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Episodes of No Bullsh!t Leadership

Episode #169 // Even after the disruption of the last 18 months, I still see many companies weighed down by a perfectionistic culture. If we’ve learned nothing else from the Covid experience, it’s that we can move so much faster than we initial
Episode #168 // Politics is no fun. It can undo you, even if you’re operating with good intent, and doing everything right.On one level, politics can be seen simply as the process of influencing—but on another it can be a devious, divisive, and
Episode #167 // We receive a lot of questions about resilience, and we’ve produced several episodes over the last three years that offer some guidance for how to cope when things are tough.While still on the resilience theme, the focus of today
Episode #166 // Debate is raging about the merits of remote work versus on-site colocation, exposing some real issues for leaders. One of the lighter discussions is on whether people should be allowed to turn their cameras off during Zoom meeti
Episode #165 // A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be interviewed on Jacob Morgan’s podcast ‘The Future of Work’. We had such a cracking conversation that I wanted to get him on our podcast, so that he can share his wisdom with you! Jac
Episode #164 // We have two types of people who follow the No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast. The first, are leaders who love leadership and want to get better. The second, are people who are unwilling conscripts, as I call them. They don't enjoy
Episode #163 // In this episode, Em and I cover three brilliant questions from past Leadership Beyond the Theory students! These questions are taken from the Deliver Value, Work at Level and Drive Accountability modules - three of our favourite
Episode #162 // We get an unbelievable number of questions every month about how to manage up more effectively.It’s important to make sure your boss doesn’t prevent you from performing at your best (or enjoying your work)! So the dynamic you sh
Episode #161 // Today is the day, No Bullsh!t Leadership is officially published!It’s been a long road (which you heard about in last week’s episode), and I couldn’t be more excited to get this piece of work out into the world and into the hand
Episode #160 // With the US publication of my book, No Bullsh!t Leadership on the horizon, we decided to dedicate this episode to tell the story of how the book journey unfolded, from start to finish.There are some important takeaways from this
Episode #159 // With a hot labor market emerging in many countries at present, the threat of your people being headhunted by a competitor is increasing. What steps can you take to keep your people committed to your organization? Who should you
Episode #158 // Blaming others when something doesn’t go to plan is one of the most insidious (and unfortunately, most common) leadership behaviors.Culturally, this is a cancer that has to be eradicated. When a leader tolerates the blame game a
Episode #157 // Samantha Wills is an Australian designer, entrepreneur, and author, who achieved global prominence with her eponymous jewelry range. From humble beginnings, Samantha’s designs took the fashion industry by storm, with a host of g
Episode #156 // I recently came across a new book called Return on Ambition: A Radical Approach to Your Achievement, Growth, and Well-Being. The book exposes a study on ambitious people, in which over half of those interviewed felt as though th
Episode #155 // Earlier this month, the Tokyo Olympics provided a welcome distraction from some of the other pressing global issues that have dominated our attention for what seems like an eternity!I couldn’t help but notice the stark leadershi
Episode #154 // As we start to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, and governments around the world loosen restrictions, business leaders are faced with the incredibly difficult task of working out how to get their businesses back to a relativel
Episode #153 // This Q&A episode deals with two excellent listener questions! The first, is about how to communicate the uncertainty of the current environment, while still making employees feel supported and secure. Sometimes, it can be tricky
#152 // We get so many questions from listeners about career management and progression. I normally shuffle these to the back of the deck, purely because I always feel as though this isn’t my sweet spot - leadership is! But, due to popular dema
Episode #151 // I was being interviewed for a podcast in the US a few weeks ago, and the interviewer asked an excellent question: he said, “it’s all well and good when you talk about motivating professionals and senior leaders, but not everyone
Episode #150 // Our listener base incorporates leaders from a massive range of different circumstances and experiences…leaders in over 70 countries, in countless industries, leading at all levels, in organizations of all shapes and sizes. That’
Episode #149 // Quite often, when we push back on a boss who wants us to take on more work, we’re told to “just do it”. Or sometimes, when we raise risks, issues, and problems with our boss, they gloss over or ignore them, and we’re told to “ju
Episode #148 // Everyone has different levels of mental capability, emotional capacity, resilience, drive, and ambition. To make things even harder, on any given day these can vary for an individual, depending on what’s going on in their world.
Episode #147 // In this episode we have another couple of great questions to work through! First we’ll deal with how to manage the fallout of peer envy. There’s no doubt that when you start to rise above the pack, the pack will try to pull you
Episode #146 // Regardless of the size of business you’re in, one of your primary objectives is to prepare for the future. This means ensuring that you have the talent and capability in place so that, if something untoward happens to you or one
Episode #145 // We spend a lot of time talking about the difficult elements of leadership, and how to overcome them. Mastery of the right habits, behaviors, and mindset is crucial if you want to have a successful and happy career.But what about
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