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#226. Lee Chesneau needs no introduction to you weather nerds out there. He’s been the voice of weather education for the past few decades in the US at least, and is as passionate about his chosen career field as anyone I’ve ever met. Lee & I began this conversation talking about his career - like how he KNEW he’d become a meteorologist when he was only 3 years old - but it was quite obvious that he REALLY wanted to talk weather. About a third of the way in, Lee gets going, and we had a wonderful and educational chat about offshore weather and how it impacts us sailors. Get in touch with Lee yourself on marineweatherbylee.com. -- On the Wind is presented by Forbes Horton Yachts. Also supported by Broadreach and Weems & Plath. -- Sail offshore with Andy & Mia on a Swan 48. 59-north.com/offshore.
#262. Pawel Motawa is one of the first guests I ever interviewed WAY back in my 'Two Inspired Guys' days in 2012. Then, he had just completed the ARC rally in St. Lucia, and I was drawn to his bright yellow steel sloop MALAIKA, with it's proud Polish flag flying, and thought there had to be a story here. When Mia & I sailed ISBJORN into Las Palmas in January, there was MALAIKA again, on the pontoon just a few slips down from us. Pawel immediately said hello and we reconnected for another chat in the saloon of his lovely boat. On the Wind is presented by Costa Sunglasses And also supported by Buldano Towels, and Offshore Passage Opportunities
#260. Mark Jablow is a sailor and former Air Force B1 Bomber 'RIO' - that's Radar Intercept Officer (think Goose from Top Gun, the guy who sits in the back seat). Mark sailed with us on ISBJORN last summer from Ireland down to Portugal and we immediately made a connection. Put it this way - Mark is still active duty Air Force, and if I had met someone of his caliber when I was young, I may just have joined the forces. Mark & I discussed his Air Force and sailing career, and dove into some technical stuff about radar & systems onboard boats at sea, how he handles fear and stress, and more.
#248. Bryan Rolfe is a grass-roots 30-something cruiser with big dreams and a small budget. He's been documenting his adventures aboard his 27-foot Albin Vega TARKA on YouTube, and is currently in the Caribbean. Mia & I have followed Bryan from afar since he started his trip, and my conversation with him ended up being a very inspirational look at how someone takes a dream and turns it into reality. Longtime fans of the show will know how excited I get talking to other young folks out there cruising, but this episode is truly for anyone who dreams of heading off in their own boat, no matter your age or finiancial situation. Bryan truly started from scratch, and tells the whole inspiring story of how he made his dreams reality. -- On the Wind is presented by Rutgerson Marine. And also supported by Offshore Passage Opportunities.
#247. Mia Karlsson is honored to be the FIRST guest on the new Mermaid Tales podcast, featuring tales of women who are connected in some way to the ocean, hosted by Breezy Mulligan. Here’s a rare opportunity to hear Mia on the podcast, talking about her sailing history! Subscribe to Mermaid Tales wherever you get your podcasts! -- On the Wind is presented by Rutgerson Marine. Visit rutgerson.se to see their full range of sailing hardware. And also supported by Offshore Passage Opportunities. Go to sailopo.com.
#283: Bela Musits // 'The Unconventional Path' Bela Musits Hosts the podcast “the unconventional path” all about taking unconventional paths to build your career and business. Bela actually interviewed andy for his show and that episode aired last week.  they discuss the challenges and rewards of running an offshore sailing business. --- ON THE WIND is presented by Sailing Yacht Power Solutions - makers of the revolutionary power generation solution that eliminates the need for a separate generator and uses your current engine installation. Contact S/Y Power Solutions at Info@sypowers.com --- ON THE WIND is also supported by Weems & Plath, makers of fine nautical & weather instruments since 1928, And Chesapeake Sailmakers, Local Annapolis based sailmaker, and distributer of Elvstrom Sails. 
#49. *Rerun from Two Inspired Guys* John and Amanda Neal from Mahina Expedtions have been sailing heros of Andy's for a while now, and it was a real honor to have them on the show. Ryan was away for this one, but Ben Eriksen, creator of the One Simple Question movie (www.simplequestionmovie.com) joined Andy as a special guest co-host. They talked to John and Amanda about their sailing history, about Amanda's participation in the Whitbread Round the World Race as crew on 'Maiden', about John's passion for kayaking, and about running a triathlon in Svalbard in 2016 in Arctic Norway! Check out Mahina Expeditions online at www.mahina.com to sign up for one of John and Amanda's sailing adventures. Thanks guys!
#34. Yves Gelinas of Cape Horn Marine Products was on the show last year, coming to us from his office on the Ottawa River in Quebec. Andy was in Sweden and Ryan in Pittsburgh, so it's the first three-country podcast! Yves is a wonderful guy, a solo sailor, artist, inventor and businessman who gave up a successful career in filmmaking to pursue his dreams of sailing. In 1983 he completed production on 'With Jean du Sud Around the World', the film account of his solo circumnavigation via the Roaring Forties. The film won numerous awards following it's release, and is still considered by many as the finest sailing film ever produced. Yves discussed that project with us, his philosophy on art, life and sports, and how he got into the business of designing and producing the Cape Horn windvane self-steering system. Check out www.capehorn.com to learn more about that and to contact Yves. Thanks Yves!
#22. Ashley Rogers is an old friend of mine from my Broadreach days, when I worked out of St. Martin on liveaboard sail-and dive-training expeditions. Ashley was a SCUBA instructor and we got to know each other at Broadreach's 'Pad' during the 2009 summer. Though she was living and teaching diving aboard sailing boats - and actually sailing between isalnds and dive sites - she hated it! Originally from Guatemala, Ashley now lives in New Zealand and spoke to me via Skype about how she got into sailing after reading the classic book 'Dove' by Robin Lee Graham, and decided she wanted to give it a go. Now she's preparing her boat for the 2018 edition of the Solo Trans Tasman race, a big event held every four years that sees sailors cross the Tasman Sea from New Zealand to Queensland, Australia. The 2014 edition of the race just got underway on April 22, so folow the fleet here! Ashley will be only the 5th woman to ever attempt the feat. Follow her on her Facebook page, The Solo Challenge.
#87. Andy spoke with Brenda of the schooner Mahdee, which is currently berthed in California. Brenda and her husband David got inspired to go sailing in their college years while on a cycling trip around Lake Superior. Eating from a camp stove, they looked at a sailboat on the lake and thought, 'that's how we ought to travel!' Years went by, and Brenda and David traveled all over the world following his career as a Navy Pilot while Brenda picked up Engineering jobs. Finally, in 2006, their dream came true when they bought and begant the lengthy restoration of the classic 1931 schooner Mahdee. Since launch, they've cruised the west coast as far as Alaska, and are full-time liveaboards, having sold everything ashore to follow their dream. Check out Mahdee's transformation on blog.mahdee.com. Their latest project is Bootstrap Adventure (bootstrapadventure.com), where they're attempting to create a marketplace for outdoor adventurers to buy and sell gear, knowledge and experience. Want to go ocean sailing with Andy? Book a berth on 59-north.com/events.
#35. Welcome! New concept this week borrowed from Tim Ferriss and his podcast, which I'm a huge fan of (check it out). Every Friday I'll be recording an essay of sorts - stories, opinions, ideas, Q&A if we can get some folks involved, that sort of thing. It'll be a nice compliment to the interviews I do with guests, which will be out earlier in the week. So enjoy this story of my first experience being naked in Scandinavian-style with my wife Mia, her best friend Johanna, and my best friend Clint in the sauna in Finland.
#60. Part 1 of the World Cruising Club 'Ocean Sailing Forum,' live from the Annapolis Sailboat Show. Andy moderates a panel including SAIL's Charlie Doane, Paul & Sheryl Shard from 'Distant Shores,' and Jennifer & Scott Brigham of the Valiant 40 'Pendragon.' They discussed all things ocean sailing, from boat selection to watch planning, seasickness, fears, joys and more! Check for Part 2 later this week.
#61. Part 2 of the World Cruising Club 'Ocean Sailing Forum,' live from the Annapolis Sailboat Show. Andy moderates a panel including SAIL's Charlie Doane, Paul & Sheryl Shard from 'Distant Shores,' and Jennifer & Scott Brigham of the Valiant 40 'Pendragon.' They discussed all things ocean sailing, from boat selection watch planning, seasickness, fears, joys and more! If you missed Part 1, go to 59-north.com/sailingpodcast.
#57. Brion's back to chat with Andy about some more technical aspects of yacht rigging, specifically to how it relates to ocean sailing, in Part 2 of yesterday's interview. They discuss proper preventers, rig tune, rig inspections, Dynex Dux and the advent of synthetics, and much more.
#69. Andy reads from a handwritten log entry during Arcturus' North Sea crossing from 2012. This is the first of a four-part series on the voyage from Scotland to Sweden, the last major offshore passage that Andy and Mia have done on Arcturus since crossing the Atlantic in 2011. Since then, the boat's been in the sheltered waters of the Baltic archipelagos. Stay tuned over the next three weeks for parts 2, 3 and 4.
#68. Andy chatted with Erik for a third time about a month ago now, just after Erik had returned from 4 months in the Arctic on Bagheera. They discussed why he's drawn to sailing in the ice, how he made it all the way to 78º north, how he rebuilt his engine in Nuuk, Greenland, and his design ideas on the Adventure 40 he's working on with John Harries. Follow Erik on bagheera-sailing.com.
#8. Joe Elder and his wife Alison own and run Skipjack Nautical in Portsmouth, VA. it's one of the few places like it in the USA - a treasure trove of nautical artifacts and artwork stretched throughout a beautiful gallery overlookin the Elizabeth River in Portsmouth. Joe and I talked about how he got involved starting the business, his career as a professional diver and underwater archaeologist, how he and Alison lost it all at the original Skipjack due to a catastrophic fire and Joe's passion for history and all things nautical. We chatted in the back of Skipjack at a table where Joe was just working on valuing a series of swords from a local collector, some dating as far back as the War of 1812. The place is awesome! Thanks Joe!
#11. Andy takes a look at breakages in the ARC this year and how crews coped with them. He spent some time on the docks interviewing sailors as they made their repairs. The story appears on the ARC website as one of this week's feature, and we've decided to turn it into a podcast episode as well. So here it is, with the full audio from the sailors on the docks. Thanks for listening!
#5. Jim Carrier is a contributing editor for Cruising World magazine, and a fellow Allied Seabreeze owner! His boat, a yawl like Arcturus, is called Ranger. Jim sailed it across the Atlantic with ARC Europe several years back, and his experience with the boat on that long ocean passage convinced Andy & Mia to buy their Seabreeze. Andy and Jim discuss sailing the Seabreeze and Jim's career as a writer. He's done far more than just sailing journalism, writing newspaper columns, advocating for Civil Rights in Alabama and writing about Hurricane Katrina. Check him out on byliner.com - he's among an A-list of writers, including Jon Kraukauer, famous for 'Into the Wild' and 'Into Thin Air.' Thanks Jim!
#208: As I record this, Isbjorn is stuck in medieval Visby, on the island of Gotland smack in the center of the Baltic. We’ve only made it about 100 miles south of Stockholm, on this our 11th and LAST passage of 2017, due to horrendous weather. Recent guests the Veber family reported gusts over 50 knots in their homeport of Falsterbo, on the Swedish southwest coast about 200 miles from here and on our route. So we’re sitting tight. What follows is a roundtable meeting recorded about 6 weeks ago with Isbjorn’s crew from our PREVIOUS passage, when we were similarly stuck in Marstrand, waiting out a gale. If you want to learn more about offshore weather forecasting, head over to morganscloud.com, where right now there is a series of detailed articles coming out that John Harries & I wrote. -- On the Wind is presented by Weems & Plath, makers of fine nautical & weather instruments since 1928. weems-plath.com. Sail offshore with Andy & Mia on Isbjorn, a Swan 48. Routes & dates at 59-north.com/offshore.
#199. If you don’t know Johan & Malin of RAN Sailing, go check them out on YouTube right away. They’re a wonderful young Swedish couple on a long-distance voyage in their aluminum sloop ‘RAN’. After months of trading emails, we finally got to meet up with them in Tortola and we hit it off immediately! Mia & I spent three days with Malin & Johan hanging out in Trellis Bay, sharing stories, cooking food and playing Jenga (which was even featured in episode 53 of their YouTube show!). Mia makes a rare appearance this week on the podcast for a four-way chat about their sailing adventures, including Johan’s previous trip to Antarctica & South Georgia Island, their departure from Sweden in the middle of winter & their show! -- On the Wind is presented by Weems & Plath. Visit weems-plath.com to check out their line of beautiful compasses and other nautical instruments. -- Come ocean sailing with Andy & Mia on Isbjorn, their Swan 48. 59-north.com/offshore
#200: It’s been a long-time coming, but Mia Karlsson is FINALLY on the podcast! Mia is my wife, of course, and while we don’t share a last name, we share just about everything else! Mia tongue-in-cheek promised to be the 200th episode on the show, long before she ever thought I’d make it this far, so I called her bluff! We recorded a long & rambling chat just before setting out across the Atlantic while Isbjorn was anchored in St. Croix. As I record this intro, we’ve made it to Sweden and Mia has completed her 4th Atlantic crossing, one more than me, which she’s quick to point out. We talked about Mia’s history as a competitive swimmer, growing up in the Swedish countryside, traveling, and of course how she’s come to love the sailing lifestyle. -- On the Wind is presented by Weems & Plath. Check out their line of high-end professional binoculars at weems-plath.com. -- Sail offshore with Andy & Mia on their S&S Swan 48 Isbjorn. Visit 59-north.com/offshore to see their full calendar of sailing passages.
#174: Nigel Calder is universally recognized as the guru of yacht systems. His hardcover tomes grace the bookshelves of yachts the world over. On Isbjorn, his are some of my most referenced books. But while many of you will know Nigel for his writing, I’d bet that few know his background. I didn’t. He came aboard Isbjorn during the Annapolis Sailboat Show last October and told me his backstory, which included living in a commune in the UK, years working on oil rigs in the Gulf, building pipe bombs in his parents back yard and much, much more.  On the Wind is presented by Weems & Plath, makers of fine nautical & weather instruments since 1928. Weems-Plath.com.
#84. Webb Chiles is a sailing legend.  Andy and he spoke about his sailing philiosophy, what it's like to survive for 26-hours floating in the ocean, rounding the Horn and whether or not religion plays a role in sailing (yep, it's deep).  You may not have heard too much about Webb, and that's kind of by design. Webb is an artist as much as he is a sailor (read his work at inthepresentsea.com), and he's about as pure as they come in the sailing world. He's been around the world a full five times, and set a myriad of records, including first American to sail solo around Cape Horn, and fastest aorund the world alone, beating Sir Francis Chichester's record in the 1970s (which has of course since been demolished).  In his 70s now, Webb is about to embark on his sixth circumnaviagation, this time in a 24-foot light-displacement day-racer, which he's been sailing for a while (luxurious compared to his lap of the globe in an 18-foot open yawl). Want to go ocean sailing with Andy? Book a berth on Sojourner at 59-north.com/events.
#74. Frank & Patty Fabian are the philosophical opposites of last week's guests, Ted & Claudia Reshetiloff. But their story is no less inspiring. Where Ted & Claudia packed up their working lives, yanked their young kids out of school and set off for new lives in the Caribbean, Frank & Patty took a more deliberate route. Learning the ropes for 17 years on their Catalina 30, they taught themselves ocean sailing, worked hard and saved harder, and finally bought a Leopard 48 catamaran - for cash - to set off with the Caribbean 1500 rally and realize a nearly lifelong dream.  Newly retired, the Fabian's told me their story from the luxurious cabin of Sunsplash. And you can sail with them! Visit sailsunsplash.com to book a crewed charter with Frank & Patty in the Virgin Islands (I didn't even know they were running a business on the boat until halfway through this conversation!). As an aside, they offer some very simple yet GREAT financial advice within for those looking to follow in their footsteps, young or old. Want to go ocean sailing with Andy? Sign up for an offshore passage at 59-north.com/events.
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