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“Documenting some amount of incremental improvement and ‘moving the ball down the field’ can have a massive impact not just for a teenager stuck in social comparison but for all of us as we live our lives.’” —Scott Welle. In this solocast, I te
“What if you understood more about your customer and were able to adapt to their needs, demographics and where they spend their eyeballs and time, instead of doing what you want to do. When you do that, everything changes in your marketing.” Te
“Look at pressure through the correct lens of ‘I want this pressure, I love this pressure, I can handle this pressure, this pressure will help me play and perform my best, and I am BUILT for this pressure.’” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38
“Outperformers FEEL and EXPERIENCE the same basic emotions as everyone else, but what they are FANTASTIC at is identifying when emotions and thought patterns aren’t serving them and bouncing back faster than everyone else.” —Scott Welle. Text O
“With massive action comes inconsistency, because at SOME point, it becomes unsustainable. And when we take massive, inconsistent action, it often ends up leading to ORDINARY results.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast addr
“What you do in your routine is not as important as the fact that you do SOMETHING, and do it repeatedly.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast is in response to one of the most common challenges I hear from coaching clients—i
“If you are going into something saying ‘I need to produce this outcome,’ I promise it will only lead to more pressure, stress and anxiety in what you’re doing every single day.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast is on how
“Your beliefs come from your subconscious. All actions come from what you see, what you speak and the words others speak.” Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. In this episode, Brad Lantz and I discuss unlocking the power of the human mind by removing our
“We spend so much time talking about what we want to DO. I don’t know that we think enough about who we want to BE.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast is the first in the 2021 Goal Achievement Series, focusing on the import
“I think we have a better 2021 on the horizon, hopefully with a greater appreciation of lessons learned from everything we’ve gone through.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast is about 2020, one of the strangest years ever.
“The daily execution of doing something is the boring part of excellence that no one wants to talk about.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast is about one of my favorite strategies for peak performance: The Seinfeld Strategy
“If you can understand and grasp how this can play out in your personal and/or professional life, I promise you’ll go to the next level of performance and get better results in whatever area you’re looking to achieve them.” —Scott Welle. This s
“In our psychology, we’re always looking for quick fixes to help us perform better immediately and there is POWER to wearing something that our brain associates with a given level of performance.” —Scott Welle. In this solocast, I discuss the c
“Our inability to coexist in the looong range of emotions is unfortunate. We’ve told people that anxiety is not good. Actually, it serves us really well as human beings and we’ve needed a degree of anxiety to be able to function and evolve. The
“Let’s say you thought of your company and your people as players on a professional team - as human capital. Every sporting team looks at their players as assets and they know that they need to take care of their assets.” —Pete Moore. In this e
“If you want to do something, chances are, somebody has done it before you. And this person is probably no smarter, no more educated, and no more experienced, than you are. If THEY can do it, YOU can do it, too.” —Scott Welle. In this solocast,
“When you wake up every day and reinforce this into your psychology, I PROMISE it will translate to more decisive action and better behaviors towards what it is that you say you want.” —Scott Welle. In this solocast, I discuss one of my FAVORIT
“Misalignment is a beautiful message. It lets us know that we’re not quite on track for the life that we want to live.” —Alicia Dunams. In this episode, Alicia and I discuss servant leadership, getting comfortable being uncomfortable and having
“Social comparison is fine, but you have to understand what impact this is having on your individual psychology.” —Scott Welle. In this episode, I give a couple simple lessons from my girlfriend’s 9-year-old son’s football camp. Particularly, i
“What can I do vs. What can ONLY I do?” —Scott Welle. This is an exclusive excerpt from my recently published book, OUTPERFORM for Leaders: A Guide to Inspiring Peak Performance in an Ever-Changing World. This specific chapter (“To Delegate is
“When fear creeps in and courageousness is in doubt, there is ONE BIG question you can ask that will give you the answer.” —Scott Welle. This is an exclusive excerpt from my recently published book, OUTPERFORM for Leaders: A Guide to Inspiring
“The single greatest motivator on the planet is a powerful purpose.” —Scott Welle. This is an exclusive excerpt from my recently published book, OUTPERFORM for Leaders: A Guide to Inspiring Peak Performance in an Ever-Changing World. This speci
“When we expect to have an answer to the ‘Why’ question, we shackle ourselves to frustration. When we expect to find a clear response to the reason ‘Why,’ we keep ourselves chained. There’s freedom in letting go of that constant urge to ask ‘Wh
“We may be too stuck in the thick of it right now, but it’s my belief that we’re all learning things about ourselves, our teams and our society, and when the dust settles, we will all be better for it.” —Scott Welle. This is the fifth, and fina
“To be able to win that tug of war as courageous, Outperforming leaders, we have to amplify our goodness and pull even stronger than we ever have before.” —Scott Welle. This is the fourth installment of a 5-part series on courageous leadership.
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