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Support Night Clerk Radio on PatreonToonami began as a programming block on Cartoon Network, but quickly became a cultural touchstone for a generation. Its choice of shows and aesthetic influenced countless fans, artists, and producers. Instead
Support Night Clerk Radio on PatreonThe Lofi genre is often associated with mixes and 24/7 streams where listeners are exposed to an endless sequence of beats and jazz samples. However, as mentioned on our Patreon bonus episode on Lofi, we want
Support Night Clerk Radio on PatreonLike other vaporwave subgenres, mallsoft has evolved since its creation. Initially defined by sampling and reverb, new mallsoft albums drift towards exploring new compositions and themes. While actual shoppin
Between Bandcamp and YouTube, we get recommended a lot of music courtesy of the algorithm. In this episode, we discuss a selection of three such recommendations. All three feature rich and varied ambient soundscapes, but each tackle the genre f
Reminder: Our patreon is up! unique blend of despair and hope present in the work of post-rock legends Godspeed You! Black Emperor (GY!BE) makes their music more relevant and poignant than ever. We dis
Reminder: Our patreon is up! terms of hours listened, video game music probably wins for every generation that came of age with a game console in the house. It's no surprise then that new artists use vi
Reminder: Our patreon is up! Jazz can be droning, languid, and brooding - the music of smoky and quiet bars, of desperate people lost in themselves, of mystery and regret. And we're back listening to
Reminder: Our patreon is up! Der Katastrophe (HDK) is a DIY label managed by an artist collective in Milan. They produce a wide range of albums from genres described as "ambient punk, minimal-synth,
News: The Night Clerk Radio Patreon is now live. You can check it out and support us at:'ll get bonus episodes, access to our community Discord, and much more as the Patreon continues to grow!Each yeah,
Hyperreality, a term coined by Jean Baudrillard, is the point at which the real can no longer be easily distinguished from  fiction or simulation including simulations of realities that do not exist known as simulacra. The connection to vaporwa
Often, technology evolves at such a relentless pace that consumers may not be able to explore something's full potential before moving on to the next upgrade. In this episode, we dive into two artists who are linked by their common goal to prod
Yig, this year's entry in Cryo Chamber's annual Lovecraft Collection, features over two hours of eclectic soundscapes and atmospheric music produced by a collaboration of some of the best dark ambient musicians. Join us as we dig into this mast
The chilling and eclectic soundtrack of Unsolved Mysteries is comprised of hundreds of hours of original music written during the show's decades long run. The theme song alone is renowned for its ability to frighten and unsettle young viewers o
Christmas, particularly in the US, has become a yearly affair of seasonal pop music and rampant consumerism. Fortunately for us, this makes it the perfect target for vaporwave and mallsoft, where critiquing capitalism by manipulating pop music
Intersection of multiple influential elements - Jet Set Radio introduced a generation of gamers to new styles of music and art, a legacy still felt today. It gave us an alternative to the forever war narrative of most games, a world where viole
The smooth jazz soundtrack and automated aesthetic featured on The Weather Channel in the mid-90's has been finding its way into vaporwave and internet art for nearly a decade. It represents a kind of forgotten nostalgia for calmer times. In th
The Quake soundtrack, written and performed by Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, is as dark and atmospheric as the game itself. Its blend of industrial, dark ambient, and drone is rich and textured, marking a step forward for video game soundt
John Carpenter is responsible for some of the most iconic horror movies of all time. These movies are famous for both their visual imagery and compelling soundtracks, many of which Carpenter wrote and performed himself. Since "retiring" from fi
Have you ever wished that your music could whisk you away to a fantasy world of corporate culture and values? If so, look no further than the dulcet MIDI-inspired tones of Muzakcore. A niche genre that embodies the musical spirit of being put o
Inspired by the positive reception received by Miles to Midnight we decided to dig deeper into the genre of dark jazz. Dark jazz combines noir instrumentation with the cinematic sensibilities of dark ambient to produce music that is evocative a
Dream Catalogue is one of the oldest and most prolific record labels for vaporwave and beyond. Their founder, Hong Kong Express (HKE), has commented excessively (and sometimes controversially) on the future of the genre and how it should contin
How do you find new music? For some, this can be a difficult question as the landscape of music distribution continues to evolve. In this episode, we talk about some of ways we scour the Internet for new albums and artists. Even better, we get
This episode we are joined by our good friend Bridget to discuss the music and sound design elements that go into making horror video games. Great games, like those we discuss, create an atmosphere of dread and anticipation while keeping the pl
Dark ambient could not exist without movie soundtracks. The quiet moments of dread in a horror film sparked something in musicians and listeners alike - who craved more of these soundscapes of dread before the monster appeared. In this episode
What do we mean by the term "haunted music?" This phrase is rooted in the concept of Hauntology, a philosophical concept that refers to how we relate our memories to the past, whether that past is real or imagined, and how elements of those mem
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