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One More Question

A Business, Education and Arts podcast featuring Ross Drakes
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In Episode #63, Ross is joined by Bryce Anderson, Production Executive at Clubhouse Pictures and part of the team bringing Omega Runner to life.Bryce Anderson started his career and bought his first Bitcoin as an assistant at United Talent Agen
In Episode #62, Ross is joined once again, by Jack Butcher, Founder of Visualize Value.Jack spent 10 years working in corporate advertising in NYC as a graphic designer for billion-dollar brands. In search of fun and freedom, he started his own
Highlights from the conversation"When I got into PVNKS I quickly realized that I was building a brand, building a world""This hub for like-minded people are invested in the project, but they're also invested in you, as an artist""Art is somethi
Highlights from the conversationIt still takes a creative person at the center to say – this is what it is, this is what it isn'tWe don't need to make a hundred million dollars on a movie. We just need for that to be a great experience for peop
Highlights from the conversationYou're used to thinking of technology as the value creator, but it's actually brands, studios, and agenciesYour cost of failure is small. And the only way to get asymmetric gains is to participate earlyYou can ca
Highlights from the conversationFor the majority of the people right now, there is just not a fast way to enter the tokenised worldIt doesn't matter whether you are in the app store or whether you have a web-based game, you need to work on the
Highlights from the conversation:A graphic novel [is] one of the few ways a single creator can create the entire productYou go to a meeting and they're just like "Cool art, kid – but what does this look like as a movie?"Once NFTs + Web3 happene
Highlights from the conversationThe concept is the most important thing, because that's really what paints a picture in people's headsWe're always asking how can we exaggerate that idea? How can we make it really, really clear with every elemen
Highlights from the conversationMy lack of conviction about branding may be [because] everything is being presented as a brand nowadaysBranding was this shorthand for authorityDesigners are taught form follows function. What really makes design
Highlights from the conversationWe have to be doing work that is going to change the world around usThe boundaries of branding are absolutely limitless. What's not limitless are designersAs designers, we cannot continue to think about the plane
Highlights from the conversationOne thing with simplicity is to not confuse it with minimalism. Simplicity is about focus and really defining your purposeIf you don't come together as a collective, sometimes you'll never be seenPurity is really
Highlights from the conversationI think Wrapped is a magical project because it's one of the only marketing projects where you have millions of people sharing their own experience of the year through the share cardStart with guiding principles
Highlights from the conversation:Then you become a trusted advisor or partner who has got their back rather than a gun for hireWhen we, as an industry, get it right we add unbelievable value to the bottom line of a businessI definitely think th
Highlights from the conversation:Since it's a living organism, a brand can behave really well if it's managed well. But it can also misbehave. There's also no such thing as a perfect brandIn the industry, we hand out brand manuals and they're s
Highlights from the conversation:If you build upon communities that have organically been created, the chances of success are much higherPeople are not buying products, people are buying stories[Brands] not just an economic entity, [they’re] a
Highlights from the conversationI'm always encouraging my clients to brag in a good way.A logo is just a mark and some of the best-known brands in the world have really crappy logosAs far as trying to build a brand or a personality, that's memo
Highlights from the conversationAny public institution has a brand and is a brandThe Constitution has a lavish and generous set of values...but it comes down to the promise of human dignityIt doesn't matter if you've got this amazing message an
Highlights from the conversation:In the comic book world, there are thousands of characters but only a handful rise above. My theory is they've done a better job of telling their story. We can identify with them.Great characters have a strong s
Highlights from the conversation:A brand is an organism composed of hundreds of elements, logos, copywriting, photography, colours, and of course, typographyBig companies spend millions of dollars on their fucking brand. Why can't they spend a
Highlights from the conversation:You collect ideas by looking around the world and doing things, and all of those things form a vocabulary of ideas that you then come to useI always try and encourage young designers to not just look at design –
Highlights from the conversation:Your brand is this decentralised thing that essentially exists in other people's heads. It’s this thing that you're building in other people's mindsWhere you really start to feel the compound effect of brand [is
Highlights from the conversation[On rebranding] You don't change from one day to the other. But I do think that makes a wave of different thinkingIt means something. They work their asses off for a purpose, and that logo signifies the purpose.W
Highlights from the conversationWhen you're on the client side there are so many priorities to handle other than brand buildingIt's about encouraging a culture of not just being on repetition, but a culture that is about making things better an
Highlights from the conversationThe most successful relationships we have are the ones where the internal team have done the work to prime the key decision makers with what to expectThat's where balance is really crucial – we can support them a
Highlights from the conversation:We all have the same time in the day, but some people get exponential resultsYou can go on a completely different path and you can define what 'winning' isWe believe if we stop being self-critical, we're just go
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