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Updated: 2021-10-19In this episode we deconstruct recent world events and show how they illustrate some of the main themes we have developed in prior episodes of the show. In particular we discuss 1) the recent events in Afghanistan, 2) the un
v.4 Updated: 2021-10-19After briefly drawing attention to a few important recent world events we deconstruct the conversation surrounding the origins of SARS-CoV-2, treating it as a case study of the inner workings of the scientific community a
Episode SummaryThis episode was recorded at the tail end of the third major COVID lockdown in Ontario, Canada, and while other parts of Canada were also still under lockdown. This episode focuses on the ever increasing loss of liberty that is
Time codes to be updated shortlyEpisode 28 was recorded shortly after another strict lockdown was implemented in Ontario, Canada, in order to mitigate a putative third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The episode begins with a discussion of the
** Time codes to be updated shortlyThe term “conspiracy theory” is often used to discredit accusations of elite political criminality and to silence opposition to the machinations of the powers that be. In this episode we discuss the definition
v2 - Updated: 2021-02-04 6:04 PMPicking up where we left off in the last episode, we continue our discussion of the conspiratorial network of elites formed by Cecil Rhodes and his close associates (a.k.a. The Milner Group or The Network), which
v3 - Updated 2020-12-31 4:12 PMCould past and present major world events have been, and continue to be, heavily influenced by a secret elite cabal? Anyone entertaining such a possibility is often immediately labelled a "conspiracy theorist" and
v.3 Updated 2021-10-19 If you were to listen only to the mainstream media, you might draw the conclusion that most (if not all) experts agree that COVID-19 is going to continue to rampage the earth unless strict lockdown procedures are implemen
The covid-related hysteria does not seem to be going away and the crazy covid clown show is happily rolling on. In fact, governments around the world are doubling down and ushering in another wave of lockdowns. In some cases, previously 'free
In this episode we document how, during the Covid-19 pandemic, governments have progressively taken away the civil liberties of their citizens. After giving examples of 'the selective rescue technique' and the implementation of the 'shock doct
Still under SARS-CoV-2 lockdown, we discuss how the elites are rapidly leveraging the current "crisis" to promote their various agendas. In this episode we introducing the "shock doctrine" and provide examples of how it is being currently appli
As the COVID-19 death-o-meter gradually lurches higher with an ever increasing death count, reaching allegedly unprecedented levels, the developed world is in a state of near-complete lockdown, with citizens under what amounts to be house arres
Join us on our deep dive into icky pagan magic. We discuss the magical practices of the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians and how some of these practices made their way, through the systematizing hands of the Greeks, into the pagan Roman worl
** Warning: This episode might not be suitable for young listeners**Continuing our previous discussion of the imminent return of paganism, we elaborate on the Roman pagan practices of prostitution, slavery, homosexuality and the more disturbing
**Warning: This episode might not be suitable for young listeners**Paganism is rapidly flooding into the West and the growing impact of paganism is perhaps most evident in our culture's changing views on sexuality and marriage. In this episode
It's commonly believed that the cultural wars in the West reflect a conflict between Christianity (more generally, religion) and secularism. In this episode we entertain a thesis put forth by law professor Steven Smith (and previously by T.S. E
In this third instalment of our Jordan Peterson deconstruction we focus on Peterson's views on, and interpretations of, the Christian Bible. Drawing on content from his popular Bible Series available on YouTube, we document how Peterson interpr
Continuing our deconstruction of the worldview of Dr. Jordan Peterson, we discuss how Peterson was heavily influenced by the depth psychologist Carl Jung. As we delve into the psychology of Carl Jung, we reveal how Jung used psychological conce
Jordan Peterson, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, has recently enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame with his energetic and refreshing critiques of Marxist, left-leaning ideologies entrenched in the Arts Faculties of many unive
Continuing our discussion of the various worldview change techniques used in the context of science fiction and fantasy stories, we explore how normalization (sometimes using repetition), behavioural and attitudinal pre-programming, and disarm
We discuss how fiction, especially popular superhero films and TV shows, can be used to convey subversive content to create substantial worldview change. Building on our last episode, we highlight new worldview subversion techniques that are u
Extending the issues raised in the last episode, in this episode we continue to identify several techniques that are commonly used by those who desire to change your worldview. Specifically, we discuss how worldview engineers can occasion worl
What is a 'worldview' and how is a worldview changed? In this episode we provide answers to these important questions. We provide examples of dramatic worldview transformations and analyze the key principles that govern such changes. In so d
In this episode we discuss the rapid rise of shamanism in the West. As shamanism becomes more popular in modern Western culture, its true characteristics are being obscured to make it more palatable to the West. We expose the well-documented d
When people take certain types of psychedelic drugs, they enter into a mystical state characterized by a depersonalized fusion with a divine light. Proponents of psychedelic use claim that such states (which are also at the heart of many Easte
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