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Normal (ish) service is resumed at NSFY HQ as we return with our podcast, we are phoning it in this week as we connect over skype to record this one. We examine the Brian Yuzna cult "icky" horror 'Society' and also look at modern "cult film in the making" 'He Never Died' directed by Jason Krawczyk and starring B movie and punk legend Henry Rollins. We also have a chat about the biggest film disappointments in our movie watching careers, Michael Owen gets in on the act as we discover the one time England striker just really doesn't like movies. We also have an end of podcast chat about the best punches in movie history in tribute to the great punch thrown at the end of Society. For your information, NSFY will be changing after this episode to a trimmed down weekly podcast, we personally think it will be great and I'm sure you all agree. Contact us on twitter @nsfypodcast.
It's Death Wish 3 - what more do you want!?!
Episode 2 sees Dave & Andy examine the original Japanese ghost horror film 'The Ring' and we then go slightly more lighthearted with a look at 80's cult horror comedy 'Return of the Living Dead' We also discuss why some trailers can be misleading, Andy talks Passengers (the film, not the concept), Dave "briefly" goes over the new Star Wars film and we wonder why some films need a sequel 20 years down the line. We're off to watch a VHS tape I've found, it's about some girl in a well, see you all in 7 days (14 actually, but the joke doesn't work with that) Contact us at or on twitter @NSFYpodcast or on facebook.
Andy and Dave are joined this week by Mike Healey from synth duo Super 8 Cynics, who not only composed our theme tune but also is an expert and huge fan of the original Romero horror Dawn of the Dead.  We go in depth and slightly more high brow than normal as we discuss all things Dawn of the Dead related! Can Dave and Mike convince Andy that the original is a "work of art"? Can Andy convince them that the 2004 movie is fairly decent? We also continue our journey through the "films of our lives" as Dave and Andy go from 1995 to 2001.  We are also slightly more sober than the last episode. Contact the show for anything cult and offbeat related at or on twitter @nsfypodcast Find Mike's band Super 8 Cynics on twitter @super8cynics and check out his music where ever you can find it.
Slurring hell! We drunkenly trawl our way through Clive Barkers misunderstood horror film adaptation 'Nightbreed' and follow it up with the modern film version of his classic story 'Midnight Meat Train'.   We go round in circles discussing what a Producer actually is and then we delve in to part 2 of our incredible feature "Films of our Lives", this week we choose films from 1988 to 1994. Hopefully our next one will be slightly more sober!!! Contact us on twitter @nsfypodcast or via e mail
This week Dave and Andy take a look at 2002's cult sci-fi thriller "Equilibrium" directed by Kurt Wimmer (we apologise in advance for our continual German accent when saying this!). Dave enthuses about Sean Bean for a good opening 10 minutes of the episode, to be honest he could have gone on for longer.  We then take a look at our 5 favourite Christian Bale performances and find ourselves going off on a tangent wondering where Ridley Scott's career has gone? Please contact the show on @nsfypodcast or on e mail at
It's back to the world of "White Guy Karate" as we examine copy and paste martial art capoeria 'Only The Strong'.  We then turn our heads to mathematical nonsense cult horror 'Cube' Also, Andy invents possibly the greatest porn parody film title ever and Dave tries in vain to catch the attention of local Hollywood superstar Colin MacFarlane Only the Strong is a 1993 American Martial Arts film directed by Sheldon Lettich and stars Mark Dascascos, Geoffrey Lewis and Paco Christian Prieto.  Cube is a 1997 Canadian horror film directed by Vincenzo Natali and stars Nicole de Boer and Maurice Dean Wint. If you like our theme tune or this weeks special Jenga mix then check out the band Super-8 Cynics @super8cynics who are from Manchester, England.  Our eternal thanks go out to Mike from the band for our synth heavy theme music. Please leave a review for the show wherever you can and contact the show on twitter @nsfypodcast
Join us as we kick November off in style with Walter Hill's 1979 cult classic 'The Warriors.'  Does the film hold up?  And what's with the comic panels on the directors cut?? We chatter about the location and films that make good use of a city, we also list our favourite credit sequences (form an orderly queue ladies!) As ever, any comments or queries should be directed to our twitter @NSFYPodcast or And it's a huge hello to Buzz Radio Hull!  Who have started streaming our show on their website - se we endorse their message!  And check out their website here... No Sequel For You's sequel - Episode 22 will return on November 14 - so be there AND be square!
We didn't intend this to be a Bill Paxton tribute but in the light of the recent passing of this legend, we want to take this opportunity to talk about a great film featuring a genuine icon. RIP We discuss Kathryn Bigelow's ace 1987 vampire flick Near Dark.  What constitutes a vampire movie anyway? We also get misty eyed chatting modern classic Let The Right One In Also; we talk about what films we like to watch when we get poorly, well, Andy doesn't as he has a super immune system! There's more deep cuts as Dave gets upset at the lie of "Box Sets" and we reinvent "seamless radio" Please contact us via twitter @nsfypodcast or on e mail at
For the first time in our podcast history we decide to watch a film neither of us had seen before, as we finally get round to watching Adam Wingard's 2016 sequel to the classic Blair Witch Project.  Bot of us were fans of Wingard's previous work in the guise of You're Next and The Guest so had high hopes when the film was released, but reviews had put us off watching it.  Should we have bothered? We also discuss the career of Adam Wingard so far, we talk about the marketing behind the original Blair Witch and the "nu metal horror" of the original sequel! We also have a look at the found footage phenomena and decide whether it has been entirely saturated! Contact the show on twitter @nsfypodcast or on gmail at
Neither Andy nor Dave could work our how many Tuesdays there are in October, so consequently our Halloween episode on Ghostwatch will be out next week.  No wanting to deprive anyone of this glorious podcast, we decided to record an episode on the phenomenon of Nu Horror, a trend which seemed to run from the late 90's to the mid 00's and melded the music of nu metal with some over the top horror/slasher films. We lived this Y2K era, so give our take on the culture at the time, the music of nu metal and the films that fell in to this category.  Why did it end and will it come back? Please follow the show on twitter @nsfypodcast and you can e mail us on
Holy jumped-up bald headed Jesus Palamino!  We're back!  After an Indian summer hiatus season 2 of the No Sequel For You kicks off in earnest with a whole month of horror - a 'Shocktober' if you will... A slight change in format sees us chatting one film per episode and we're aiming to keep our now weekly ear treats to under an hour, let us know how you feel! We start Shocktober with one of Gary Busey's finest roles, in the Stephen King penned werewolf flick 'Silver Bullet' from the same year as Back to the Future (1985.)  We also have a lovely little chat about our own fave Stephen King adaptations and we recall the werewolf sub-genre at large. Stay tuned for next week's audio splash as we discuss modern fare with Blair Witch. Follow us on the twitters for news and that @NSFYPodcast or drop us a line Last thing; big love to Mike from Super-8 Cynics for providing us with our superior theme tune.  Follow them online as he's doing amazing things with singer Sam Leoh so support independent music! (
This week Dave and Andy examine the work of Stuart Gordon as we look at 1985's cult horror comedy classic 'Re-Animator' and 1995's (yes, really) horror 'Castle Freak', both starring Jeffrey Coombs and Barbara Crampton. We read out some correspondance on what a producer is, we discuss the downfall of Adam Sandler, what women were on our walls in the mid 90's and our distaste at the term finger blasting! We also conclude our final romp through the films of our lives with 2009-2017. Contact the show via e mail at or on twitter @nsfypodcast
This week Andy & Dave take a look at the "modern Cannibal Holocaust" in the shape of Eli Roth's 2013 Cannibal homage "The Green Inferno".  Dave's a huge fan! We discuss whether Eli Roth was born in the wrong decade and we talk about other films that are homage's or in some cases, blatant rip offs! Andy forgets his show notes so generally wings it, we perfect the art of foreign accents in films and we both realise why we don't have a gaming podcast!! Contact us via twitter on @nsfypodcast or on e mail
IT'S HERE!! The film that gives this podcast it's title!  We discuss 1993 mega-flop-at-the-time-but--history-will-redeem-it Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle Last Action Hero, but first we discuss 2014 retro-horror Starry Eyes. We nerd out discussing the beauty of typefaces and fonts of film.  We're joined by Richard Martin of the Bazzarr Cast to discuss The Last Action Hero (editors note:  Please excuse the sound quality on Richard's end - yeah we're not sure!)  Plus we chat misleading film titles! Tune in for episode 16 where we'll be covering Society and He Never Died... 
We marathon Series 7: The Contenders - a 2001 comedy/drama/thriller and sentence ourselves to Lady Vengeance which caps off our yomp through Chan Wook Park's 'Vengeance' trilogy. Apologies for the sound quality on Dave's end.  We only have one mixer and Andy keeps it with him on a boat (listen and you'll understand!) We will be 'in quality' for Episode 8! Elsewhere we pitch gameshows as movie ideas, discuss what we've been watching including Ghost in the Shell and The Usual Suspects.  There's also trailer talk for Raw, Aftermath, The Mummy and American Gods. Contact us on twatter @NSFYPodcast and email us Savour the Flava!
As teased way back in the halcyon days of our Hellraiser episode, we like to from time to time stray from our chosen path of reviewing a couple of our favourite films - this is one such episode... This week we discuss indie horror fave Last Girl Standing and chat to writer/director Ben Moody and we talk to Santosh Mp about his genre-bending movie A Pitch Dark Diorama. Please support the podcast by leaving us a review wherever you find us and we can hopefully explore this exciting potential new direction going forward. Both movies are out there for your viewing pleasure and, as promised in the 'sode, here's a bunch of hyperlinks for people connected with this episode. A Pitch Dark Diorama Last Girl Standing is available on pretty much every online movie rental platform... Massive shout-out to Mike Healey - the super-talented musician behind our theme tune!  Here's a link to the band he's in... Tune in for our next show; out on April 18th, we'll be talking Series 7 and Lady Vengeance.  
It's the dawn of a new era as we launch 'No Sequel For You', a podcast which will cover movies from cinemas most interesting places. For our inaugural show; Dave and Andy screech through classic 60's cop drama 'Bullitt' and discuss cult Korean thriller 'Oldboy' Also on the show; we discuss what films we've been watching, what trailers have piqued our interest, reminisce about past Radio Times magazines and we demonstrate embarrassing math skills. For the next show we'll be covering 'Return of the Living Dead' and the original version of 'The Ring' Contact the show with any questions or comments on and follow us on twitter @nosequelforyou  
This week; We don't keep our liberal remarks to ourselves as we discuss 1985 Larry Cohen classic "The Stuff" - can we get enough?  Tune in and find out!  Our other review this episode is French EXTREME thriller "Inside" (spoilers 59:45 - 1:06:45.) Other (ahem) stuff getting a mention this week; less-famous siblings - the careers of.  What shocks us and is modern horror any good? Contact the show on and follow us on Twitter @NSFYPodcast. Episode 14, two worlds collide as we talk Bloodsport (not House!) and Frontiers Music Credits:  Opening - NSFY Zombi theme by Mike Healy, Closing - Inside of You by Fancy.
Dave and Andy look at what is generally considered the best of the Nightmare on Elm Street sequels in the shape of NOES3 Dream Warriors! We discuss how films have utilised dream sequences and what we consider to be the best dream sequences to come from movies.  We also end the show by ranking the NOES films in order of best to worst, or in some cases, which ones are the least crap! Please contact the show on or via twitter @nsfypodcast
This week we take a look at the BBFC and the video nasty list of the 1980's, we discuss James Ferman and the reasons why films were banned and if censorship is a necessity in films. We then take a look at the notorious video nasty Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust from 1980, possibly the most famous of the banned films.  Is it still as shocking as it was once thought of? The music most certainly is! We then decide what kind of films we would ban if we had the power! Contact the show on twitter @nsfypodcast or via e mail at
There's no new episode this week so we decided to drop a classic episode from the Educating Brad vault - for the benefit of new listeners, Educating Brad was the podcast we used to present.  For old listeners this is an opportunity to relive the immortal Gymkata episode.  Gymkata is directed by Robert Clouse and stars Kurt Thomas and features the skill of gymnastics and the kill of karate. Normal service to be resumed in early September. Much love and enjoy!
On this, what will be our penultimate show, we talk Seconds. A 1968 paranoid thiriller from John Frankenhiemer. Andy wasn't available for this show so I drafted in Mike (whom you may remeber from the episode we did on the Dawn of the Deads.) For an episode originally slated to be transmitted in January. Join us as we discuss Saul Bass, 60s cinema in general and Rock Hudson in his outstanding performances in what is a forgotten masterpiece! Enjoy the show and enjoy Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, whatever!
In this instalment, the boys weather Aussie horror flick 'Storm Warning' from the sepia tinged year of 2007 and we snooze through Troma classic (ish) 'Surf Nazi's Must Die' from the year of our lord 1987.... Other bits and bats to listen out for; embarrassing celebrity cameos, the musical career of Steven Seagal, we delve into the worst films ever (according to IMDB) and we continue our odyssey through The Films of Our Lives. Contact us via e mail or on twitter @nsfypodcast
On this episode we take a look at the late 80s phenomena of putting latex-tastic aliens in your horror flicks!  We welcome Educating Brad icon Tom Atkins to the NSFY lexicon as we're thrilled for "Night of the Creeps" and laugh our arses off at Peter Jackson's DIY debut "Bad Taste." Also; we launch our new feature as Andy and Dave present The Films of Our Lives, a guaranteed award winner as we take a retrospective look at our favourite movies released between 1981-2016 (guess our ages!) This week we concentrate on 81-87 - will your favourite be on there?  Tune in, you'll discover... If you like what you hear (and even if you don't!) please consider leaving us a review wherever you find the show, it would mean a great deal.  If you have any comments/queries then drop us a line at and follow us on Twitter @NSFYPodcast for semi-regular updates.
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