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So you are anticipating retirement?  Great- I did too for a long time, and I have good news for you: it can be wonderful!  Fulfilling, satisfying, and a long sight better than working a 9-5 job endlessly.  I have been retired now for 6 years, a
When I suggest that you find your own homeland, I mean that you should not live in the same area in which you were born and grew up- unless that area is a rural, or small town conservative kind of place. Also, if you live in a solid blue, autho
If you are one of those people who run to the clinic to see a doctor for any little ailment, or just to get endless check ups to make sure you are all right; well, you are doing it all wrong my friend!  No offense, but medical interventions are
I am 69 years old.  I mention this because it explains where I am at, and I want to discuss how priorities change over the years.  Not completely, but what is most important to you at age 20 or so is not the same as what you value most at age 4
Ben Patrick, the Knees Over Toes Guy http://kneesovertoesguy.com is a force to be reckoned with!  I have found, lo over these many years of seeking and discovering fitness and health, that certain pivotal figures tend to pop up as you go.  Fran
I kind of hate to rain on anyone’s parade, particularly those who believe in the benefits of exercise!  But the thing it this: exercise is something that improves one’s body, something that makes you better physically.  Makes you stronger, more
So very many people (most probably) look at their periodic vacations as being the  most valued part of their life.  The ONE thing that they focus on, and that is the most valuable part of their lives!They travel overseas, they go to white sand
http://www.paleojay.comThe truth is definitely in: the whole fiasco of Ken Cooper’s Aerobics mania is dead.  Along with the high fat diet is the worst,  and the even earlier notion of  ‘better living through chemistry’ which promoted the noxiou
I try to keep you all updated as to what I learn along this paleo journey.  Sometimes, as in anything increased experience and research results in slight changes on the path.  This doesn’t mean the path itself is invalid; it simply means that c
Now, you know I am using a bit of hyperbole here, right?  You won’t necessarily die- but you will definitely regret not doing so, and I mean really, really, really regret it!Remember prices in the 1950’s or 60’s, when gasoline was 19 cents or s
It’s kind of sad to reach the autumn of your years, only to realize that the civilization you were reared in- Western Civilization- the most vital and successful civilization of all time, is foundering!  Now, I don’t mean that it is failing, bu
If you’ve been following the paleo diet and lifestyle for any length of time, you know that there are certain things that are taken as irrefutable gospel:Never eat grains because of gluten and gliaden, also too much (bad- fake) salt and all of
In these strange times, when so much seems to be falling apart and in endless flux, it is time to focus on the self.  Even when there is little you can accomplish in the realm of politics, including the collapse of the cities and schools, law a
In returning to an approximation of the paleolithic world in modern times, of course the first thing is to eat and otherwise conduct ourselves in accordance with our evolutionary heritage.  Move naturally, and often to build our bodies as did o
We are living in strange times, where someone who is for free speech, and for the enhancement of their own tribe and group, and for things like truth and justice is painted as evil!  A white supremacist if you desire crime enforcement, a hater
I’ve kind of racked my paleolithic brain to come up with a theme for the new decade, and have decided that if I, and you all live up to our potential- fully, not kind of just sluffing along half-heartedly- we will save not only ourselves and ou
We live in a world where we all aspire to be #1!  The best in our category: our line of work, best looking, most successful, the most wonderful person that ever lived.  Popular and sought after!  That’s what matters!I’m here to tell you that no
It’s really rather simple, becoming or staying fit and healthy: consistency!  Not herculean efforts that leave you drained done sporadically, or plugging away, jogging and walking for endless distances.  Neither is natural, or desirable.The bes
Lately in the United States, and throughout the western world, the primary problem being focussed on is white racism.  This malady we supposedly possess en masse, even if we deny it or don’t know it, explains everything!  It tells us that all o
As illegal, unwanted migrants swarm across our borders, we can compare what happens to our country and civilization with what happens within our own bodies by bad interlopers.  Just as our country has been being invaded for decades by demograph
I just finished reading Paul Saladino’s well researched book The Carnivore Code.  This is not an ‘easy read’ type of book, and that is just as well, since he goes into great detail on all of the why’s and wherefores of following the ultimate no
We now live in a time when all of our major cities are failing. We panic, wondering what is now different: why, oh why are New York city, Chicago, Detroit of course all failing, all such abhorrent places of crime, violence and mayhem? All bankr
It’s strange: as paleo people, we believe that our diet evolved along with us, making us what we are.  For instance, there has never, ever, been a vegetarian or vegan tribe or culture. Humans have always eaten animal products, some more than ot
https://shop.authors-direct.com/collections/jess-thornton-audiobooks/products/a-barbarian-in-chicago-a-modern-day-conanXero Shoes will fix your feet! Like a suspension bridge, your feet are a complex array of interlocking muscles and tendons, w
With all the scare tactics circulated by the mainstream media, you would think that the coronavirus from China was the new Black Death!  It’s not, not even close.  Young children can catch it, but they barely get sick.  It can kill older people
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