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Episode 25: Conspiracy Fact

Released Thursday, 31st December 2020
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v3 - Updated 2020-12-31 4:12 PM
Could past and present major world events have been, and continue to be, heavily influenced by a secret elite cabal? Anyone entertaining such a possibility is often immediately labelled a "conspiracy theorist" and considered to be a fringe, right-wing, Q-Anon-believing nut. At the beginning of this episode we expose how the CIA weaponized the term "conspiracy theory" so that it could be used to silence people who forwarded (accurate) views that were contrary to the CIA's desired narratives. We then shed light on a massively influential global conspiracy orchestrated by a small group of elites, a conspiracy that has been well-documented chiefly by the esteemed professor and historian Dr. Carrol Quigley (the mentor of former US President Bill Clinton). This is not a conspiracy theory; it's a conspiracy fact! Without a full appreciation of this historical and factual conspiracy, you will not be able to understand many current events, including The Great Reset, the acts of global bodies (like the UN and WHO), the widespread current pandemic-related madness, the political turmoil that surrounds US President Trump, the booms and busts of Western economies, various wars, the bias of the legacy media, and the power and rapid degradation of our educational institutions.

Episode Timeline & Notes

0:00:32 - Introduction

0:03:02 - Updates

0:04:21 - Another banned doctor group

0:05:59 - Great Reset went viral

0:09:45 - A Conspiratorial View of History

0:36:20 - Conspiracy Fact

0:37:08 - Carroll Quigley

0:40:59 - Cecil Rhodes

0:44:38 - Ruskin

0:53:48 - The Milner Group

1:05:52 - Chinese expert on "The Group"

1:14:04 - Trump on "The Group"

1:17:18 - Goals and Views

1:38:31 - Summary


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