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You know you're in for a treat when our featured mocktail turns into a cocktail 4 minutes into our recording session. 🍸In today's episode, we're joined by Jess Goldsmith, art director, illustrator, lettering artist, and graphic designer.  She'
If we had a penny for every time someone described the freelance life as "the grind," well... we probably wouldn't be here making this podcast.Kidding. Maybe... In today's episode, we got a chance to sit down with none other than Jesse Nyberg,
We've recently discovered that our cocktail names find a way to manifest themselves into our freelancing lives and today's cocktail is no exception.Aptly named "A Total Disaster," this cocktail goes perfectly well with all the DISASTROUS tales
Imagine you're on Instagram and suddenly see one of your original designs being used in a mural that you had no idea about and that you certainly didn't approve of... Command C and Command V on a wall. Literally. 👀 If you're ready to hear one
Our freelancing pet peeve list is just growing longer and longer with each episode but clients who don't read their emails and respond nonsensically? Welp, that one irks us quite a bit. 😑 In today’s stories episode, we’ve got…💸 Chasing paveme
When is it appropriate to call someone an asshole in German you might ask? Oh right! When they hire a freelance designer, goes through the entire branding process, and then disappears without paying a single cent. Pffft! Sounds like an arschloc
Uncomfortable photo shoots and celebrity clients? If it sounds like a Per Our Last Email episode,  that's because it is! We got the chance to sit down with our talented friend Bryce France, a commercial and editorial sports photographer (and pr
You know that term “well isn’t that just a kick in the pants”? Well, have you ever actually kicked someone in the pants?Or should we say… have you wanted to? 👀 Don’t lie, you know you have.Now our question for you is this: is that person you’r
Quick question for you: are you a peacock, or a pigeon?We ask, because it absolutely applies to today’s stories episode. Because someone sent us a story about a time where their design client had a meltdown and shouted that they weren’t a peaco
So, what do you do when you finally get to hang out with one of the very first creative duos that you ever learned from? You pass out, right?That’s the only reasonable way to handle a moment as big as the one we’re having today 💥We had the abs
*picture us dressed as a therapist (how do they dress?), with steepled fingers*There’s a lot to unpack in this episode.A LOT.We’ll preface everything we’re about to say by letting you know that we chose the title of this episode’s cocktail far
Guys, we have a thing for Australians.We’ll finally admit it. Not that it’s a surprise or anything.After having several friends from down undah join us to chat, scream (we scream because it’s not very Australian to scream, as we’ve learned), la
Do you hate vague, text-like responses to your professional emails?Have you ever scheduled a meeting, only to wonder why you ever scheduled that meeting?Do you find yourself fighting to assert your right to fair pay on a weekly basis?If so, you
We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve had some surprisingly cool guests join our podcast. Like, suspiciously cool.Like… why do they even want to talk to us, you know? 👀That’s neither here nor there, because the truth is that regardless of the
You know what’s really enlightening? Lip service.Not the botox kind, people. The verbal kind.The kind where an exploitative person says, “I wish the industry was different,” before proceeding to ruin the industry. Do you feel *enlightened*?Good
Today, we turn 50! And we don’t look or feel a day over 52 😏The big five-oh is not one to hastily record or miss, so we knew we needed to pull out all the stops. We had options… we could book an amazing interview (but they’re all amazing, so h
It might seem like our “Things We Can’t Stand” list is endless, but clients who choose to be late after we specifically asked them not to?Yeah, that’s right at the top.👺In today’s stories episode, we’ve got…*A story that ended someone’s freela
We know this might be hard to believe… but we didn’t become this rich and fabulous on our own 💁‍♀️Sure, we pour our hearts and souls into creating relatable memes. Some go viral, and we scream and cry. Others don’t, and we scream and cry (in a
So, something big happened. And by “big,” we mean monumental. That’s what she said… kind of? Arabela finally admitted she needed to take time off, like a normal human being, after functioning on overdrive while editing this podcast AND serving
Once upon a time, in a world far, far too close to our own, a mean ogre (see: client) trolled the prettiest princesses in all the land (see: our photography business). The mean ogre no-showed not one, but two balls (see: phone calls), before su
You know those sweet, soft-spoken people you meet that immediately make you think, “why would anyone ever want to hurt you”? Yeah, that’s Abbey from Wayfarer Design Studio for us 😌 We had the chance to speak with everyone’s favorite brand and
Huzi and Jesse of Florence James Collective are two of the best people. Like, to the point where it makes the story they shared in today’s episode even more audacious. Because who DOES that to two people, who are so talented, funny, sweet, and
So, what’s your worst freelancing nightmare? We’ll start. Ours would likely include dropping the camera, falling on top of the set (like literally keeling over and just… falling on top of everything we’d spent hours putting together), and then
It’s true. @elliotisacoolguy. A very cool guy. A guy who runs a flourishing creative business, but a guy who isn’t very good at freelancing, nonetheless. Yeah, we said it. (only because he did 👀) In fact, Elliot is such a cool guy, he decided
There are few things we love more than criticizing crazy clients and commiserating with each and every one of you. Of those few things? Breakfast foods and serenading others against their will sit riiiight at the top 😏 And of course today’s ep
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