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This week Hayley teaches us about The Pollock Twins! They’re the direct result of reincarnation and their parents not being able to keep their hands off each other, despite almost getting a divorce. We are convinced souls are recycled and these
It’s an animated ribbon! It’s a quoof! It’s ectoplasm! All are true for Kat’s lesson on the mysterious, gelatinous substance coming out of all orifices remotely related to ghosts. Some call it egg whites and urine, others call it “soul substanc
Happy Oktoberfest b*tches and welcome to our *loosely* themed episode! Hayley delights us with the tale of  Peter, a feral child plucked from Germany's Black forest and raised by royalty. Peter was a wild boy, not a proper boy- and it showed. N
If Johnny Appleseed has come up in your life a lot recently, you’re not alone. And if you’re a big fan of sacks, you’re also not alone! For being raised by a tree, Johnny Appleseed has left quite a legacy as the creepy old man giving away secti
Lord Timothy Dexter was not a lord, but he was the Informer of Deer, a collector of giant statues, and the first in the East, the first in the West, and the greatest philosopher of the western world. In other words, he was a moron- possibly the
Death is a part of life and, coincidentally, this week's episode! Hayley teaches us about the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo which attracts hoards of tourists thanks to its 8,000+ mummified corpses. The most famous of them being 2 year-old, Rosa
This week in the CIA think tank- AKA Night Classy, Kat lures us to a hotel room to look at crystals and talk about murder. Charles Sobhraj evaded the police countless times during his ”Hippie Trail” murder spree, but ultimately it was mineral w
Bama Rush TikTok has taken over the internet but not a single video mentions the secret not-so-secret society operating behind the scenes of University of Alabama’s Greek life. Hayley clues us into all things “The Machine,” except for why it tr
We are feeling lucky! Kat covers the concept of luck along with some charms, rituals, and superstitions. Remember, never eat a plain egg puck, lest you be cursed with 100 years of infidelity. Next, Hayley teaches a lesson on Ty Warner, the crea
This week, we realize the best way of practicing humility is to use your collection of ancient artifacts as tiles on your bathroom floor. Or if you own Hobby Lobby, you can just craft that shit up yourself. But that makes too much sense and inv
This week, we’re drinking a tantalizing mixture of brandy, egg whites and rat poison- sponsored by The Olympics! Just kidding, but also not kidding, because the 1904 Olympics was exactly that wild. Think- a poodle-clipping competition won by Av
Fact: family annihilators all have golden retrievers and live in cookie-cutter neighborhoods. But that would never happen in a Disney-created town, right? RIGHT?! Listen to Hayley’s lesson on the creepy happenings in the town of Celebration, Fl
Kat’s a true crime bitch this week and covers Gary Ridgeway, The Green River Killer. Much like Gary, we don’t like necrophilia, but unlike him, we don’t do it. Then, oh good, more trauma! Hayley introduces us to a group of people even more outl
Kat simultaneously teaches the history of beauty pageants and makes the distinction that Greek mythology is NOT history. You don't have to be an undercover cop to participate in beauty pageants but you must use a critical lens when reviewing th
Hayley schools us on sex in Ancient Egypt… Good news: if you were single, you had nothing to lose! (Not even your virginity.) We’ve concluded that God IS a woman and she IS a milky-breasted vampire. Have you used “consex” clues to decipher the
Kat teaches a lesson on last meals, or “special meals,” of death row inmates. Learn about the history and psychology behind the practice of last meals, and remember to order the “last meal special” next time you’re at Starbucks! Next, we hit th
Holly covers the case of a Florida man on a power trip. The Pasco County sheriff’s office has been surveilling and harassing its residents on the basis of arbitrary scores that “predict” how likely they are to commit a future crime. IT JUST MAK
Hayley delivers a history lesson this week on 15th century mercenary, Gotz Von Berlichingen. Berlichen enjoyed fighting people, fighting cities, fighting countries, fighting Chipotle, ruling with an iron fist, and most of all, having his ass ki
We did it! It’s the episode no one asked for. Kat teaches a lesson on the dogfighting ring of the video game world- Pokemon. Next, Hayley talks about One Direction, the “infamous” 2010s boyband. Now you hipsters can be experts on the two things
Hayley teaches a lesson on hipsters and proves they all look the same.. And they’re living in SALT LAKE CITY?! It also turns out that modern hipsters were not the first to the game- they owe it all to the hepcats. Then, Kat presents the history
This week, we prove that #yesallmen. Hayley tells the story of American Apparel and its predator of a CEO Dov Charney. Dov really showed that all good things can and will be ruined by a creepy ass man. This is why we can’t have nice T-shirts. T
Dmitri Belyaev dreamed of witnessing the process of domestication within his lifetime. Kat tells the story of how he made that happen with silver foxes, in spite of Soviet-era hostility toward the study of genetics. Thanks Stalin! Then, Hayley
Hayley teaches a lesson on bounty hunters which of course includes the queen bee bounty hunter, Dog. We don’t want to give Dog too much attention, as bounty hunting in other countries is just called kidnapping, but we do love his hair. Next, Ka
Hayley covers a chilling cold case and once again proves that internet sleuths are more useful than police. Then, we take a not-at-all brief intermission to have our first fight. Friendships were destroyed, relationships shattered, all over yea
Kat has the privilege of telling the life story of horse-papaw Samuel Garland. Samuel was a member of the US 10th Cavalry Regiment and an early settler of Nicodemus- he really was goin’ around startin’ towns. Next, Hayley teaches us about Tuppe
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