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Episodes of Online Chicken School Podcast

Don & Suzy share stories about extension cords and Dwayne caught in a net, discuss whether a cat could sleep in the coop with the chickens, and talk about getting the state to disease-test your birds for free, and discuss whether NPIP certifica
Don & Suzy talk about their recent efforts two merge to flocks, discuss whether you should use pond water to ferment feed, share news of a recent salmonella outbreak, and talk about what causes hens to lay rubbery eggs.
Episode 73. Don & Suzy share a story of Della the Delaware becoming bold, discuss an article about a new strategy being used by vegan groups, and then share some strategies for helping your flock deal with gnats, flies, mosquitoes and the heat
Episode 72. Don & Suzy each share a story about chickens in the dark and then talk about the oldest person in the world and how she ate three eggs every day. Then we answer listener questions about keeping your flock out of your neighbor's yard
Episode 71. Don & Suzy talk about reasons a hen stops laying eggs and then get on their soapbox to talk about how Facebook's livestock ban might not be the best thing for animals.
Episode 70. Don & Suzy discover Don's love language, explore a new chicken business idea, and answer questions about whether store-bought eggs can become baby chicks, the medicated feed withdrawal time for meat birds, and whether eggs really ar
Episode 69. Don & Suzy talk about acquiring new breeds and hanging an xylophone in a coop, then discuss hi-tech chicken nuggets in the news, and answer questions about bedding material for chickens and whether chickens and ducks can live togeth
Episode 68. Don & Suzy discuss Don's new chicken coop idea, talk about Avian influenza in Tennessee, try to figure out where all the medicated feed went, and answer a question about whether factory chickens lay three eggs a day.
Suzy may be going broody, we share a story of family visiting from up north, and we dedicate the full episode to one of the most common and misunderstood poultry diseases: Coccidiosis.
In a special Valentine's Day episode, Don shares a story about love. Then Don & Suzy talk about a man sailing the world with his pet chicken, discuss the issue of allowing sick birds back into the flock, and talk about when you can start free-r
Episode 65. In this episode, Don & Suzy share why they have been away from the microphones so long, talk about Brooke becoming helpful with the chickens, discuss whether KFC marketing people are crazy, get philosophical about hatching eggs, and
Episode 64. In this episode, Suzy tells a story about Gordo going after the chickens, we talk about a Japanese class who has cooler science projects than we did in school, we share the story of Perdue rethinking the use of the Cornish Cross, an
Episode 63: In this episode, Suzy shares her recipe for crepes, we talk about giving treats to baby chicks, discuss whether diatomaceous earth is a cure-all, and give some suggestions for helping your chickens deal with the heat of summer.
Episode 62. In this episode, we talk about how shockingly stubborn Gordo is, share the story of a hen who watches TV, ponder an alternative to pine shavings, and discuss how to help dogs get along with chickens.
Episode 61. In this episode, we figure out why our Wyandottes go through water so fast, talk about a new law for chicken-killing dogs in Virginia, brainstorm Don's new idea for truck-driving chicken keepers, and share a few ideas for getting ri
Episode 60. In this episode, we share the story of a young Barred Rock rooster who had his life flash before his eyes, ponder coping with scissor beak, wonder of chicken nipples freeze in cold winters, and then discuss whether city slickers sho
Episode 59. In this episode, we talk about Max the escape artist, share our thoughts about a new study that finds backyard chickens have more parasites, answer a listener's question about whether chickens are healthy and then discuss whether ch
Episode 58. In This episode, we help a listener figure out why her hens won't use nipple drinkers, and then discuss if it is possible to hatch only female chickens.
Episode 57. In this episode, we talk about a new chicken restaurant concept in the UK and share a costly lesson we learned last weekend.
Episode 56. In this episode, we talk about sweaters for chickens, share a few ideas on the quest fake chicken meat, and explore a few more chicken myths.
In this episode, we talk about Gordo's recovery from getting spayed, giving first aid to General Tso, a new website that gives poultry brands an animal-welfare score, and we give seven tips for buying chickens from an online hatchery.
In this episode, we talk about Gordo getting ready to be fixed, share a recipe for chicken 'n' dumplings, talk about vaccinating for coccidiosis, and discuss what the float test really means about your eggs.
Episode 53 - We talk about Max's flea allergy, help a listener with a predator issue, discuss whether it is a bad idea to buy hatching eggs, and try to figure out if Don is a biosecurity hypocrite.
Episode 52 - We talk about a possible new logo design, our young and crazy Delaware flock, and give some advice on how to get rid of an unwanted cockerel or rooster without them ending up in the hands of slimy cock-fighters.
Episode 51. In this episode, we talk about what to do when your chickens won’t go to bed, answer whether you can ferment medicated feed, and look at simplifying their chicken ranch.
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