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Real Men, released September 25th in 1987, is a comedy that is definitely also a sci-fi. A James Bond-esq CIA agent has to team up with a meek family man to stop rogue agents and the Russians from getting their hands on 'The Big Gun'. We're joi
We have chosen this movie... And he has come. It's time to get our souls torn apart as we dive into Hellraiser, released September 18th in 1987. It's the horror film that spawned the classic franchise and gave birth to the iconic Pinhead, even
We're heading to Mali in West Africa for a movie filled with magic, scenic walks, and a bunch of other things that are left up to interpretation. It's Yeelen, a movie offering up something a little different than what we usually cover on this s
We've got a spooky anthology horror to talk about this week! From a Whisper to a Scream, sometimes known as The Offspring, was released September 4th in 1987. It contains four dark and twisted tales, each set in a small American town. Is one of
This is an odd one. House II: The Second Story, released August 28th in 1987, is a horror-comedy about a crystal skull that's the key to immortality or something. Our main characters have to travel through time and space to keep it safe. Meliss
We've done a lot of bad movies on this podcast. An uncountable amount of awful movies we wouldn't recommend to anyone. However, this week, we've come across a truly unwatchable piece of trash that no one should ever watch. It's The Garbage Pail
The Monster Squad, released August 14th in 1987, promised an all-star team-up of various classic monsters... And wow! Did it deliver! You've got Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein's Monster, The Mummy and Gill-Man! We're joined by streamer Valarry
[Revelation spoilers from 07:47 - 14:30] By the power of 1987, we have the power... to watch bad movies! Masters of the Universe, released August 7th, is the live-action adaption of the classic He-Man TV show that was made to sell the toys thi
It's The Daylights... The Living Daylights! With a US release date of the 31st of July, 1987, this James Bond movie was the introduction of Timothy Dalton in the lead role. It's a slightly more grounded adventure compared to the previous era of
Two movies this week, both objectively two of the worst films released in 1987. We're talking about Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, released July 24th back in '87, and because we're gluttons for punishment, we're also reviewing Jaws: The Reve
It's the future! There are future-cars and boardgames about nukes! An evil corporation has bought the police! This city needs a hero... It needs a RoboCop! Released July 17th in 1987, this classic sci-fi action satire is all about cleaning up t
We're back down under for another Australian natural horror film. This time, we're dealing with a giant saltwater crocodile in Dark Age, released July 10th, 1987. It's gained quite a large cult following and has even been called the "Australian
We're shrinking down and heading deep inside of this week's movie! That sounds a bit weird and doesn't entirely make sense but it's similar enough to the plot of Innerspace, released July 1st in 1987. It's a fun Joe Dante film about this guy wh
Once upon a time warp, Mel Brooks made a Star Wars parody that helped shaped the childhood of everyone on this episode. So grab your merch, tap into the Schwartz, and be ready to jump to Ludicrous Speed... It's Spaceballs, released June 24th in
We don't usually do animated movies but this week we got an option we couldn't pass up. It's the incredibly dark yet charming film The Brave Little Toaster, released June 19th, 1987. It's about a bunch of appliances that go on an adventure. Sur
This week's episode is a big one! We're reviewing the classic Schwarzenegger sci-fi action blockbuster Predator, released June 12th in 1987. It's got fire fights! It's got fist fights! It's got explosions! It's got blokes! It's got an alien! Th
We're entering in the summer blockbuster season of 1987 and that means it's time for some nice, wholesome family entertainment in the form of Harry and the Hendersons. Released June 5th of '87, it's about a family who accidentally run into a Bi
Rita, Sue and Bob Too is a movie. It was released on the 29th of May in 1987. We decided to review it. This is that review. We're joined by Sandy Whittem (Illiterature) to talk about it. There's a reason this episode description is as vague as
After we definitely reviewed the first movie in our 100th episode, we knew we'd have to come back and see what Eddie Murphy's classic character had in store for us next. Beverly Hills Cop II, released May 20th in 1987, has some of what you love
The Gate, released May 15th in 1987, is a funny horror film that might be for children, we honestly don't really know. It focuses on our two pre-teen leads as they accidentally open a gate to hell in their backyard. One of us loved it, the othe
John Cusack goes full Rambo in this movie. That's probably the best part of Hot Pursuit, released May 8th in 1987. Sure, there's also a lot of entertaining hijinks out in the Caribbean like running around, getting lost, being on a ship with a g
Creepshow 2, released May 1st, 1987, features three spooky tales from the twisted minds of Stephen King and George A. Romero. One is about revenge, one's about a lake, and one's about a woman who loves talking to herself. We're joined by Jen Sp
My Demon Lover, released April 24th in 1987, is an odd one. It's a romantic horror comedy about a guy who turns into a demon whenever he's turned on. He's also a big creep but the movie will forget about that as soon as he needs to be the good
Blood Hook, released during April in 1987, is a very long movie about a killer who uses a very long fishing hook as a weapon. It's very silly and has a lot of funny moments, but it's also very long and has a lot of sub-par plot. Join the Dead
Garbage Day! We've been looking forward to this one for a while now. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2, released April 10th in 1987, is a holiday themed slasher that spawned countless memes. Half of it is a flashback to the first movie, the oth
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