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Partly Political Broadcast

A Comedy, Education and News podcast

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Partly Political Brodcast is a weekly comedy podcast dissecting the previous week's political news. Every show has in-depth looks at issues, interviews with people who know things and top level satirical commentary from comedian Tiernan Douieb who really doesn't understand politics all that much. ‘Very funny but fiercely political’ – Time Out www.tiernandouieb.co.uk

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Episode Bonus Bob - An extra bit of my interview with Bob Singha (@bobsingha) from episode 91, with a few of his thoughts on the human side of politics, Brexit and well, comedians. Check out Bob's website at www.bobsingha.com.Donate to the Patreon at www.patreon.com/parpolbroBuy me a coffee at https...

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Episode 91 - Tiernan (@tiernandouieb) dissects Boris Johnson's Brexit speech and surprise surprise, inside it's full of stupid. Also a brilliant chat with Master Youth Coach Bob Singha (@bobsingha) about the current rise of youth crime and cuts to youth services. Oh and a new jingle that no one will ...

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Episode 90 - We're on the road to Brexit, la la la la. Tiernan (@tiernandouieb) looks at just how rocky this Brexit road the government are setting out may be, also just what is Foreign Aid and Tiernan speaks to John Myers at London YIMBY (@LondonYIMBY) about solutions to the housing crisis.Donate t...

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Episode 89 - The nightmarish threat of BoJo, Mogg and Gove, the Customs partnership or symbiosis or union or whatever it is or isn't, an insight into the Haringey HDV from a local resident and Tiernan (@TiernanDouieb) interviews former MI5 Intelligence officer Annie Machon (@AnnieMachon) about Iran....

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Episode 88 - Lots of prime comedy subjects such as the rise of violent crime, homelessness and the President's Club. Sigh. But to balance that out, Tiernan has a very fun chat with @thestevebyrne from @whatampolitics all about Ireland's opinions on the Irish border situation. Also Tiernan boasts abo...

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