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"Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!" Hello, you! Strap on your scrappy, strappy sandals because jealousy is in the bedroom with racism, transphobia, and impotence, and it's getting hot-hot-hot! That's right--It's summer in the City and our favorite boyfriends
"What Goes Around Comes Around" Boy, things are really tough for Carrie. Najinsky gives her the stink eye and a scoundrel robs her of her Manolo Blahniks! As if single women didn't have enough to worry about! I sure hope she doesn't do anything
What's sexier than a five-minute recap? Three five-minute recaps? That's pretty sexy, but I think we found something even sexier. That's right--we've combined the next three five-minute recaps into one super-sized 15 minute (more like 20 minute
"Escape from New York" The Hustler store, the Hustler store, the grandmother way to the Hustler store!  This is the episode we've been waiting for. The one and only Matthew McConaughey drives his Lincoln straight through our hearts and right in
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Speed dating with the Avengers, Scottish sex, Charlotte's wedding (and her husband's broken wiener), and the moment we've been waiting for: the Carrie-Aidan confrontation. Michael Baldwin (@michaeldbaldwin) joins us as w
"Running with Scissors" Charlotte's wedding is almost here, which means Carrie has to do something WILD. We aren't ready for the drama. Carrie's running from her problems, and busting lips, breaking teeth, and smashing hearts along the way. Tha
"All or Nothing" Well if we're talking Sex and the City, I pick nothing. Just kidding, I want it ALL. I want Carrie confronting her affair with Mr. Big; I want Charlotte's shrewd prenup negotiations; I want phone sex; and I want to see Samantha
"Easy Come, Easy Go" Carrie and Aidan: a match made in heaven... right? If not for the return of the infamous jazz cat! That's right, Big is back and he wants a divorce! Meanwhile, Charlotte learns to manipulate Trey, Samantha teaches us about
"The Big Time" Only five minutes for the return of Mr. Big?! Well, that's all he deserves, isn't that right, Emily? You betcha, because there's too many other great things to talk about in this episode, like puppies and babies and shrimp! Let's
"Drama Queens" Spoiler alert: Samantha Jones wins Game of Thrones! Just kidding. 'Special' doesn't even begin to describe this episode. The very funny, very Jewish, and very all-around great guy Max Klausner (@max_klausner) teaches us (he's a t
"Are We Sluts?" Yes. Didn't even need a full five minutes. Just kidding, let's get into the nuances, baby ;)  Please remember to subscribe, rate, and follow us! No One Will Watch TV with Us: @noonewillwatch Lilian Tanner: @liliantanner Ethan Ch
'No Ifs, Ands or Butts" AIDEN! You heard us! It's Aiden! But this isn't just any Aiden; this is long hair Aiden, and he has some issues with Carrie and her addictions (don't worry, he didn't find out about the shoes...yet). The lovely and very
"Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl..." We're talking drag kings, bisexuality, big ole sock dicks, and so so much more. All this controversy in only five minutes?? This sounds like a challenge for our one and only Emily Austin. Lay some knowledge on us 👏👏�
"Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman" Boobs, bush, and Blahniks topped with chocolate, prostitution, and low self-esteem. The lovely and talented Emily Fenton (@ylimenotnef_) joins us for hot takes on the encounter of the century: Naked SJP vs. N
"Politically Erect" We're back with a fiver, and so is our favorite Mad Man Roger Sterling, and like all politicians, he has a dastardly secret. But that's not all! Samantha finds her match, but can she look past her superficial hangups? Plus,
"Where There's Smoke... What’s sexier, firemen or postmen? Roger Sterling or Don Draper? Hitler or Mussolini? Send us your answers! But in the meantime, join us and our very funny guest Kate Atanasio (@italianchameleon19) to to tackle high hope
"Ex and the City" NEIIIIIGH! This week we are four of the wildest horses this here city has ever seen! Since it’s the season two finale we brought back one of our favorite guests and SATC experts, James Tison (@jamestison)! This episode has it
"Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women" The penultimate episode of season 2, ladies and germs! You thought this was all fun and games, didn't you? Well so did our sexy ladies. So fun, in fact, that Carrie strings along a boring bore
"Was it Good for You?" Boy oh boy, this is a doosy with a capital 'SILLY.' Our dear host Lilian Tanner is coming through in the clutch to break down Miranda's clean linens, alcoholism, and Charlotte's sex drive. Can you believe Charlotte is bad
"Shortcomings" It was only a matter of time until Sex and the City ran out of actors in New York and had to hire Justin Theroux to play ANOTHER one of Carrie's boyfriends--but his hair is different, so it's cool. Things are getting spicy, so we
"The Fuck Buddy" In this episode Ethan and Emily put aside their disagreements because #1: there’s no time, and #2: this episode is too good to fight about! Carrie tries to turn a fuck buddy into a relationship, Miranda basically stars in her o
"Games People Play" We've been saying it for weeks, and now they're finally doing it! They're going to therapy! Well, Carrie is anyway. But it's a start! It might have gone well too, if she hadn't met a young Jon Bon Jovi in her shrink's waitin
"La Douleur Exquise!" This is an emotional episode. No doubt about it. We're talking fetishes, abusive relationships, and workplace healthcode violations. My vote is we skip over Big's emotional unavailability and Carrie's masochism and spend t
"Evolution" In this special 5-minute recap, let Lilian sneak her way into your hearts the way Carrie wishes she could sneak into Big's apartment. Why is she sneaking? It's either to subtly make her presence known through knick-knacks or to murd
"The Caste System" Take some deep breaths because this one's a doozy. Such a doozy we had to make it two doozies. We're laughing, we're fighting, we're making cosmos with the lovely and very funny Courtney Daniels, y'all (@courtneydaniels29). G
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