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2 | Does the Bible speak of ‘social justice’?:
There is a new phrase seeping into Christian circles referred to as "Social Justice." What does it mean and what does the Bible have to say about "Social Justice?"
16 | Narcissism and Religion
In this podcast, Sandy McIntosh talks about a phenomena that is raising its ugly head today -- group narcissism. What is it and why is it so dangerous? Can the church be susceptible to it as well?
17 | What in the world are territorial spirits?
In this podcast, we delve into the intriguing topic of territorial angels. How does satan try to control the world? Does the Bible suggest that fallen angels been put over countries?
11 | Does meek mean doormat?
What did Jesus mean when He said that the meek would inherit the earth? Did Christ mean that Christians are supposed to act as doormats? In this podcast, we explain what "meek" really means.
1 | Does eye for an eye mean you love your neighbor as yourself?
Many believe that Jesus's exhortation to love your neighbor as ourselves contradicts the Old Testament law that brutally spoke of eye for eye and tooth for tooth justice. In this podcast, we show how the eye for eye law was actually the foundation of Jesus's teaching to love your neighbor.
30 | Why one of the Bible’s oddest miracles, may be one of its greatest?
30 | Why one of the Bible’s oddest miracles, may be one of its greatest? In this podcast, we take a look at one of the most unusual miracles in the Bible and why it should be included among the greatest Bible miracles.
31 | The Ironical Tweet
In this podcast, we talk about the Bible's answer to the ironical tweet Keith Boykin made about former US President Ronald Reagan and his Presidential Library that was saved from a California wildfire by goats.
27 | Stop the negative self-talk and start the God self-talk
In 2013, Dutch researchers noticed an odd thing happening when the people walked through the doorway into the research room. And in an odd way, their behavior is connected to a statement that the ancient patriarch, Abraham, the great man of faith, made in Genesis 17.
25 | A failure to equip?
In this podcast entitled A Failure to Equip, I want to talk about a major shift that needs to take place in the church and its strange connection to square dancing. Yes, I am talking about the "dosado, allemande right" square dancing.
20 | Can we inherit our parent’s sin?
In this podcast we talk about Generational curses based on two recent articles. What are generational curses from a Biblical perspective and are they still in effect today?
35 | Are you rejecting yourself?
In this podcast, I ask the question: Are you rejecting yourself? Many of have been rejected in the past and suffer from emotional wounds surrounding the rejection. But Jesus not only heals people of physical diseases but emotional woundings as well.
14 | Forgiving to forget
In this podcast we talk about the power of forgiveness. In the Gospels, Jesus taught that we not only need to forgive our enemies, but as well our family and friends which is sometimes more difficult. We hope to answer the age old question does forgiveness forget?
9 | How did December 25th end up as Christ’s birthday?
It is generally believed that the Roman Catholic church made December 25 the day of Christ's birth to replace a pagan holiday. But that may not have been the case. In fact, Christ's birthday was probably tied to the Feast of Annunciation.
24 | The mysterious disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant
Follow our podcasts on: Itunes Stitcher Spotify Google Play IHeartRadio TuneIn Podchaser PODCAST NOTES: I made an unusual purchase the other day. I bought the Ark of the Covenant. Hi my name is Dean Smith and in this podcast I want to talk about the mysterious disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant and the ancient conspiracy theories that swirled around at the time because of its disappearance. The Ark was a gold-plated box with two winged cherubim that sat inside the Tabernacle of Moses, the Tabernacle of David and lastly the Temple in Jerusalem. Between the two Cherubim rested the very presence of God and because of this, the Ark is referred to as God’s throne on earth. Of course, what I bought was a miniature replica about 4” x 2.5” in size proportional to the original which was 4’ by 2.5’. But the similarity stops there, because I am pretty sure for $21.77 Canadian, my replica is not gold-plated like the original, but other than that it looks kind of neat. The top …
33 | How to survive a spiritual beat down
In this podcast I want to talk about how you can survive a spiritual beat down. As believers, we can be attacked by a spirit of condemnation, where thoughts of things we did in the past flood our minds. Where do these thoughts come from and how do we fend them off?
15 | Does God still heal today? An Interview with Andy Becker
Through out the Bible we see God healing people in both the Old and New Testament. Is healing still for today? In this podcast, Dean Smith interviews Andy Becker about his incredible healing.
12 | Does God still speak to us through dreams and visions?
In this podcast, we talk about the curious dream or vision that Annabel Wilson Beam received while awaiting rescue after becoming stuck in a hollowed out Cottonwood dream. Was this a genuine vision from God? Well a few days after this Annabel was healed of an incurable disease.
13 | What is so mysterious about an Egyptian Guard?
In this podcast we are going to discuss one of the strangest passages found in the Bible -- Genesis 39:1-5 -- and how a proper understanding of this passage helps us identify the pharaoh of the Exodus.
10 | When you pray, bring the pain, pray with intensity
What is one of the keys to successful prayer. Jesus says we need to pray with intensity. We need to bring the pain when praying.
8 | Can Christians have an unhealthy fear of the demonic? An interview with Wayne Johnston
In this interview, Wayne Johnston tells about his encounter with demon and a later encounter with a Godly angel. As a result of these two encounters, Wayne concludes that many Christians have an unhealthy fear of the demonic.
7 | Spiritual warfare: How Satan attacks us from the spiritual realm
Using a story out of Daniel, we explain in this podcast how the demonic attacks Christians. And at the same time, it reveals in graphic detail why we need the armor of God.
5 | What does a dog insult have to do with what really sunk Peter?
When Jesus pulled Peter out of water after his failed attempt to walk on water, the Lord said Peter had 'little faith.' I think we have misunderstood the concept of "little faith" and we need to understand it in light of the "great faith" of the Phoenician woman. These two stories are connected.
3 | How much authority in God do you have?
In the Gospels, Jesus gave His disciples authority and power, yet so many Christians walk around today like beaten puppies. In this podcast, we explain the authority of the believer.
21 | ASTEROIDS: A near miss, one MIA and one mentioned in the Bible
The Bible talks about asteroids hitting the earth in the end times. In this podcast we discuss an asteroid's recent near miss, an asteroid that has gone MIA and an asteroid the Apostle John saw in his vision of the end times.
23 | Vision Part 2: Don’t confuse the tool for the vision
This is a second in a two part series on vision. God has a purpose for your life, and in this podcast we look at one of the biggest hindrances to seeing your vision fulfilled when we confuse the tool for the vision.
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