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Out of Practice: The Practice TV show episode guide & review

A weekly TV and Film podcast featuring Keith Varney
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Episodes of Out of Practice

Ellenor makes her final attempts to stay the execution of her client.  Bobby tries to keep the lights on by threatening to sue one of the firm's latest winners.  Keith and Mike sing the praises of some extraordinary performance. Episode begins
Eugene takes on 'Big' Alcohol - sort of.  Ellenor attempts to save a life by dismantling it.  Mike is back and old. Episode begins around: 0:41:18 After Show Show begins around: 1:41:19 Jump to the Youtube OOPSY Awards: https://outofpracticepod
Jaime is still caught in a judicial web of creep. Lindsay bites off another case she should have said 'No' to, and further creates crap for her therapist to deal with.  Keith and Mike get Medals! Episode begins around: 26:58 After Show Show beg
Terrible practical jokes... terrible defense attorny-ing ... and a terrible search.  Also, Keith plays a certain song wayyyyy too much. The wheels are falling off. Episode begins around: 31:26 After Show Show begins around: 1:29:16 Jump to the
If only we could find a way to get another 'Black Widow' on the show... Maybe we can? Episode begins around: 29:06 After Show Show begins around: 1:32:54 Jump to the Youtube OOPSY Awards: https://outofpracticepodcast.video/708_YT Become a Fou
Are we all hypocrites?  Bobby wrestles with this emotionally, professionally and morally this week as he defends a monster. Ellenor defends a religious leader for his use of animals during his service. Episode begins around: 31:36 After Show Sh
When it comes to abuse... where does the buck ultimately stop?  We deal with that slippery slope in this episode.  Also, we recycle yet another plotline.   Episode begins around: 25:21 After Show Show begins around: 1:34:42 Jump to the Youtube
Religion takes center stage for a case and some inter-office drama.  Lindsay strikes out on her own with a client who just has to SING!  Episode begins around: 33:01  After Show Show begins around: 1:37:19  Jump to the Youtube OOPSY Awards: htt
Lindsay mulls her future as two parent reckon with their immediate past, and the circumstances surrounding their child's death. Episode begins around: 41:25 After Show Show begins around: 1:40:07 Jump to the Youtube OOPSY Awards: https://outofp
A clandestine fax give Lindsay her greatest hope of release yet. There's a sharky mole in the DA's office.  Mike and Keith somehow tire of genitalia humor.  An old segment returns to answer some lingering questions. Episode begins around: 47:15
Rebecca and Lindsay get their day in court.  Jimmy buddy-cops with the new girl to find a resolution to our kidnapping conundrum.  Keith and Mike brute force a joke musical episode.  Mike is Mauled by a cat. Episode begins around: 48:03 After S
Mike and Keith are eager to jump in as season 7 begins with the fallout from the events of the season 6 finale.  Jimmy Finds himself in a pickle and Rebecca makes our hosts mark out. Episode begins around: 43:52 After Show Show begins around: 1
They said it wouldn't last!  They said you need listeners for a Podcast to continue!  They said... Mike and Keith would simply forget to do it... but they were WRONG!   The Season 6 Oopsy’s are here and Keith and Mike take a cue from the season
It all comes down to this.  Lindsay Dole faces a jury of her peers, and the sixth season of The Out of Practice Podcast faces it's final laser sound joke. Both leave Mike a bit discombobulated. Episode begins around: 43:58 After Show Show begin
The team begins a fight for Lindsay's life.  Rebecca plays it straight in the face of a pud of a plot. For once it is NOT Keith and Mike making the easy dick jokes. Episode begins around: 31:55 After Show Show begins around: 1:36:20 Jump to the
Eugene and Jimmy are 'Twinning.' Lindsay has had juuuuust about enough of this crap. Episode begins around: 39:06 After Show Show begins around: 1:37:55 Jump to the Youtube OOPSY Awards: https://outofpracticepodcast.video/620_YT Become a Foun
The gang takes a bite out of the Criminal Justice System whilst defending a man who really enjoys Sir Anthony Hopkins.  Lindsay has a bad day. Episode begins around: 51:01 After Show Show begins around: 1:58:37 Jump to the Youtube OOPSY Awards:
David is back.  Joey is back.  The Practice... is back.  This episode... is long. Episode begins around: 48:43 After Show Show begins around: 1:46:23 Jump to the Youtube OOPSY Awards: https://outofpracticepodcast.video/618_YT Become a Foundin
This episode is FIRE!  No, literally.  Also... "Luuuuuucy, you got some 'splainin to do!" Episode begins around: 27:09 After Show Show begins around: 1:20:59 Jump to the Youtube OOPSY Awards: https://outofpracticepodcast.video/617_YT Become a
It's a Philly Special. A guy REALLY thinks our health insurance system is CRIMINAL --- another DA loses their cool... and our heroes sorta just watch it all unfold.  Episode begins around: 25:23 After Show Show begins around: 1:25:03 Jump to th
Eugene and Rebecca defend a man accused of abusing his baby while Ellenor crosses paths with an old friend/enemy. Keith and Mike try and sort through the leftovers. Episode begins around: 34:15 After Show Show begins around: 1:45:09 Jump to the
It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's a ... half-baked episode of The Practice.  Jimmy does his best for 'an old friend' in a truly bizarre case.  Bobby and Lindsay work through their issues and a few babysitters. Episode begins around: 46:03 After
Hellen and Bobby have to "Buddy Cop" against a well respected Judge who isn't going down without a fight. Episode begins around: 40:27 After Show Show begins around: 1:39:29 Jump to the Youtube OOPSY Awards: https://outofpracticepodcast.video/6
It's vacation week for the first time in two years here at the podcast!  Great opportunity to catch up on episodes you've missed, watch our other Youtube show or take a nap!  We'll be back with you next week.  Enjoy some me time.
Ellenor plays second chair to a client who is planning more than a defense.  Bobby become Bobby McTrauma while Keith and Mike suffer a case of the Mondays. Episode begins around: 33:30 After Show Show begins around: 1:31:41 Jump to the Youtube
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