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Please place the podcast in your ears. Podcasts, much like toothpaste, do not go in eyes. Please place cooking anime in the eyes. - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
Jei and Nancy went to CCEE, while Angelo laments unfixable PCs - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
It's the REVIEW portion of the PREVIEW of the animes we TALKED ABOUT months ago so we could WATCH THEM NOW and TELL YOU ABOUT IT but only after WE watched the FIRST EPISODES but then there was an EXTRA SNEAKY SURPRISE ANIME and you know that's
We're back after a hot smokey summer! We talk summer anime, videogame tech, and how thoroughly well-done we feel. - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
We round off the end of season six with our Summer 2021 anime season preview recommendations to help fill the void. See you in the fall and thanks for listening! Stay safe out there ♥ - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
The Crew sit down and go over their picks from the 2021 Spring Anime season. - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
The Sleep Deprived Crew reflect on Otafest: A Live Streamed Event! - Intro song: Memory by Creo Outro song: Place on Fire by Creo
The crew talks about the IMMINENT Otafest Live Streamed Event! Nancy bonded with her neighbor about destructive squirrels. - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
Jess from GTS joins the Ota-Podcast crew to talk about the world of plastic model kits! It turns out that there's plastic model kit for anyone and everyone. Plus, we riff on nostalgic cartoons and a certain hand hygiene product. - Intro/outro:
Nancy, Deo, Angelo and Jei skim the dark, muddy waters of the Pokémon card market, talk about Genshin, digital paint programs and... Google Glass?? - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
Hello, listeners. This is a totally real podcast, recorded by tangible people, the people you know as Nancy, Jei and An(droid)gelo. Welcome. We mouth-sound about nefarious deepfake tech, PC monitors and more. For real human, by real human(s). G
Deo joins Jei and Nancy for a chill wholesome episode of butt-dials, piles of shame, and sending love through the postal system. If you had to be locked into one flavour, would it be proper-tea? - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Cr
E3 is online these year! Check out all the videogames from the comfort of home, as video games intended. If only Nancy's and Angelo's laptops weren't dead! - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
From top to bottom or bottom to top? What does how we eat our bunny-shaped chocolates really say about us? The crew dives into recent dates of note, talk about the social impact of NFTs, and reminisce on their childhoods. - Intro/outro: "Memori
Nancy's out for the day, so the boys are at play. Discord has been pricetagged by Microsoft, but who cares, let's talk about what's coming up in the Spring 2021 anime season! - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
Join the regular Otafest podcast crew as talk about Otafest 2021's first guest announcement! Also, we're rolling through our first-episode reviews of winter 2020 animes we previewed all the way back in December! Now with 100% less weebery, guar
Angelo made Genshin inspired Jade Parcels with Deo. The clocks jumped forward and EVERYONE WAS ANGRY ABOUT THAT. - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
Angelo conceals day drinking with caffien while Jei goes neck hunting. Streaming has left Nancy with battle scars. - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
Some Final Fantasy 7 news, some Rebuild of Evangelion news. Angelo goes ungabunga while Jei suplexes bears. - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
Deo and Nancy join Jei as we blitz through long-awaited Nintendo Direct, BlizzCon Online and movie release news! Remastered nostalgia, new IPs and new takes on old stories, we've got it all! - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
Nancy has re-discovered her obsession with mech keebs, CD Projekt Red gets t3h haxx0rz, and the gang bandy about whether certain holidays have an associated confection. Spending responsibly? What's that? - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fi
Angelo choked on fire noodles, Apple wants $3000 for face mounted displays, and the Lunar New Year is a few days away! - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
Deo rejoins the crew as they discuss investing in Kelloggs stonks and bubbles, BLACKPINK in all their virtual glory, and fish... well, fish are complicated.
Cinnabun shops are a mystery, the gaming industry still has our wallets in a chokehold, and mechanical keyboards are expensive. - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
The gang doesn't know french, doesn't know about CES, and CERTAINLY doesn't know what a third person listener is. - Intro/outro: "Memories" & "Place on Fire" by Creo.
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