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Episode 26: Anatomy of a Conspiracy

Released Thursday, 4th February 2021
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Picking up where we left off in the last episode, we continue our discussion of the conspiratorial network of elites formed by Cecil Rhodes and his close associates (a.k.a. The Milner Group or The Network), which has influenced many important world events since its inception roughly 120 years ago. We document how this group secretly co-opted the power centers of the world—including educational institutions, the media, and political establishments—to achieve global hegemony and to control public opinion. In our analysis we describe how the group exploited the hierarchical structure of society to allow a relatively small number of elites to ultimately dominate the masses. Along these lines, we identify the 'daisy-chain appeals to experts' technique whereby experts abdicate their roles in evaluating the available scientific evidence and defer to others ostensibly above them in a hierarchy of expertise. Before we unravel the wide-reaching Milner conspiracy however, we begin with a brief discussion of Covid-related events, including the new WHO guidance regarding the interpretation of the widely-used RT-PCR tests for detecting SARS-CoV-2. And, we salute those who have been resisting Covid-related tyranny, such as Police On Guard For Thee, MPP Roman Baber and Pastor Jacob Reaume and the good folks at Trinity Bible Chapel in Ontario, Canada. Finally, we expose the large number of Canadian politicians and media and healthcare executives who chose to flout lockdown rules to go on personal vacations, all while the rest of us were left to suffer under draconian lockdown orders; we call these hypocritical bureaucrats, 'hypocrats.'

Episode Timeline & Notes

0:00:59 - Opening Segment

More on PCR Tests
Dr. Mike Yeadon

0:08:00 - The Not Conformed Salute!

0:08:17 - Police On Guard For Thee
0:10:18 - MPP Roman Baber
0:14:45 - Pastors and Elders

0:31:00 - The Hypocrats

0:42:40 - The Milner Group: General Methods

0:42:48 - Review

0:46:01 - Secrecy

  • Quigley, Carroll. The Anglo-American Establishment. GSG & Associates Pub, Reprint edition, 1981, pp. 4-5.

0:48:01 - Power Centers

0:51:52 Daisy-chain Appeals to Experts
1:02:36 - Bill Gates-Trust Hierarchies & Conspiracies

1:11:34 - Selective Totalitarianism

  • Book: deHaven-Smith, Lance. Conspiracy Theory in America. University of Texas Press, 2013, p. 174.
  • Book: Dreher, Rod. Live not by lies. Sentinel, 2020, p.7.

1:16:25 - Important Power Centers

1:16:54 - Education
1:30:37 - Journalism & Media
1:40:11 - Government: The Deep State

1:44:17 - Summary and Closing


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