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Or should that be House of Snucci? Anyway...     Bitchy old queen opinions about Madonna, Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Will & Jada, and crossdressing kids.   Promo: Ignorance Was Bliss  (Want to swap show promos? Email us!)   We love you for listen
Here we are again, that time of year where we talk about the stuff we’re thankful for. But this year, we gave it a bit of a twist.      And I hope you all understood the episode title, Thankful Balboa. If you follow us on social media, you’ve s
We are so sick of white women right now. First, Amelia got riled up because a couple of Karens told a Mexican woman she was wrong to buy decor for Dia de los Muertos at Spirit Halloween, and a Becky gave her crap over the meaning of the word "l
Amelia’s tenuous connections to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Pitney is excited about the documentary Hail Satan? and what he learned about the Satanic Temple. Salem, Massachusetts has a weird way of “celebrating” their history this ti
Welcome one and all to our All The Horror Special for 2021!   Tonight we were joined LIVE by Drew (Reel Feels Podcast), Mikey (Fellowship of the Geeks), Tony (Flicks XRayed), and Tricia & Siana (2 Girls on a Bench) to answer questions delivered
When a relative is a member of the "organic elite" and thinks they have the right to be rude. We complain a lot about people who look down their noses at others for obnoxious and often uneducated reasons. And in this week's look at self-care, s
Instead of going to Texas Frightmare Weekend, we took separate vacations in haunted hotels! Pitney in the Brookdale Lodge in Felton, CA, and Amelia in the Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX. Find out about their storied specters, and whether or not w
A couple stories we couldn’t handle at all. One is from Dan Savage’s "Savage Love" column, and the other from "Am I The Asshole?" on Reddit. Then there’s a bit of talk about perception of skinny vs fat, and the joys of smoking. And in this week
Sometimes the best self-care is not beating yourself up for not doing enough self-care. Don’t compare yourself to people who seem to have nothing else to do but meditate and eat clean, because that’s total crap. And then Pitney and Amelia compa
The freckle community. Appropriating appropriation. Identification by phallus. When a cigar is definitely NOT just a cigar. Big Macs and banana surprise.  And this week in self care, fill up your senses.   Promo: Thanks For Coming!  (Want to sw
Confessions! Is Pitney losing his identity as a nerdy fanboy? Is Amelia harboring a secret desire to build stuff? How close did Amelia come to attacking the arrogant unvaccinated?   And this week in self-care, yoga nidra. Click here for the yog
Stories of days that started off bad and then the world just kept piling on more and more crap. Amelia got heatstroke at a nude beach, and Pitney had to find money for a late power bill payment. Then some jackass gave Amelia a mullet in 2006. I
Shopping at Torrid. Amelia's big anniversary this year. Memories of WesterCon 1996 in El Paso. The right way to poop. Indecency with an Elmo doll. And THEN things get weird.   Promos: 2 Skeptical Chaps and Reverie True Crime Podcast (Want to sw
Happy Pride, queers and dears! This year we’ve got a lot of fabulous stuff for you. A bit about what queer-friendly and inclusive stuff Target is up to, a couple of non-cis historical figures, and we give you the lowdown on a surprisingly subve
We dive into a few select stories from Am I The Asshole? and give our uncensored opinions. And in this week's #YearOfSelfCare, Amelia talks about how any exercise is better than none at all.   Promo: Brook Reading Podcast  (Want to swap show pr
Hey! It’s Mental Health Awareness Month! Regular listeners are quite aware of our mental health or lack thereof, but we haven’t done an episode about it in a while, so here we are, talkin’ about it. We’re talking medication, masculinity, and ma
  Simple food versus complicated food. Why delicacies are things we probably shouldn't even be eating in the first place. Just because something is French, that doesn't mean it's fancy. We've got an idea for a gourmet seasoning that will make u
Has the world become so sensitive that it’s necessary to apologize to imaginary people who haven’t yet gotten upset? Do we no longer assume that people aren’t out to offend us? Are some people so focused on themselves they can’t stand that ever
Goin’ deep on dirty talk, baby-birding and other grossness, butthole maintenance, taking care of your feet, and a wannabe hippy chick trying way too hard. And you gotta stay till after the credits, because this time there’s a fashion trend from
The Social Dilemma. We watched it, and we have thoughts. Tricia may have been right about some things. The recent “cancellation” of Dr. Seuss. And be sure to stick it out till the post-credits scene where Pitney got thrown out of a Hickory Farm
(hey, did you already download this and it was missing the ending? well, it's fixed! sorry about that!) Happy 1st Everybody-Stay-Home-niversary, you guys! This week, we hit you with a big ol' grilled cheese sandwich, a #YearInSelfCare reminder
This week we tackle the Colbert Questionert, 15 questions that help you really know a person. Our favorite sandwiches, scariest animals, worst smells, and MORE.   Plus, the benefits of putting thoughts and feelings into actual WORDS.   And if y
Certain intimate details about Cyberpunk 2077.  People at work who hate us. Insights and revelations about forgiving abusers. And, this week in self-care: making yourself a priority.   Promos: 2 Skeptical Chaps  and Aim For The Head Podcast  (W
Selfies. We don't understand them. Or the people who constantly post them. Or the people who bully those people. Or Rihanna, who is apparently awful. And you know what else is awful? Hip dips. Apparently. And this week in self care, reduce your
We're a little all over the place this week. We've got some commentary on religion, or rather the religious (because that's not the same thing), respect for the flag, respect for your neighbors, respect for your teeth, and then we bring back Bi
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