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Episode 13: The Jordan Peterson Hodgepodge

Released Wednesday, 25th September 2019
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Jordan Peterson, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, has recently enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame with his energetic and refreshing critiques of Marxist, left-leaning ideologies entrenched in the Arts Faculties of many universities. Peterson has expressed his views on morality, politics, science and religion in YouTube videos, public lectures, media interviews and his recent self-help book titled "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos". Because of his effective attacks on the political Left, many Christians have found themselves agreeing with Peterson's views, and even recommending his lectures on the Bible. But are Peterson's teachings consistent with Christianity? In this episode we begin our deconstruction of Peterson's views, focusing on one of his main sources of inspiration: the anti-Christian philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. During this deconstruction we also touch on the teachings of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and John Stuart Mill.



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