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Netflix is throwing out another monster show.  Well, monster hunter show.  Does it stick or fall to the floor?  You know what to do to find out our thoughts. Twitter:  @The_PGPod Instagram: @parentalguidancepodcast Email: [email protected]
Did you know that politics and cake smoothies go hand-in-hand?  Well, they don't really.  I just don't have a way to connect the two in this description.  But both are discussed to some degree in this episode. Twitter:  @The_PGPod Instagram: @p
If you enjoyed movies like Airplane or Naked Gun or Scary Movie, then you enjoy spoofs.  That's what this is.  A spoof that gets really good ratings from us.  We break it down with relatively good control over our laughter. Twitter:  @The_PGPod
Netflix has jumped into world of nature shows with some pretty cool tech.  The big question is whether they can measure up to the gold standard of nature shows:  BBC & Sir David Attenborough.  That's a massive ask for Netflix.  We let you know
Cruises.  To mutiny and take control or not?  That is the question.  So we discuss it.  It's also why there was a week with no episodes.   Twitter:  @The_PGPod Instagram: @parentalguidancepodcast Email: [email protected]
Night Shift Edition:  If you enjoy documentaries, we let you know if this latest offering from Netflix is worth the time.   Twitter:  @The_PGPod Instagram: @parentalguidancepodcast Email: [email protected]
A Netflix show attempts to connect with kids that may have anxiety.  It's an admirable endeavor.  We'll let you know if it works. Twitter:  @The_PGPod Instagram: @parentalguidancepodcast Email: [email protected]
Recording the day after the shocking death of Kobe Bryant, we spent some time discussing it all.  And some other stuff. Twitter:  @The_PGPod Instagram: @parentalguidancepodcast Email: [email protected]
Night Shift Edition:  You know, the shows and movies for the grownups.  And those without kids that just enjoy reviews.  This is an Amazon Prime original series that we had been hearing about for a bit so decided to see if it would be worth get
Netflix & Dreamworks are at it again!  (Do they let their people sleep??)  Most of the time, Dreamworks hits it well.  Is this another hit or a rare bomb?  I mean, obviously we give our thoughts. Twitter:  @The_PGPod Instagram: @parentalguidanc
We don't usually do sports talk, as that's not what this podcast is ultimately about.  But, since it's Between Episodes, we feel a bit more freedom to chat up other stuff.  Hope you enjoy!  (And for those who hate sports talk...sorry and we'll
Night Shift Edition!  Netflix has a show whose trailer has one wondering if the Jesus-looking character is really a messiah or just a con man.  Jeremy and Jason do agree about one thing with the show but not much else.  Does Netflix have a hit
With such a short supply of Fast & Furious material out there, Netflix and Dreamworks have dipped their toe into the waters of fast cars and crazy heists.  But is it really geared for kids or adults?  Hmmm...we give our thoughts and share a rat
This week we talk about some really random stuff.  Sweet potatoes get involved.  Jeremy confesses his love for reality TV and Jason judges him in his mind.  Jason talks about a new podcast he started listening to.  Also, Jason's son Caleb makes
Friday = Night Shift edition!  Shows or movies for the grownups.  Generally, no kids allowed.  As for The Witcher...definitely NO KIDS ALLOWED!  A somewhat mixed-bag affair, this Netflix series has some good, some bad (Jason has a slight rant)
Comedian John Mulaney has a new Netflix special aimed at kids.  The big question is whether you should allow him to aim this special at your kid or ask him to aim elsewhere.  Short answer:  Point that thing away from my kid!  We break it down a
The holidays are over and we're back to recording!  So, what did we watch and listen to over the past couple of weeks?  From The Witcher on Netflix, to Hulu's Catch-22, to books on tape and Jason's band-of-the-decade choice Chvrches, there was
Jason has been hitting YouTube to watch a bunch of highlight videos of soccer player Lionel Messi.  Jeremy has been watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime.  It's really a win-win.  Also, we start off with a bit more on what should b
It's a Michael Bay film with Ryan Reynolds!  And it is everything you'd expect a Michael Bay film to be.  In other words, if you're in the mood for rich character development, then run away.  But if you're in the mood for over-the-top action se
Noelle, a Disney+ original for the holiday season!  Turns out to be a surprisingly fun and at-times-touching little Christmas story.  Worth a watch, especially if you're a fan of Anna Kendrick.  She is the best thing about the movie, which is g
Christmas trees are fun and lovely when decorated well.  Or even mildly competently.  Jason has high standards for his tree and this year's product is...lacking.  We end up spending a good bit of time ripping into it.  No one ends up in tears,
It's Friday.  Eventually, the kids (if you have them) will be in bed and you'll be looking for something to watch.  How about The Feed on Amazon Prime?  It's a dystopian future drama that wonders what it would be like to have all of our social
Some may remember the Discover Channel show Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls.  Well, he's back with an interactive show for kids to play along with.  You get to choose if Bear eats the termites or the giant grub; swings across the ravine on a vine
It seems Jeremy lived in a movie theater over Thanksgiving weekend so he's coming with the reviews.  Jason has nothing to offer.  Seems about normal...although, it would appear that the movies someone does or doesn't like may decide who he'll b
One of Jason's favorite comedians, he was super psyched to see a new special coming out on Netflix.  Excitement lead to some disappointment, however, as it didn't quite measure up to what he'd hoped.  But, did Jeremy agree?  (Well, yes...and yo
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