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We discuss the upcoming changes to Plain Ordinary Dragon, and we discuss the act of being consistent consistently. I also let you in on who next week's PODcast interview is as well as tell a few stories.
We discuss more of my creative journey & how the Plain Ordinary Dragon podcast came about, a little more behind the scenes look anyway. We catch up on the direction of the show & the coming changes in 2020. Can't wait to catch up with you!
Today we talk about living the moment. We discuss living in the now & just how important it is!
Today we discuss some thoughts around some of my favorite quotes from my quote collection. I like to have quotes to inspire me. I like to have them to marvel at the way they are so well put together. Sometimes they are the reinforcement to my soul on a day I need it. So, here are some quotes I love.
Today we discuss - The Guarantee. In this Dragon Bites episode I tell you a little about my poker playing days & some of the lessons I learned, as well as, some of the philosophy behind the game & how it relates to life & life lessons. Remember - you might be plain, you might be ordinary, but you are a Dragon!
This is our first time for Dragon Bites to be in its intended time slot. Progress not perfection. The Value of Your Word is one of the thought processes I've really enjoyed exploring & writing about. It not only goes to our trustworthiness but it also is a big part of the foundation of our confidence & self worth as we discuss in the PODcast. Can't wait for you to hear it!
Welcome to the Plain Ordinary Dragon podcast - or as we like to say - the Plain Ordinary Dragon Cast - PODcast!We wanted to drop in & let you know the podcast IS coming & almost ready to launch. Here is some of the genesis behind POD & how we hope to serve you!Enjoy the journey!Elliott
Today is a shorter than usual episode since we have been fighting the sickness at home for the last few weeks. So I thought I might share an upcoming part of the podcast we hope you are going to really enjoy - Dragon Bytes!
Bob Marston is back again with us to finish up our interview in Part 2. If you liked last week's episode then hold on, because this one has music too! Bob continues to provide us with his signature style of thought, analysis, & perspective as we journey through his story. Don't miss Part 2 - Real Magic, Good People. Also, don't forget to visit Bob on his Facebook page & YouTube channel - you can find them at Bob Marston Music (YouTube) & also at Bob Marston Music (Facebook)
Today we get the pleasure of speaking with Calliope Pettis about her journey, art, & so much more. You will certainly want to check out her video about her Eubeau on the YouTubes, and you can find her website at
What a powerful episode we have for you today. We catch up with the multi-talented Jana Lee Gibson Clifton (yep - she's my wife). From a young age, she has known struggle & tragedy intimately , and today she shares how she keeps coming through it all. From witnessing the tragic death of her older brother to surviving divorce & then losing her father in a motorcycle accident, she bravely discusses her journey with amazing vulnerability. This is one of our most empowering episodes. You don't want to miss it!Here are some links to The Electronic Cliftons YouTube episodes Jana discusses in the episode - Enjoy!The TrailerThe birthFinish
Sometimes you get lucky in this journey of life. Today's PODcast episode is the case in point. Our guest hit me up on Instagram after hearing about the PODcast from last week's guest Calliope Pettis. Sometimes I love this small world we are in :)Gabriel N. Akins of The Matchcoats joins us to discuss his journey to this point. He was a delight to spend time with & has a very sage like way of looking at the world. Make sure you check out his work & voice in the world. You can find him on Instagram as @bumpingums or at his webpage (linked above) or to check out some video head over to his YouTube channel - Gabriel N. Akins
Today we get to talk with James L. White who is a journalist with the Harrison Daily Times, a singer / songwriter, and a damn fine human to boot. I have always enjoyed my time talking with James & playing music with him in the past, and today's conversation is no exception. You can find his Facebook profile here --> James L. White & his YouTube channel here --> James White Feel free to give him some Plain Ordinary Dragon love!
Today we talk about happiness. We have a pretty frank discussion about purpose. And we talk a little about love & loss. Also, on this episode, you will hear my first ever release of an original song - Love & Regret
I started to reflect on the last few episodes & then I bird-walked in a much different direction. We are going to discuss the giveaways & how the deadline has been extended! I talk a little about why we are doing what we are doing with this podcast & the direction of Plain Ordinary Dragon. We also discuss getting into action on our projects. I may even rant a little....I guess we'll see
Perry Hayes is a favorite person of mine. He has found a beautiful rhythm to the life he has intentionally created for himself & his family. From a unique upbringing to serving in the armed forces to running a kayaking outfitter on Big Canoe Creek he tells us about his journey. Today's episode is a real treat for me to put out in the world. I can't wait for you to hear another Plain Ordinary Conversation that is anything but.
Welcome to another bonus episode of Dragon Bites! Today we are talking about Short Term Long Term - plans & methodologies. Have an amazing weekend Dragons!
Welcome Dragons!Homer Keys from Firebird Straps joins us today for the podcast, and you are going to hear some real life things in this episode. We talk with Homer about his new company, his journey, some challenges, and some of the folks who have had an impact on him throughout the years. We run into some of the same characters who have previously been on the podcast in the stories he tells. Homer is a true artist. He loves to paint, draw, sing, play guitar (he is pretty amazing on the guitar), and so much more. He does it for the love of creating. He is what we would call a "maker". He makes art. And his newest art form is recycling old leather belts into kick ass guitar straps. They are custom made to fit each customer. Oh, and did I mention they are beautiful and unique and one of a kind - just like Homer. Check out his creations & contact him for your own strap or a strap for a friend who needs one. While his website is still a work of art under creation, you can reach him on Instagram at firebird_straps - Rise Above!
Welcome Dragons!Today we go live with the Plain Ordinary Dragon podcast, or as I like to call it the PODcast. When I started learning how to put a podcast together I realized there were technical challenges to be overcome, but also the marketing & PR side of it to learn about. After all, it doesn't matter how brilliant & amazing your show, episode, or speech is if there isn't anyone around to listen to it. An unheard podcast might as well not exist. You know, like, if a tree falls in the forest & no one is there to hear it... SO, I will need your help to spread the word through the underground this is the hottest new show around (okay, so this isn't Todd Snider's Talking Seattle Grunge Blues but it certainly is a nod in that direction). For the launch of this podcast today, I wanted the first episode to be me, just talking to you from the heart. Most of this podcast is going to revolve around the journey of other people, but I felt it was a little unfair not to introduce you to the host who will be there each step of the way. Today, I'm going to tell you a little bit about my journey. We'll discuss some highlights & challenges. We'll discuss some failures. We'll discuss some success. As is always the case with me, there will certainly be some philosophical discussion. I'll tell you the story of how breaking my neck in a car accident helped me understand what overcoming adversity really means. We'll talk about some of my failures & how they lead me to success - and how failure is an intimate part of success. I hope you will listen, and more than that, I hope what you hear will be useful to you in some way. Dragons, here we go!
Welcome Dragons, to the last episode of 2019. With 2019 hot on our heels & new beginnings in 2020, I thought it would be a good time to talk about being & getting "lucky" This is something people have called me for as long as I can remember, and it continues to this very day (ask my wife about Monopoly or playing heads up Texas Hold 'Em sometime). I explain some of my methodology on how to get "lucky" in this episode, which you can also read here --> Being Lucky - This may be one of the shorter episodes, however, if taken to heart, it might be one of the most important.
Good day Dragons! Today's Dragon Bites episode is about time. It's about the here & now. It's about the future. It's about the past. It's about accomplishing your goals & learning from your past.Hurry Time's Running Out is a an article I wrote a couple of years ago but it is still as useful & true as it was the day I wrote it. I hope it is helpful for you today - right now!
Welcome Dragons!Today we are in for a real treat. We are lucky enough to have caught up with the infamous Donnie Lee. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting him in person you are about to have a really fun trip. You see, the truth of it is this: you don't meet Donnie - you experience him. He pulls no punches. None. What you see, or in this case - hear, is what you get. You don't find conversations anywhere any more open & honest than this one - or really, any conversation you have with him. And it is delightfully fun with stories & quatables you are not likely to forget ever. When we get together the conversations can go on for days, and they would if life didn't get in the way. Donnie is, in my opinion, a YouTube or podcast star in the making. He is gold. He is so money. Okay, I'm sure I should do the respectable thing & tell you we discuss his journey from tiny Western Grove, Arkansas to being the Distance Learning guy in the state & then watching it disappear almost overnight due to the breakneck speed of technological advances. Oh yeah, did I mention he's also a musician? He was one of the first drummers I worked with in a band. Even then, you could tell he was special & had sick talent (for the old fogies, sick is a term that means amazing - for the young ones out there, yes I know that's an old fogie term to you - it's all perspective). I could go on & on as Donnie is one of my favorite folks ever. He is what I seriously call My Brother from Another Mother. Speaking of mothers - be aware this episode has adult language - NSFW (Not Safe for Work) - not safe for kids under 18. If adult language & themes offend you or your sensibilities you might be exactly the kind of person who should hear this episode, or maybe not - like with everything in life - the choice is yours. Choose wisely.
As the new year is nearly upon us, we tend to start looking to the future. We start to look to the hope of a fresh start, the anticipation of a new year where we can mentally make a commitment to starting with a fresh slate. We can envision all the good & wonderful things & moments that await us. However, without this one little thing, we will find ourselves right back here at the same time next year. Action = Success on today's Dragon Bites discusses how to make your dreams come true in the following years. Remember, you might be plain. You might be ordinary. But you are a Dragon!
Where is the PODcast going? Today we open up & be a little vulnerable. Today we discuss the first season of the Plain Ordinary Dragon podcast, and if we should continue or if we should change the podcast up.
Welcome Dragons!I'm super excited for today's episode. Hal Borland is with us! He was one of my first mentors in the Information Technology field & has been a close friend ever since. We discuss challenges & triumphs along his journey, and other fun stories along the way. We discuss the impact we can have on the people around us & in our circle of influence. We discuss other fun & funny things too. But make no mistake, this episode is full of clues about success & life. They say success leaves clues & there are clues a plenty in this discussion, if you are willing to listen for them. Hal is a very accomplished technology guru. I would use his current title, but it doesn't do him justice. He understands technology on a very complex level. However, part of his genius is being able to explain it in layman's terms to just about anyone. He is a great communicator & his willingness to give back to those around him is second to none. There will be more episodes with Hal, but until then - enjoy the show!
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