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Episode 20: Death-o-meter

Released Thursday, 23rd April 2020
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As the COVID-19 death-o-meter gradually lurches higher with an ever increasing death count, reaching allegedly unprecedented levels, the developed world is in a state of near-complete lockdown, with citizens under what amounts to be house arrest, living in fear of being the cause of someone else's death by slow COVID suffocation. The messaging from governments, the WHO and the mainstream media are consistent and clear: citizens must given up their freedoms in unprecedented ways to fight an invisible omnipresent enemy that threatens to kill the weak and frail among us; if you don't comply, you are an unethical, selfish enemy of humanity. You must conform, or else. In this episode we deconstruct the messaging surrounding COVID-19 and bring clear, rigorous scientific thinking in the midst of this crazy COVID chaos. We reveal how public messaging is scientifically engineered, how health authorities are using fear, extreme computer model projections, the presentation of speculation as fact, and claims of scientific consensus to manipulate your behavior and worldview. Prepare to be deprogrammed!

Episode Timeline & Notes

0:00:00 - Introduction
0:07:16 - Behavioural Research for behavioral engineering
0:18:42 - Be Afraid - Fear Tactic
00:31:45 - Media/Governmental Overstatements
0:45:55 - 2017-18 Flu season
1:00:33 - Memes - Flatten the Curve
1:11:39 - Bias in Cost Assessment
1:22:38 - Tactical Use of Models
1:37:08 - Messaging to Kids
1:41:33 - Scientific Consensus
1:55:33 - Messaging about the Church
2:03:59 - Summary & Conclusion

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