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A world of utter horror awaits the EXTANT team on their latest mission. Among the rivers of blood and mountains of the dead is a terrible truth about the Project itself, which will drive Andrew to question everything he knows.   Cast & Crew Wri
One of the strangest alternative Earths yet is scarred with the image of a mad overlord. Who they are, and how they could cause such chaos, is hidden among the ruins of a tormented Dar es Salaam.   Cast & Crew Written & Created by Ben Counter S
A dead and empty London is the EXTANT team’s target as they search for reason the human race seems to have walked willingly into extinction. Using the data they bring back, Andrew reconstructs a tragedy born from the loftiest of motives.   Cast
A world destroyed in the most bizarre and impossible ways is even more deadly than it first seems. For the EXTANT team, this will be the most traumatic mission yet, and one that will change everything.   Cast & Crew Written & Created by Ben Cou
The EXTANT team explores a world shattered by an immense catastrophe. In the devastated Australian outback, what they initially assume to be the result of a world-shaking extinction event turns out to be something far more dangerous.   Cast & C
Andrew reviews the data from the EXTANT team’s mission to a New York populated only by the dead. For one team member in particular, the mission will become a gruelling journey to the extremes of human experience.   Cast & Crew Written & Created
An alternative Earth lies surrounded by strange orbital structures, while the world below has suffered a violent death. The story the EXTANT team uncovers from this dead world introduces an enemy as terrifying as it is inevitable.   Cast & Crew
The EXTANT team brings back data from a world where the human race seems to have ended, but the truth they uncover is even stranger than mass extinction - and just as troubling.   Cast & Crew Written & Created by Ben Counter Sound Design & Musi
Andrew gets to know his co-workers at the Project, while struggling to deal with the implications of the EXTANT team’s latest target: a world where technology turned bad in a very unexpected way.   Cast & Crew Written & Created by Ben Counter S
On an alternative Earth wracked with climate change, Andrew and the EXTANT team uncover the echoes of a madness that consumed civilisation.   Cast & Crew Written & Created by Ben Counter Sound Design & Music by Dana Creaseman Theme Music b
Andrew’s musings on the nature of the Project are complicated by the troubling results of the EXTANT team’s target. In the scorching deserts of the Middle East, they discover how the best intentions have paved the road to oblivion.   Cast & C
The EXTANT team finds a world left in ruins by a conflict with an enemy that emerged from within, and the team themselves might become part of the death toll.   Cast & Crew Written & Created by Ben Counter Sound Design & Music by Dana Creas
Andrew Moss’ job is analysing the many ways the world might end. His employer, the mysterious Project, sends a military unit to an alternative Earth where civilisation has ended. The latest mission sees them uncover a surprising link between a
It feels like an oxymoron to say this package from Mr. Havisham was unlike any other I received - And yet, it was.  What do you know about the Trinity Test? Or the New Mexico Exclusion Zone? Apparently, I know less than I thought.    Created by
The Romans. My least favorite subject in uni. The Romans are known for their violence, and what they stole from the Greeks. They're also really good at building arches. So it comes as no surprise that this artifact is all about a war that never
Record players. Never got the point of them. Listening to old music, in an old way. I guess that's a bit ironic given that my job is all about old things...    Created by Ben Counter Andrew Moss- Ben Counter The Ghost of Flanders - Composed by
Generally, when the Project sends me something, I can feel a pit growing in my stomach. This week, I was presently surprised to find an artifact that almost seemed like it came from our world. Perhaps, one that came from a better world.    S
The United States of America is a sea away from where I've lived my whole life. There's not much I know about that massive country, except that they love their guns, and they love their soldiers. Patriotic, to a fault perhaps.    Support Our
"Top Secret" printed in large red letters on a manilla folder. It's something you'd expect to see in a spy movie, and yet, that's what was waiting for me in the Project's package today.   Support Our Show   Created by Ben Counter Andrew M
Ah, the Summer of Love. A little bit before my time, but I know it well nonetheless.    Support Our Show   Created by Ben Counter Andrew Moss- Ben Counter Music - Tom Rory Parsons Sound Design - Pacific S. Obadiah   Website: https://m
This one... It hit closer to home. To imagine London so drastically different. At least, I hope it's drastically different. I shudder to think that this reality is closer than it seems.    Support Our Show   Created by Ben Counter Andrew
They always say "The Pen is mightier than the Sword." I guess if that's true, this Book must be mighty enough to change worlds...   Support Our Show   Created by Ben Counter Andrew Moss- Ben Counter Music - Tom Rory Parsons Sound Design
A freight elevator. A loading dock. Who knew the Carruthers Institute had both those things? And who knew the next package from Mr. Havisham would come from there. It was a big thing, an ugly box I had to pry open. The thing inside turned out t
A Fabergé egg. Probably worth more than I'll ever make in my life. A beautiful gem and gold encrusted monument. But to what, exactly?   Support Our Show   Created by Ben Counter Andrew Moss- Ben Counter Music - Tom Rory Parsons Sound Design - P
I wasn't equipped to do any... "Brain stuffs" today. I was tired. But, nonetheless, another one arrived. Mount Vesuvius' eruption was all powerful, deadly, and covered Pompeii in ashes, forever freezing its residents in place. If this hadn't ha
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