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Episode 90 - On today’s episode, we visit Warrior Dash Georgia 2014 and have some cool chats. We start by talking to the people who finished the course the fastest, Yuri Force, Shenoa Creer, and Ashley Martin. Next up is  “Blind Pete”, a visually impaired man who completes obstacle races. Last, we spend a few minutes with Red Frog Events Mischief Manager, Katelyn Boyle about this year’s Georgia course. The 2nd half of the show is an interview with Mark Silvers from Endeavor Team Challenge. They have a 30 hour, 40 plus mile, endurance event that we know you are going to want to check out.   Today’s episode is sponsored by Men’s Health Urbanathlon. Use the code ORM to receive 20% off your entry. Register NOW at MHURB.com
Episode 215 - Today's show is a conversation with Ryan Kent. Matt and Ryan dig in and discuss what Ryan has been up to since their last chat back in early 2015 including: What he can tell us (so far) about History Channel's The Selection. Ending 2016 strong His experience on the Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge What his goals are for 2017 Todays Podcast is sponsored by: MudGear – Order now for free shipping in the United States on all products. Show Notes: Running Bear with lyrics (Now you know the words!) A clip from Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge of Ryan and his team. The Selection Cast Bios  
Episode 118 - Today’ episode is with two guys named Dr. Bob.   The first, Dr. Bob Dalton, owns Highlands Chiropractic. We sat down over some noodles for this talk a few weeks ago. This Dr Bob came highly recommended from several people when I told them about the debilitating pain I was experiencing while running. He has extremely unconventional methods that get phenomenal results. Some patients have seen him for 20 plus years and many drive an hour or more to his office which is walk in only (no appointments). We have a great chat about running, his interesting methods, why people see him when everything else fails, and much more.   The second interview is with Doctor Robert Pruni. He has been on American Ninja Warrior on two seasons and owns NinjaKour, a massive warehouse converted to a crossfit gym and ANW obstacle playhouse. We talk about how he trains, his advice for getting on ANW, and what cross fitters need to un-learn when they want to become Ninjas. He also treated some big rock stars back in the day so we touch on that.   Today’s episode is brought to you by Savage Race. Use code ORM for 10% off.   Show Notes:   A few yelp reviews for Dr. Bob Dalton     GORMR Day at NinjaKour video   Mistadobalina-Del tha Funky Homosapien      
The Ginger Runner is the most creative guy in the trail running content space today. He has made out of the box, entertaining, and informative review videos, great podcast interviews, and a feature-length film you must see called "Where Dreams Go To Die". Todays Podcast is sponsored by: Savage Race  - The best obstacles. The perfect distance. Check out a Savage Race near you. Show Notes: Support Us On Patreon Ethan on Strava Where Dreams Go To Die  
(Episode 60) I met Jason Pittman earlier this year through a mutual friend, and we decided to go for an early morning run. I was surprised to discover that Jason had spent the last 15 years working in the Atlanta rock and hip-hop scene. He produced, managed and booked everyone imaginable. His list of heavy hitters includes: Lil John, Bone Crusher, Ying Yang Twins, Too $hort, and David Banner. Find out all of the ways that Jason stayed in the mix. Also hear about his big break in 2007, producing the Shop Boyz mega hit "Party Like A Rockstar". I learned a lot about the music business, and I was reminded what it was like to wait in line at the store for a new record. Tune in for what is one of the most interesting interviews I've done to date. Today's episode is sponsored by Ruckus.  Use Code ORM15 for $15 any location.
Episode 183 - Matt Iseman and Jeff Cain. Matt and Matt talk about stand up comedy in LA, how Iseman got to American Ninja Warrior, and new stuff for the Ninjas in 2016. Matt and Jeff talk OCR old days, Barkley Fall Classic, and Jeff's non profit, For Those Who Would. Today's show is sponsored by: BoneFrog Challenge – ORM10 gets you $10 off all 2016 races. Epic Series - Use code ORM20 for 20%off June 11 in San Diego, CA. Liquid Run - Code ORM25 gets you $25 off admission. Show Notes: Matt Iseman tweets a lot. For Those Who Would Website. Jeff on Episode #6 way back in July 23, 2012. Jeff's Obstacle Racers Prayer blog post.
That time Cookie and Matt had a nice chat at a Mexican restaurant.
Episode 151 - Part I of our 2015 OCR World Championships coverage includes interviews with top finishers :Jon Albon, Ryan Atkins, Cody Moat, Lindsay Webster, Claude Godbout, Robert Killian, KK Paul, Rose Wetzel, and Hobie Call. We continue the finish line interviews with Peter Norris, Marc "The Muddy Highlander" Leinster, Michael Breese, Alena Dawn, Julie Johnston, Greg Kawanishi, Simon Weig, and Yancy Camp, er Culp. Stay tuned for Part II. Today's show is sponsored by: Thrillseeker 5k Stunt Run! Code ORM15 saves you $15.00 at all 2015 locations. Show Notes 2015 OCR World Championship blog review and video.
You probably don't know Pete Coleman. You don't know him because he is that rare bird that doesn't tell the world about every accomplishment (or attempt) on social media. So allow me to do it. He's done The Killington Beast and UltraBeast on back to back days, finished multiple Spartan/Peak Death Races, The Georgia Death Race, and most recently earned a Belt Buckle at Western States. On this episode, we talk about how he trained for and completed one of the hardest races in the world, The Western States 100 mile race. Today's show is sponsored by: RockTape - Use code OCR16 for 30% off your first purchase of $30 or more Udder Mud Run – Use code RUNORM for $10 off this race! Wetsuit Wearhouse – Save 15% using coupon code ORM on all purchases. Show Notes: Unbreakable - Documentary about the 2010 Western States race. Episode 96 - Pete shortly after the 2014 Spartan Death Race.
Episode 96 - Val Smith and "Crazy" Pete Coleman trained very hard leading up to the 2014 Summer Death Race. This resulted in both of them finishing and getting skulls. Matt B. sat down with them for some dinner conversation a few weeks after the event. Topics include some insight into the shitshow that was Saturday night, what they did over at Peter Borden’s on Sunday, how deep they had to deep to finish and if they ever thought the race would end. There is also some never heard before bonus footage from the crew that saved Matt B. and Flo from their adventure we learned about in the last episode. Today’s episode is sponsored by MudGear.
Episode 69-In today's show, we revisit a couple of events from previous episodes. Sam Abbitt is the founder and CEO of Savage Race. We first met him back on Episode 7 in July of 2012. Since then, Savage has put on many successful races in several markets. We catch up with Sam to find out what they are doing right and what is next. Next we catch up with Hunter Brucks, the new "man with the plan" over at Extreme Nation. EN has resurfaced and their first event is scheduled near Tampa, Florida in February of 2014. Hunter tells me they still plan on having large payouts ($40k) at each race. Also, Hobie Call and his vision of a spectator friendly "coliseum" style course are still part of the plan. Listen in to find out what's going to be different this time around and how they plan to make it a success. Remember, you can still donate to our Indiegogo campaign to get greatly discounted race entries, swag, and have your favorite athlete followed at World's Toughest Mudder. Today's episode is sponsored by Pretty Muddy and by Ruckus Obstacle Race.
Episode 128 - Up first on today's show is an interview with Pat Patterson, race director from Ragnar Trail Relays. We ran the Georgia stop of that event for the 2nd straight year, and despite some serious rain, had a great time. The next set of interviews are from Georgia's Spring Savage Race. After interviewing "Operations Manager", Garfield Griffiths , we decided to take a slightly different approach to this episode. Rather than talking to all of the top finishers, we decided instead to talk to some different kinds of folks. Starting with the owner of the property, and then several everyday finishers to see what they thought of the race. Enjoy. Today's episode is sponsored by BattleFrog Series, they have upcoming races in 9 more cities in 2015. Use code BATTLEORM for $10 off any city. Show Notes: Savage Race Georgia Spring 2015 Video Georgia Ragnar Relay 2015 Recap  
Episode 180 - Tough Mudder announced several changes to this year's team competition at World's Toughest Mudder. We got Nolan Kombol on the phone as quickly as we could. Nolan's been with Tough Mudder since July of 2010. His current title is Senior Director of Product, which means, he and his team are responsible for your on course experience and all of the obstacles that go with it. We go into the new changes and answer some questions including: What is the total payout for a winning team that crosses 100 miles? Legionnaire status: Is it laps or event days? Do two Tough Mudder Halves equal a Whole? The second half of the episode has us sit down with 2015 WTM male champ Chad Trammell to talk about last year's wild ride, what his plans are for this year, and some ideas he has that could make WTM much more interesting. Today's episode is sponsored by BoneFrog Challenge – ORM10 gets you $10 off all 2016 races.   Rugged Maniac – $5 off when you use the code PODCAST. Mud Hero – Mud Hero events are some of the best in Canada.  Code ORM16 saves $5 on all events.
Episode 153 - In this episode, we talk to Michael Wardian. Go to his Athlinks and his Ultrasignup page in the show notes to get a glimpse of the volume of races that he runs. (and how well he performs!) In this conversation, we attack such burning questions as: How does he do so many darn races and can you race too much? Which costume and treadmill records are important to him? What are his exercise replacements when he does get running injuries? What was it like to be a Runner's World cover finalist? What are his favorite podcasts to listen to while running?  Who is he going to drop from his fantasy football team? Today's show is sponsored by: Men's Health Urbanathlon. San Francisco (AT&T Park) on Nov 22 and NYC (Citifield) on Dec 5th. Use code ORM for 10% off.   Show Notes: Michael on Athlinks Michael on Ultrasignup Michael's Runner's World Cover Profile The winner of the cover search was revealed today.
Dustin appeared on the 1st episode of the year and the feedback was great. Turns out many of you really enjoy hearing things outside of OCR. So if you only want 100% obstacle stuff, this episode is NOT for you. If you like-a the nerdy stuff, this episode includes the following subject matter: Batman Vs. Superman Deadpool DC versus Marvel (including DC's parallel to BattleFrog) Gishwhes - one of the charities Dustin supports How you actually say Dustin's last name Dustin's new gig at BoneFrog Oh and he does "The Spartan Speech" Today's show is sponsored by Wetsuit Wearhouse – Save 15% using coupon code ORM on all purchases. MudGear – Order now for free shipping in the United States. RockTape - Use code OCR16 for 30% off your first purchase of $30 or more Show Notes Gishwhes - Charity that Dustin spoke about with Misha Collins. Episode 163 - The Dustin episode from earlier this year.  
Episode 175 - On today's program, we attempt to answer that burning OCR question: What exactly is a race director and what does he do? We spoke with two members of the Spartan Race Team at the March 5-6 event in Conyers, Georgia to dig deep and find out. We don't want to spoil almost an hour of really good conversation, but one thing is clear - No one person makes the magic happen. Quick Rundown of The Players: Mike Morris - Vice President of ProductionRoger Mast - Race DirectorWoody-Course Manager (does not appear, but is referenced in both conversations) Today's show is sponsored by:   BoneFrog Challenge - ORM10 gets you $10 off all 2016 races. Obstacle Guard - Code ORM gets you 10% off all orders in the U.S. Rugged Maniac - $5 off 2016 events when you use the code PODCAST.    Show Notes:   The video from 2 years ago referenced in this podcast.   R.I.P. Phife
Episode 116 - On today’s show we bring you one of the first in-depth interviews with Force of Nature co-founders, Michael Epstein and Laird Hamilton.   Michael has been building obstacles for a very long long time. First, as part of The Hi Tec Adventure Racing Series from 1997-2002. His company then produced Muddy Buddy for about 10 years. They continued on to bring us one of the first “true” OCR’s to go nationwide, known as The Down and Dirty Obstacle Race.   Laird has been a household name for decades as a big wave surfing legend, author, and more recently, as a standup paddleboard designer.  He hooked up with Michael and MESP for the Force of Nature Mind Body Challenge. A 10-12 mile obstacle race which debuts in Southern California on April 26.   Tune in to learn about what brought these two together and hear about their vision for this new obstacle series.   Today’s show is sponsored by Down and Dirty Obstacle Race. Save $5 when you use code ORMDD15 at registration.   Show Notes:   Hi Tec Adventure Racing Video circa 1999   Laird's website      
Episode 162 - Scott Jones is an athlete, coach, race director, podcaster and podcast network producer. How the heck does he do it? Today's show is sponsored by  Savage Race - 10% off all 2016 locations with code ORM. Udder Mud Run - RUNORM saves you $10 off this awesome, family friendly event! Show Notes Athlete On Fire blogs and podcast. Scott/Athlete on Fire Twitter
Spartan Pro Team member, Glenn Racz talks about his Toughest Mudder LA 3rd place finish. We also discuss what happened during the podium ceremony that got everyone talking, and some other stuff. Todays Podcast is sponsored by: Rugged Maniac – $5 off when you use the code PODCAST for any 2017 event. Orange Mud – Check out their “no bounce, ultra light hydration packs”.
Episode 72 Fred Smith joins Matt for a chat about their get together a few weekends ago. The Smithfest Events crew brought Matt up to Boston to experience Panic In The Dark and a sneak peak into their mayhem behind the scenes. Listen in to learn about how Panic went and how Matt and Fred bonded for life at 4:00am. The 2nd interview in today's episode is with Jon Watson of JWatsonTV. Jon is the only guy we know that actually gets paid to run around with his GoPro. Jeff Marier (ORM's videographer) and Matt got to catch up with Jon at the Hit and Run 5K obstacle race in Conyers Georgia. Today's episode is brought to you by Pretty Muddy. They have remaining events this year in Orlando and Tampa. Check them out at prettymuddywomensrun.com.
Episode 104 - On today's show, you'll get a taste of what it was like to be at the Obstacle Racing World Championships that took place in Oregonia, Ohio last weekend. We start Friday night as you'll hear brief chats with Dutch OCR blogger Dirk Schrama, and Mr. On My Way To Sparta, Jeff Cain. After a quick check-in Saturday morning with Amelia Boone before the race starts, we catch the top 4 elite men as they finished followed by the first 3 elite women. Today's episode is sponsored by Battlefrog Series. Miami Battlefrog is happening in a couple of weeks and the 2015 calendar has several dates already. Use code "BattleORM" for discounts. We have Lots of bitchin photos here. Show Notes Dirk Schrama - Obstakels.com (Google will translate for you, if you let it). Jeff Cain - Obstacle Racer's Prayer Amelia Boone - Profile on SBNation Jon Albon- http://www.jonathanalbon.com/ Ryan Atkins- http://ryanatkinsdietrecipebook.blogspot.com/ Hobie Call - http://www.hobiecall.com/ Cimmie Wignell -  Video of Cimmie winning Toughest. Siri Englund -Profile interview from Dirt In Your Skirt Cassidy Watton - Athlinks profile    
Last weekend, 80 plus athletes from OCR, ANW, and CrossFit came to battle it out for a bunch of dough at the first ever Tough Mudder X, in Minnesota. Please enjoy chats with the following top finishers: Corinna Coffin 1st Cassidy Watton 2nd Christin Panchik 4th Kevin Righi 3rd as well as additional conversations with Jessie Graff, Yancy Culp, Grant McCartney, and Callienne Elterman. Todays Podcast is sponsored by: The Barber Beast  - Sept 9, 2017. 10 miles. 30 obstacles. 1 goal.  BattleGrounds - Sept 23, 2017. Use code ORM10 for $10 off registration.
Today's show brings us lots of good talk from last weekend's Carolina Beast/Sprint Weekend. We bring you finish line interviews with some of the podium finishers and a few special guests. Then we hop on the phone with a member of the Spartan Race Course Ops Team, Woody Peters. Woody's passion comes through loud and clear as he strives to deliver excellence and the "brand promise of Spartan". Among other things, we talk about cutting new paths on long courses, and why he never goes anywhere without his Geiggerig. Today's show is sponsored by MudGear.
Today we chat with Dewayne Montgomery, better known as Coach Pain. Find out: What he was up to prior to OCR How he found his way to our world.   Why he has become the favorite hype man/motivator/start line MC of many an OCR athlete.  What he does when he's not "Conducting Business" at the start line Much more Today's show is sponsored by : UFM - Support your manhood with Underwear For Men! For $5 off, use promo code ORM.    
On today's show we talk to Adrian Bijanada about his new baby the U.S. OCR Championships. Adrian and his company have been producing the USOCR World Championships since 2014. This is the first "secondary" event he and his team have created. We also get to hear about Matt's recent incarceration. Todays Podcast is sponsored by: Udder Mud Run – Use code ORM for $10 off this race that takes place August 5, 2017. Obstacle Guard – Code ORM gets you 10% off all orders in the U.S. Show Notes: Look back on OCRWC beginnings in this Dec 2013 article. That fateful run last Friday on Strava.
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