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Highlights from the conversationI'm always encouraging my clients to brag in a good way.A logo is just a mark and some of the best-known brands in the world have really crappy logosAs far as trying to build a brand or a personality, that's memo
Highlights from the conversationAny public institution has a brand and is a brandThe Constitution has a lavish and generous set of values...but it comes down to the promise of human dignityIt doesn't matter if you've got this amazing message an
Highlights from the conversation:In the comic book world, there are thousands of characters but only a handful rise above. My theory is they've done a better job of telling their story. We can identify with them.Great characters have a strong s
Highlights from the conversation:A brand is an organism composed of hundreds of elements, logos, copywriting, photography, colours, and of course, typographyBig companies spend millions of dollars on their fucking brand. Why can't they spend a
Highlights from the conversation:You collect ideas by looking around the world and doing things, and all of those things form a vocabulary of ideas that you then come to useI always try and encourage young designers to not just look at design –
Highlights from the conversation:Your brand is this decentralised thing that essentially exists in other people's heads. It’s this thing that you're building in other people's mindsWhere you really start to feel the compound effect of brand [is
Highlights from the conversation[On rebranding] You don't change from one day to the other. But I do think that makes a wave of different thinkingIt means something. They work their asses off for a purpose, and that logo signifies the purpose.W
Highlights from the conversationWhen you're on the client side there are so many priorities to handle other than brand buildingIt's about encouraging a culture of not just being on repetition, but a culture that is about making things better an
Highlights from the conversationThe most successful relationships we have are the ones where the internal team have done the work to prime the key decision makers with what to expectThat's where balance is really crucial – we can support them a
Highlights from the conversation:We all have the same time in the day, but some people get exponential resultsYou can go on a completely different path and you can define what 'winning' isWe believe if we stop being self-critical, we're just go
Highlights from the conversationThey're not gonna care, and they shouldn't, because they don't need more thingsIf you play it safe and you go the easy route it falls on deaf earsIt's about the people that do it. We want to be in the right relat
Highlights from the conversation:We have to give a shit. And our employees have to give a shit about the things we give a shit aboutAny great brand is a convergence of both functional and emotional componentsWhen everybody's going heavily into
Highlights from the conversation:Just like brands and companies, people need to have the right mindset about what could be rather than a preservation mindset or a victim mindsetTo think less about resources and more about being resourceful is t
Highlights from the conversation:A rebrand doesn't have to be extreme. It could be the right decision to just modernise or refreshWe want to give up and coming businesses a fighting chanceNo one cared about them. They were visual spam all over
Highlights from the conversation:I like the idea that a couple moves from me help fuck with the people who had 100 moves to makeMan, I'm just going to have fun with this. I'm not going to worry about what is and isn't the right thing to you kno
Highlights from the conversation:You're lucky if you find a name or concept that upsets a certain number of peopleWe did a lot of work to ensure that our customers thought that we hung the moon. And the advantage of that [was] our fans sold for
Highlights from the conversation:"Design is not what we make. Design is what we make possible for others.""Craft is just consideration of every detail. And scale is often about finding efficiencies. And those two notions are kind of at odds wit
Highlights from the conversation:Most of my clients didn't embrace collaboration in a deep way, there was shallow collaboration. But that wasn't really about genuine collaboration.Working with your competitors is going to get you there faster,B
Highlights from the conversation:David Ogilvy had lamented that if advertising agencies were a dairy farm, you had more milkers than you had cows.We were removed from the people who were most invested in the brands that we servedI was shocked a
Highlights from the conversation:I think that everything is a remix of something else. So we love to see when other agencies are similar to us because it only means that there are more people believing. So they come to us with a brief — we alwa
Highlights from the episode:Their Head of Brand position didn't exist. And in fact, there was no brand team, Yoco, in the startup phase that they were at, and in many respects, we're still at, the mentality is usually growth hacking, it's perfo
Highlights from the conversation:My concern is not the big brands, it's the numbered companies. It's the invisible number of companies that are dumping chemicals into our water because we've never heard of them, we can't control themWhat you sa
Highlights from the conversation:Purpose defines what you do when nobody's looking. Unfortunately, we're seeing a lot of posturing and gesturingWhat I've seen in the last three years is an obsession with the startup culture. On the other end of
More about Tom An evangelist for conscious business, Tom Fels is the Founder and CEO of Animarem, an advisory focused on transforming business as a force for good, and the regional representative of the global B Corp movement in Southern Africa
Highlights from the conversation:I realised that if you want to touch people, just tell them a story and they will never forget youIt's easy for me to be in a business where I sell jeans and it's all about money-making. But when you have a big
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