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Who Is This Kid? ft. Sasha Michkovsky

Released Monday, 7th June 2021
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So, something big happened.
And by “big,” we mean monumental.
That’s what she said… kind of?
Arabela finally admitted she needed to take time off, like a normal human being, after functioning on overdrive while editing this podcast AND serving as our sole photographer AND editor AND in-house snacker of unrefrigerated foods for @weekendcreative for the last year and a half. So yeah, it was a big deal.
And that’s how we found Sasha.
Sasha graced us with his presence at juuust the right time. You might recall us mentioning that our episodes might sound a bit more *elevated* moving forward, and Sasha’s the reason for that.
Naturally, the moment Sasha stepped into our lives, we found part of our sanity again. As an example, Arabela had enough time to create today’s drink (aptly titled the Vacation Response, arguably stolen from her mom). Thanks Sasha 💁‍♀️
Anyways, we figured it was time to feature the man, the myth, the legend - the Sasha that fixed our audio and our lives.
In today’s episode, Sasha shared a story about the time he had a media pass and snuck into *cough* a very famous NBA team’s *cough* locker room. And then we took some time to talk about our creative client process, while sharing one mindset shift that changed the way we did business.
Like, forever.
Forever ever.
Get your fancy headphones out (because we love a theme), and listen in 🎙️
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