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Out Of The Abyss

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Episodes of Out Of The Abyss

Welcome back, one and all, to Out of the Abyss! Big Changes this week, and for shows to come! Co host will be changed to a rotating role, while main host Lot remains in place. This week, Lot and Pip discuss Bigfoot! Lets look at some varieties
Welcome back everyone! Here with you as always, Lot, Pip, and Jake! Lets take a look at some bizarre big apes from around the world, things like the Yeti, or some of its lesser known relatives.  This episode is a real catalogue of pseudo-squat
Welcome to Out of the Abyss! We finally stopped laughing about the Grunch. Mostly. Enough to move on to our next topic... Remote Viewing! Lets take a little look at how invested the American Government was in getting this psychic phenomenon to
Welcome back everyone! Lot, Pip, and Jake are here to discuss a Latino Legend: The Chupacabra!  We cover the first reports in the mid 90's, the flourishing of the cryptid throughout Central America, and even a possible predecessor of the hungr
Welcome, one and all, to Out of the Abyss! Your hosts Lot, Pip, and Jake are back with something... a little different. We thought it might be fun to take a look at some Paranormal Fiction (Usually we cover Paranormal Fact, obviously), and wha
Finally, we are back to finish this insane story! Lot, Pip, and Jake are about to take a look at what Travis Walton remembers occurring during that week in 1975.  Travis is about to recount a harrowing story of alien abduction, complete with b
Welcome back to Out of the Abyss! Lot, Pip, and Jake are back with the inspiration for the famous movie 'Fire in the Sky' - The Travis Walton Abduction! In the middle of the 1970's, a group of loggers witnessed something incredible. One of the
Don't worry everyone! We're back again, with another episode on a topic that has captured the imaginations of people worldwide over the decades: The Amityville Horror.  What happened in that home in Amityville? Have you ever wondered? Lot, Pip,
Welcome back to Out of the Abyss! Lot, Pip, and Jake are currently at the precipice of Deep Mothman Happenings. Come hear the climax and conclusion of the Mothman Prophecies!! Thanks as ALWAYS to our wonderful listeners! Check out our social me
Welcome back to Out of the Abyss! Lot, Pip, and Jake are about to dive into something truly frightening... the Mothman Prophecies, by John Keel.  Lets take a look at Keel's famous book, detailing the events surrounding Point Pleasant, West Virg
Welcome back everyone! Lets have some fun this week, lets talk about Gnomes and their Spanish counterpart- the Duende! We'll delve into their background, different types of duende (There's a lot), and then wrap it up with a look at the infamous
Anyone interested in some more phenomena? Lot, Pip, and Jake look into some more happenings at Skinwalker Ranch in the conclusion to our series. Lets see what happened once NIDS took over the Ranch, and take a look at some absolutely 100% trust
Hey all, Lot, Pip, and Jake are back again, finally getting to a collection of REALLY weird stories... from Skinwalker Ranch. In this part, we'll take a look at some legends surrounding the Ranch, the reports of former owners and neighbours, an
Hey everyone! Lot, Jake, and Pip are back with one of the most popular (and terrifying)phenomena of UFOlogy- The Men in Black Let us know how you'd react to these visits on twitter! Twitter.com/Oota_pod New Episodes every Monday! "Aftermath" K
Hey everyone! Lot, Jake, and Pip are back for an episode that Lot has REALLY been wanting to do. This week... The Hopkinsville Goblins, and the events that occurred on a rural Kentucky farm in 1955! PLUS, the further details: Local legends, eer
Welcome back everyone! Lot, Jake, and Pip are here with another episode, this time taking a look at David Paulides "Missing 411" Let us know if you enjoyed the episode on our twitter! New episodes every Monday, come follow along. "Aftermath" K
This is our FIRST (And therefore Worst) Preshow. We realized a lot of our funniest conversations happen as we get ready to record, and those recordings will be available on our Patreon!
Hey everyone! Lot, Jake, and Pip are back at it again, this time with something.. well, not really fun, but freeform. Glad we could do something different, let us know what you think on twitter! New Episodes every Monday! "Aftermath" Kevin Ma
Lot, Pip, and Jake delve into some of the most hotly contested subject matter yet: hauntings.  To warm up to the topic, lets take a look at the basis for the movie The Conjuring, including a quick look at the movie, and how it stacked up to act
Thank you for joining us! Lot, Pip, and Jake finally get to the infamous hypnotic regression of Betty and Barney Hill From the first hypnosis session to the eventual disclosure to the public, this week is more of the same unsettling happenings
Thank you for joining us! Lot, Pip, and Jake learn about the mysterious events that occured to Betty and Barney Hill, this week on Out of the Abyss! Starting with a trip to Canada and ending with hypnotic regression of buried trauma, lost time,
Thank you for joining us! Lot, Pip, and Jake take a dive into werewolves through the ages, this week on Out of the Abyss!  From the legend of Lycaon to the Beast of Bray Road, lets take a look at a little bit of furry history. New episode ever
Monday, February 22nd, the debut of Out of the Abyss! A paranormal podcast hosted by pretty normal dudes.   We've been working hard to learn the craft, and are thrilled to be preparing to launch! Please Like and Subscribe for more content!     
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