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Finding The Balance of Masculine & Feminine Energies in Business with Blake Worrall-Thompson

Released Tuesday, 29th June 2021
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What type of energy do you find yourself in in your business? The energy of doing, hustling and achieving? Or more in flow,creativity and connected to your intuition? Often we dance between masculine and feminine energies in our businesses, and knowing when to transition between the two is the key to a better business and happier relationships.

For this week’s episode we have called back expert Blake Worrall-Thompson to chat about all this Masculine and Feminine energies in business. He helps us get clear on what these energies are, how they show up, and how we can use them to benefit our life and our businesses.

We dive into the importance of separating life & business… especially what to not bring into the bedroom, the need for polarity, a healthy play of masculaine and feminine, and strategies to embody both of these energy types in our lives. 

Often we dance between the two energies throughout our day and our businesses. Knowing when to transition between the two is the key to a better business and happier relationships.  Blake also shares with us so many good resources if you are keen to dive a little deeper into this topic.

Let’s dive in!


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