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I Am Not Your Hun

Released Tuesday, 3rd August 2021
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*picture us dressed as a therapist (how do they dress?), with steepled fingers*
There’s a lot to unpack in this episode.
We’ll preface everything we’re about to say by letting you know that we chose the title of this episode’s cocktail far before we even hit record. And yet, as we continued to read the stories you had to share, we realized just how applicable our cocktail really was.
The title of this week’s drink? “Man down.”
That should set the stage.
In today’s episode, you get to hear us mentally switch gears as we record… because we were supposed to have an incredible guest join us today, but he’s a new dad and had to reschedule minutes before joining us due to a slight daycare emergency 💩 (hence why “Man Down” felt so fitting)
So thankfully, we had some incredible stories to pull from your submissions. One about a prop stylist who dealt with a sick man in a basement, and another about a client who stole a $10 toy to “donate to charity.”
Yes, like Creed from The Office with the Toys for Tots Christmas donation box.
And then, we have more stories about client red flags, scope creep and being ghosted! See? It’s the perfect freelancing episode, and the perfect podcast for a drink named “Man Down.”
TBH, it’s all messy. But what part of freelancing isn’t?
Send us your stories already. You know the ones we want to hear 👀 Head on over to perourlastemail.com!
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