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Opps...I did it again...Yep, Tabby forgot to hit the send button and this episode is being released a bit late. Let's talk board games... Did you know that monopoly was created by a woman? Tabby's going to tell you all about this sorta...bad a
Hold the presses!!!! President Trump and the First Lady have COVID! Did we watch the Presidential debate or a Real Housewife Reunion? I couldn't tell the difference, could you? Biden's son has a questionable past with Russia, and Trump pays les
In true Not A Safe Space form we have a mix of hot topics and pop culture twisted fun! Welcome to our anniversary episode!!! Does the world have a social Dilemma or did Netflix trick us into watching a documentary from a bunch of disgruntled em
Very rarely are we ever left speechless, but this episode is a tough one friends. Sabrina points out how 2 things can be different and right at the very same time. Someone or something doesn't have to be wrong in order to make the other right.
Sabrina loses her cool on a dreaded neighborhood community board over the right to play loud music. And the ladies ponder is Leslie the new Karen? Welcome to science corner with Tabby & Sabrina...dinosaur bones or dinosaur fossils. Do you know
Episode 49 is a result of Tabby's lack of sleep and Sabrina's overloaded brain. A wacky and odd combination of pop culture, current events, and political debates. Tabby has to fight off a bug and Sabrina sings her favorite Rebecca Black song! S
Grab your tennis shoes, the ladies are twirling into Episode 48 with tales from a tornado, who sleeps naked, and the ladies debate if oral sex is considered sex. What's a bigger sh*t show? The DNC or Sabrina's attempted commentary on the DNC? H
Listen as Tabby & Sabrina talk about all kinds of stuff today! We started out talking about filling in your eyebrows and next thing we know we're talking about gray vagina hairs!! You do the math!!! Joe Biden choose his running mate, Kalma Harr
Can you believe it? Tabby's first book, The Burden of Trust will be re-released along side the Audible as well!! Sabrina & Tabby discuss The Pickup Game...where men teach other men who to pickup women...Do you think it's right or wrong? Tyler
Got thin eyebrows from your friend plucking them out in high school, like Sabrina did??? Tabby's got a solution for you! Listen to Sabrina's romantic story almost turn deadly, they said til death do you part. Speaking of romance, lets talk abou
Tabby & Sabrina discuss the sadness around Fourth of July this year! No friend, no big party...didn't even feel like Fourth of July. Tabby talks about possibly joining the militia..WTH Betty Crocker is now going to be Sergeant!! The biggest ped
Today listen as Tabby & Sabrina talk about issues happening in our society. The Mayor of Los Angeles is de-funding the LAPD...and in the sense they are removing over 450 Billion dollars & several units, including Special Victims. This is after
Listen as Tabby & Sabrina talk about some interesting topics. Did you know that Oregon is mandating masks for the entire state...but only if you're white?? Or how about people tearing down statues without knowing why it was put there in the fi
Today's episode is one full of honesty about what's happening in our American society. For the past two weeks, Tabby & Sabrina took some time to really reflect on what's happened. The unjust murder of George Floyd and many other black American'
Tabby & Sabrina can't believe they've reached week 40!!! It's the most consistent thing they've done all year. The girls discuss the murder of George Floyd and the outrage happening in our country right now! Biden's comment to Charamlane tha G
Are we living in a twilight zone? Tabby is turning into Betty Crocker...canning and making homemade bread. Sabrina's birthday plans for the BIG 4-0 is not what you think...She will shock us all. Did you know that Roe in Roe v. Wade sold out the
Only our host Sabrina could go on a double date with a guy who has an identical twin brother whose a gay porn star...and NOT know she's on a double date!!! Gossip...Good or Bad?? Ten farming questions for Sabrina...can she remember all the stuf
Are we in the Twilight zone? Nope it's just Sabrina & Tabby discussing Stephanie Meyers new book Midnight Sun. Will she give her fans everything they have been waiting for ten years for? All this reading makes us hungry for Doughnuts. There ar
Mary had a little lamb and our Tabby has a little farm. She talks us through the new garden she's working on during quarantine. To add some spice to her quarantine Sabrina tries to have sex with her husband in a surprise location. A surprise th
On this weeks episode, Tabby & Sabrina share the highs and lows of week 5 of quarantine. From celebrating birthdays, disappointing holidays, homeschooling teenage boys and virtual date nights. Martha Stewart's getting tipsy on IG, what does Amy
Well not really, listen to Sabrina & Tabby talk about Joe Exotic and the Tiger King! Yep you know you binged it & like a horrible accident you couldn't look away! Amazon had to fire an employee b/c he arrived at work impacting team
What is it like to be sick during the Coronavirus, Tabby can tell you. No more proper introductions...Sabrina's happy about no more hugs. LOL!!! During this time it's our teachers who are the parent's saving grace. Our kids miss thank
Are our school systems forever changed? Some celebs release a feel good sing along...f-off!! Why are the ladies annoyed with them? What are the ladies binge watching to get them through social distancing? Can you name the first female millionai
"MOMMA!!!!" Sabrina's back with a new guest host..her favorite son Ethan. Join us for a mini Corona special. Quarantine mayhem. How are we surviving? Who made who cry during quarantine family game night? The Tall's vs. Small's. Will they bully
Week 1 at home surviving the Corona Virus. Sabrina's hiding in her home office from her own family! Her quiet space has been invaded! Meanwhile Tabby is thriving on her farm. Why is Sabrina screaming "Show me the MONEY?" Conspiracy theory time.
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