fa
Kid News This Week: Oyster reefs fight land erosion in Bangladesh, scientist discovers spiders dream in their sleep, the world’s deepest pool in Dubai, weird British ice cream flavors from Heinz Baked Beans to Soy Sauce! 
Kid News This Week: From Texas to Pakistan floods create havoc, so do droughts but there is a silver lining as evaporating lakes and rivers are revealing long lost treasures, create global havoc but reveal treasures too, studies show the power
Kid News This Week: China seeds rain to save autumn harvest and world food crisis, Japan builds a robot goat, space mission suggests Earth’s water came from asteroids and sea sponges sneeze snot and give shrimp a booger feast – plus the world w
Kid News This Week: World’s largest democracy turns 75, Uzbekistan and Ukrainian Olympiad chess champs, moths are smarter than we thought and Pac-Man hawk challenges pigeon poo in San Francisco and much more this week!
Kid News This Week: China-Taiwan-US tensions explained, surf’s pup - dog surfing, India’s satellite-making girls, “kidpreneurs” take off, Little Miss and Mr memes, Fab Facts and more!
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