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90 - RMRW, RVGMR, Interview with Alexander Brandon, and The Playlist

Released Monday, 6th August 2018
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We've got an episode here for you that is over an hour long! We hope you enjoy our rotating selection of hosts, the ReMix ReWind, a new RVGMR segment, a bonus interview Stephen had stashed away, and of course, The Playlist. 

The Playlist theme for Episode 91 is: Mega Man

Show Notes:

The Playlist: Video game music that is a rearrangement of previous video game music!

  • Green Hill Zone Act 2 from Sonic Mania, originally from Sonic the Hedgehog. Submitted by Mr. Jack Barton.
  • Magical Sound Shower from Turbo Outrun for the Commodore 64, originally from the original arcade Outrun. Submitted by Eino Keskitalo.
  • Valestein Castle from Ys: The Oath in Felghana, originally from Wanderers from Ys. Submitted by Jorito.
  • Magmoor Caverns from Metroid Prime, originally from Super Metroid. Submitted by Patchpen.
  • Boss: Big Arm from Sonic Generations, originally from  Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Submitted by Black_Doom.
  • Crystalline Chill from Final Fantasy XV, originally from Final Fantasy. Submitted by Stephen.
  • Heaven (Norihiko Hibino Remix) from Persona 4 Dancing All Night, originally from Persona 4. Submitted by FenixDown.

ReMix ReWind:


Retro VGM Radar shownotes:

Credits for Episode #90:

Patchpen - hosting
Cameron/Dell - editing
Eino Keskitalo - Retro VGM Radar, scripting and hosting the ReMix ReWind
FenixDown - scripting and the lyrical wisdom
Stephen Kelly - the interview
Thanks to everyone who submitted Playlist recommendations and feedback!
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