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How does someone go from Fox News to the Real Housewives of New York City? For this podcast, Gianno's 50th and final episode, he finds out from his guest Eboni Williams, an attorney and journalist who went from being a Fox News host to starring
On this episode of Outloud with Gianno Caldwell, Gianno has something very special planned. His guest is someone who has the last name Kardashian and is a minister. Ron Kardashian is a remarkable man who has changed the lives of countless peopl
Corporate America has gone woke. But what exactly are these corporations up to? Do they really believe in the far-left nonsense, or do they have a different agenda? For this podcast, Gianno asks a corporate executive these exact questions. Tim
America’s inner cities have been flooded with federal money for decades, yet they remain riddled with crime, poverty, and terrible schools. And today these problems only seem to be getting worse, especially in Baltimore and Chicago. Why is this
The journey of Weldon Angelos from up-and-coming music producer to a face of criminal justice reform wasn’t pretty. For this podcast, Gianno has a can’t-miss conversation with Weldon about the cruel and tortuous path that he endured, including
One prominent conservative is drawing a line in the sand. “I am no longer a Republican,” Jenna Ellis said recently, “until the party decides that it wants to be conservative again.” For this podcast, Gianno talks to Ellis about why she’s leavin
Blunt, passionate, conservative, patriotic — for this podcast, Gianno talks to Mark Robinson, the outspoken lieutenant governor of North Carolina. The first Black American to occupy his current office, Mark Robinson is a rising superstar in the
Demetrius Griffin Jr. was just 15 years old when he was burned alive on the West Side of Chicago, placed in a garbage can, and left to die in an alley. His death was ruled a homicide, but the case remains unsolved. For this podcast, Gianno talk
Imagine you’re a Marine deployed to Afghanistan. Your job is to find and dispose of enemy bombs. One day you’re out there with your team, doing your duty. You pause for a few minutes to take a breather and readjust your gear. But then you take
As Democrats continue to embrace an increasingly radical agenda, there’s one man who can save the left from itself. For this podcast, Gianno explains why liberal comedian Bill Maher is the only person up to the task. Indeed, Maher seems to be l
People who don’t read Scripture often assume women play little to no role in the Bible. For this podcast, Gianno shows just how important the women of the Bible are in a truly inspiring and informative conversation with Fox News anchor Shannon
For this podcast, Gianno digs into the latest controversy surrounding Hunter Biden, who used the N-word repeatedly in texting conversations with his lawyer. Yes, that N-word — the ugliest, most vile word in the English language. A word that sla
Remember when the media roundly dismissed the idea that COVID could have begun as a laboratory accident in Wuhan, China? Remember when so-called journalists demonized anyone who thought the Wuhan lab-leak theory had legs as a racist, crackpot c
What can we do for those who have done everything for us? For this podcast, in honor of Memorial Day, Gianno looks at how we can help veterans and their families. Mental health, homelessness, unemployment — too many of those who have served thi
For this podcast, Gianno discusses the left's attack on religious faith with Bill Haslam, who served as governor of Tennessee from 2011 to 2019. Gov. Haslam, a billionaire, has a new book coming out titled, Faithful Presence: The Promise and th
At this point, it’s outdated to refer to the media’s "liberal bias." For this podcast, Gianno shows how we’re no longer dealing with biased journalists; members of the mainstream media are now just Democrats with press passes, openly pushing a
We all know the Black community votes overwhelmingly for Democrats — so much so that the Democratic Party takes the Black vote for granted. For this podcast, Gianno discusses the future of the Black vote with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, one of the le
For this podcast, Gianno has a truly can't-miss conversation with La Shawn Ford, a Democrat and leading voice in the Illinois House of Representatives. They discuss race, policing, and inner-city violence — topics that, in today's political env
A Black Lives Matter activist and a former police chief walk into a bar. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right? Actually, it’s not that far off from what Gianno has in store for this podcast. The only difference is, rather than a bar, it’s
I don’t know about you, but Gianno needs a break from politics. So, for this podcast, Gianno does something fun and a little different: He takes a step back from the political nonsense and talks about relationships with power couple Mike Hill a
Remember when Joe Biden was supposed to be the man to bring the American people together, the moderate savior who would unify this country? Yeah, Gianno didn't believe any of it either. For this podcast, Gianno discusses just how divisive and d
The Democratic Party wants you to believe that Democrats are the only ones magically immune to being racist. For this podcast, Gianno refutes this nonsense and exposes the racism within the Democratic Party with Vernon Jones, who made waves nat
With Democrats in control of the White House and Congress, the left is on the march. On this episode, Gianno discusses how our God-given freedoms are under assault with Tomi Lahren, the conservative media personality and Fox Nation host. Tomi a
You've heard someone use the N-word before. On this episode, Gianno discusses the ugliest word in the English language with John Schnatter, the billionaire founder of Papa John’s Pizza. Schnatter had to resign as chairman of the company in 2018
In America today, our individual and religious liberties are under attack. One of the great challenges of our time is to promote and preserve these sacred freedoms before they disappear forever. On this episode, Gianno discusses how to do just
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