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Marquita Ell on Searching for Wellness Longevity vs the Quick Fixes

Released Tuesday, 7th September 2021
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There are times when we find our true purpose by witnessing another woman's journey. St. Louis based NBC-Health and Wellness Coach Marquita Ell unknowingly found her purpose over 20 years ago following the death of her grandmother. She was drawn to a deepened understanding of how family history and lifestyle choices impacted overall health. More importantly, she wanted to equip herself with the necessary tools of prevention and preparedness.

Since becoming a Fitness and Nutrition Coach in 2007, Marquita has been on a mission to heal. Empowering clients for more than a decade to learn their bodies, love themselves and take control of their health. With a more holistic approach to healing in recent years, Marquita is clearing a natural path to sustained weight loss, less pain and less stress. What sets her apart from other health coaches is her unique approach to healing. Cultural Communication is her wild card. Challenging clients in spirit as well as voice. Developing the necessary tools to promote generational health, cultural competence, gratitude centered thinking and healthy communication practices. By relying more on cultivating relationships, sleep quality and spiritual development, Coach Marquita is teaching her clients how to slow down, reconnect with themselves and live in the moment.

“ We are losing loved ones prematurely and passing down poor health at alarming rates. My life’s work is to change that. One client, one person, one open mind at a time. We are all capable of leaving behind a legacy of longevity. The first step is believing in your health. ”

As a Woman of Color, Marquita also understands the complex experiences of marginalized identities. Black Womanhood carries stress-related risk factors that require special attention, care, and understanding.

In the words of Marquita, “ When we tend to the needs of the Black Woman first, no one gets left out.”

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Andrea Claassen Bio

Andrea Claassen is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, RYT 500 hour yoga teacher, and Wild Woman Project Circle leader who has been in the wellness space since 2007. Her mission is to help people slow down, tune in, and connect to your divine body wisdom. 

She does this by teaching her Peaceful Power Practices centered around movement, mindfulness & mother nature through an Ayurvedic lens. You can hear more from Andrea on her Peaceful Power Podcast where she aims to deliver actionable takeaways to live a more holistic lifestyle. Connect with Andrea on her website at www.andreaclaassen.com