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Episode 23: Model Covid Citizen

Released Monday, 21st September 2020
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The covid-related hysteria does not seem to be going away and the crazy covid clown show is happily rolling on. In fact, governments around the world are doubling down and ushering in another wave of lockdowns. In some cases, previously 'free' societies are being subjected to draconian communist-style interventions that have no respect for basic civil liberties. We discuss how some governments are promoting a new "covid normal" which is helping to usher in the globalist agenda to "build back better". We also discuss (and refute) objections to our previous suggestions that Christians ought to be pushing back against the covid-related closing of churches and the imposition of other restrictions of church functioning. Stay tuned to the very end of the episode for some frightening yet hilarious bonus content.

Episode Timeline & Notes

0:01:33 - More Covid Chaos

0:02:08 - Trudeau - Great Reset - Build Back Better

0:11:00 - Lockdowns in Australia

0:41:21 - Objections to Principled Pushback

0:43:50 - What about Romans 13

1:03:14 - But churches are not specifically being targeted

1:18:09 - Decisions are not morally or spiritually neutral

1:28:47 - Covid is a health emergency not persecution

1:41:56 - Moving Towards Totalitarianism

1:53:40 - Bonus Deconstruction

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