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Heal Your Nervous System with the Vagus Nerve feat. Jessica Maguire

Released Tuesday, 27th April 2021
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Jessica Maguire is a trauma-informed integrative Physiotherapist, passionate about teaching people the tools and resources that reshape the brain and vagus nerve. She believes that knowledge is power and that we are empowered when we have the autonomy to play an active role in reshaping our mind-body system. 
Her speciality is teaching patients about the vagus nerve and their nervous system, and how “stress-related illness” such as anxiety, depression, gut disorders, autoimmune issues and chronic pain can arise from dysregulation after chronic or traumatic stress.
In this episode we discuss: 
  • What exactly the vagus nerve is, and the role healthy vagal tone plays in our overall well-being
  • The physiology behind why so many business owners are feeling more anxious than usual post-2020
  • How our brains and nervous system are shaped by our past experiences, and why this is critical in understanding how we respond to stress 
  • The role that our dysregulated systems play in hyperarousal and hypoarousal
  • Jess’s practical tips to regulate our response to stress and move away from fight/flight/freeze?

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