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Episode 4: History of Magic in North America

Released Sunday, 28th August 2016
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Mallory and Alexis discuss the possibilities of the Wild Wizard West, among the rest of North American magical history.
- News: J.K. Rowling on Cursed Child as canon, Pottermore job opening, 3 new Harry Potter ebooks, Fantastic Beasts updates, NBC Universal acquired the rights to Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter
- Roanoke: the Wizard Colony
- communication between North America and Africa pre-colonialization: wandless magic combinations merge two styles of divination?
- Native American magic, a bit of the controversy, how words work in the Harry Potter magic system
- wizard farmers and Puritans, magical southern plantation owners? and Mallory’s head canon on the Hogwarts grocer
- wizarding cowboys in the wild wizard west will be the protagonists of the inevitable spin-off series
- Which Founding Fathers were wizards?? Maren puts forth two potential candidates.
- Rappaport’s Law: Dorcus Twelvetrees, the repercussions on squibs and no-maj-borns
- Wizarding World intolerant to Fantastic Beasts: the Ghostbusters are real and Newt’s a Dorcus
- Will Seraphina Piquery have a SOUTHERN ACCENT?!
- Wandmakers of America are beyond cool and we theorize about another possible Parselmouth
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