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Outpost – Episode 80 – This Hallowed Space – Part II

Released Friday, 1st May 2020
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Having encountered pirates scavenging the lifeless hulks of the destroyed Federation armada at Wolf 359 after the Borg incursion, the crew of U.S.S. Chimera struggles valiantly to fend off the intruders. Complicating matters is the defense of the hospital ship Errand of Mercy, and a shuttlecraft carrying crew and injured Starfleet personnel from the wreckage. Has the Chimera anything left to give? Will she join the ranks of the dead hulks at Wolf 359?

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This show is one of the very first audio dramas I listened to - and I still love it so much! This episode featured a formidable space war with all the right sound effects to make it a spectacular experience. Also I love the banter between Exeler and Knox. But who doesn't have Knox as their favorite character? This show is really special and I already look forward to the next adventures.
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