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Episode from the podcastNewtCast: A Harry Potter Podcast

Episode 17: That's Pretty Gay, Yates

Released Wednesday, 15th August 2018
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You may remember when Alexis said they would release their Potterhead questions next, trailer or not!! And you may be unsurprised that this is, indeed, a trailer episode! (Internships, man, what can you do?)
This episode deals directly with the ComicCon trailer—we give you theories, we give you Christmas carols, we give Yates the side-eye. The usual kind of banter.
  • We kick it off with the new promo poster and don't understand the need for a new Grindelwald symbol. Isn't it supposed to be... the Deathly Hallows...??
  • WHO WILL CHANGE THE FUTURE and why is it Eddie Redmayne
  • Some fun times with the cast, some speculation as to why people actually boo'd Grindelwald
  • Jude Law is actually a Dumbledore genius and we approve
  • David Heyman understands Grindelwald probably better than Grindelwald himself
  • Trailer tid-bits: America's wizarding prison? The giant fabric? Dumbledore is actually... really super gay?
  • Okay what is wrong with Queenie and why isn't she safe, PROTECT HER
  • The saddest puffskein life that ever was

Love u guys, I'll for sure edit the Potterhead one next. Until then, ttyl!