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Oof! Right in the Childhood

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In the 1970s, Disney was expanding by hiring new animators like Tim Burton and John Lasseter and also alienating Don Bluth and a third of its junior animators. Nonetheless, it managed to make a beautiful film about how true friendship can survi
I sit down with Stargate Pioneer of GonnaGeek.com to discuss his history with The Rescuers and a thorough discussion of all the people who died right after this movie. I'm sure this movie wasn't cursed. Sure of it.This episode was recorded with
This week, I dive into the beginning of the Dark Ages of Disney. In the middle of the Bronze Era, we have a story about 2 mice rescuing a child from an abusive, horrible woman, but it's set with overtones of women's lib and international cooper
I sit down with Dylan Lincoln of Plot What Plot podcast to talk about the many life lessons that Winnie the Pooh gave us and the many that we learned in school that were never useful.Content warning: There's a brief mention of adult themes and
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has the unique honour of being the only package film released after the wartime era, being the last feature-length film that was personally worked on by Walt Disney, and it has the first work the studio co
My two real life best friends join me to wax poetic on their favourite Disney movie. From what phrases Eli used in everyday life to Melissa's real life romance, we laugh and talk about the tricky, sexy foxes who shaped our lives.Content warning
I'm making some changes to the pace of the podcast. This explains my reasoning behind them.My theme music was composed and played by Shawn Rudolph of Let Music Be.Support this podcast and get bonus content on Patreon. Support this show http://s
Disney's Robin Hood was created as the ultimate show of reverence for Walt Disney. They incorporated ideas he'd held close since the 1930s to create the tricky, sexy fox that is Robin Hood. This movie drips with Gen X/Xennial nostalgia, promote
After Walt Disney's death, the studio struggled to find its footing without their patriarch. With their first original story, they created the first animated movie without Walt Disney's oversight. Did they succeed or did they create a movie ful
I sit down with Rob Oue of the Smoke and Mirrors Podcast to talk about how he connects with his mom through The Jungle Book and how he hopes to connect with his son in the same way. And then I punch his childhood in the face. Sorry Rob!This epi
On the heels of the abysmal failure of the Sword in the Stone, Walt Disney Productions decided to recreate the work of a culturally-appropriating Imperialist in the Jungle Book. The production of this family favourite was then interrupted by Wa
Back from my December hiatus, I dive headlong into the end of the Silver Era of Disney with the Sword in the Stone. The film follows a non-legendary version of young King Arthur as he's sexually assaulted by squirrels, determines that evil is a
With Walt Disney afraid that his beloved animation was dying, the studio undertook a touching family story complete with love, support, infant death, and literally skinning puppies. Dive in with me to discuss how 101 Dalmatians changed the face
Mixie Plum from Lady Mouth and Freak Out! Horror joins me to discuss whether Sleeping Beauty failed because of its feminist ideals and we discover a hidden secret about Maleficent!Check out Mixie's and my new show Live Long and ProspHER in 2021
Is Sleeping Beauty the least objectionable movie yet? Find out how a movie inspired by ancient tapestries and issues of consent almost killed Disney animation for good.Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault.This week's cover art was created by The
Today, I'm joined by Cherry, an online voice actor, who talks with me about their memories of Lady & the Tramp and why you shouldn't give people pets as presents!This episode was recorded with help from the Craig Chat Bot.My theme music was com
In this episode, we talk about Lady & the Tramp, a movie that Walt Disney essentially stole from one of his favourite animators then added racism, sexism, and animal cruelty!This episode's cover art was created by Morgan at Beads by Me Art, and
In this mid-week guest episode, Emily and Amanda from Legends: A Superhero Story come to talk about what may be the first anti-superhero in English literature — Peter Pan!This episode was recorded with help from the Craig Chat Bot.My theme musi
Peter Pan is that ultimate blend of nostalgia and "oh my god, why was this part of my childhood?" It has a charming storyline featuring a boy who doesn't want to grow up who kidnaps children, cuts people's hands off for fun, and lives in a hang
In this episode, we explore Alice in Wonderland from its roots as a proposal from an adult man to a child to a drug-addled fever dream complete with stalkers and skeevy politicians.This episode's cover art was created by Iqra Qudoos. Check out
Tim Hall from Therapy for Monsters joins me to discuss who needs therapy most in the Cinderella story and whether Cinderella was really in love, or was Prince Charming just a better option?This episode was recorded with help from the Craig Chat
With the studio's debts finally dwindling to a reasonable level, Disney set out to tell one of the oldest stories in the world. This French retelling includes a heroine without a name, a prince who doesn't want to meet a girl, and throwing a ca
Matty Limerick from Dolewhips and Dreams joins me to discuss who the most fabulous character in English literature is and whether Ichabod Crane is an absolute creep.This episode was recorded with help from the Craig Chat Bot.My music was compos
In the final package film of the 1940s, Walt Disney productions tackled two massive works of literature. This episode discusses the history of those works as well as finally explaining why the package films really happened.This week's cover art
With all the greatest voices and talents of the post War Era, Disney created a beautiful collections of shorts telling fun stories and using new animation techniques. There's only a little racism and a smattering of proselytizing too!This episo
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