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Planet B612

A weekly Society, Culture and Science podcast featuring Julie Laurin
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Episodes of Planet B612

In this episode, we talk about how we know the climate is changing, as well as how and why we study past climates.We also explore things like mass extinction events, isotopes, and science communication. (0:01:06) So many specialities. (0:01:51
What role might the environment play on autoimmune diseases, like asthma? What could we learn about antibiotic use in pregnant women? Reproductive immunologist, and researcher, Dr. Melanie Conrad joins me to talk about these topics, and about t
How did Tardigrades evolve? Where can we find them? Are there Tardigrades in Space? All this, and more, with Biologist Dr. Frank Smith! (0:00:55) Tardigrades in concrete. (0:01:35) Finding tardigrades: Moss, leaf litter and lichens. (0:02:50)
Support Planet B612 on Patreon: https://patreon.com/juliesworld In this episode, we’ll learn all about spiders, specifically jumping spiders, and wolf spiders, with Arachnologist, Trinity Walls! (0:01:09) Loving and studying spiders: The journ
Dr. Gerold Baier joins me from the UK to discuss machine learning, and his research into algorithmic approaches in disease. He’s been researching rhythms and patterns in epilepsy with the hope that one day, we can predict seizures before they h
In this episode, I talk with plant pathologist, and TikTok scicommer, Sara Stricker about plant fungus, science communication, and agriculture. (0:01:19) The Plant Doctor and the PhD defense. (0:02:20) The PhD process. (0:03:57) Nerves, anxiet
In this episode, we’ll be exploring the world of parasitic copepods! We’ll also talk about Jimmy’s decision to be infected with 50 hookworms in the name of science! (0:00:49) Working at the Natural History Museum: Parasitic Copepods.  (0:02:24
Ever wonder how, and why, we research microscopic life in our oceans? In this episode, I speak with plankton ecologist, and head of the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey about marine life, research, and more! (0:00:26) Plymouth, England. (0:
In this episode, designer and gemologist Kate Hubley joins me to help me understand the difference between various kinds of gold, which gemstones are more valuable, how they’re mined, and which gems are more rare than others. (0:00:52) Beginni
Toronto-based artist Genevieve Langlois joins me to talk about her work as an actress and a painter. We also talk about voice acting and voice-over work, and we talk about imposter syndrome, aging and more! (0:01:37) An artistic family and educ
PhD Student Olivier Belli joins me from Switzerland to talk about genetics and gene editing. We talk about the human genome, epigenetics, and CRISPR technology! (0:00:35) A little background.  (0:01:32) What is Molecular Biology? (0:02:20) Gene
In this episode, I speak with John Launius. He's written a book about the life and work of Charles Parsons. We speak about the reasons why John wrote this book, but he also gives us a bit of a history primer on why the civil war occurred, and w
In this episode, I speak with the founder of Commie’s Cupcakes, Amber Comadira-Smith. Amber is a cake designer, and we talk about the best way to bake cakes, how to use fondant, and why she enjoys working with miniature designs! (0:00:40) Queen
** Support Planet B612 on Patreon: https://patreon.com/juliesworld** In this episode, I speak with Arch DevOps CTO, Michael Fritzius. We talk about software testing automation, the purpose of documentation, why tech companies use DevOps, and we
In this episode, I interview Canadian musician and DJ, Rise Ashen. Based in Ottawa, Rise is a 3-time Juno award nominee who has studied music in NYC, Montreal, and who has explored the various sounds and influences of music around the world. We
In this episode, I’m speaking with early universe cosmologist Islam Khan. We talk about inflation theory, the multiverse, dark matter, and so much more! Is there such a thing as a parallel universe? Do we know why the universe has stretched? Wh
In this episode, I interview Canadian Blacksmith, Lynndon Novak. Lynndon lives and works out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He’s a welder, and an artistic blacksmith. We discuss what it takes to be a blacksmith, how to create a cheap forge, how artisan
In this episode, I speak with Science Writer and Founder of the Joyful Microbe blog and podcast, Dr. Justine Dees! We walk about why she got into content marketing, how she learned how to do it, and we get to talk about microbial life, too! Who
In this episode, I speak with Ben K.D. Pearce, again! This time, we talk about the latest Mars mission, as well as the building blocks for life in meteorites, and whether or not there’s phosphene on Venus! Introduction (0:00:38) Ben’s research
In this episode, I speak with PhD student Gavin Campbell. Gavin studies the aquatic and terrestrial creatures that inhabit temporary ponds. We also talk about education in Jamaica, research on Mars, and Gavin shares some quirky facts about mosq
In this episode, I speak with Dr. Rachel Diner. She is researching the microbiome of oysters. Her research helps us learn how oyster microbiomes affect human health. We also talk about science communication, surfing, and other microbes that exi
** Support Planet B612 on Patreon: https://patreon.com/juliesworld** In this episode, I speak with Jenn Blanchett. Jenn has worked as a Science Communicator with Science North, and now works as a teacher. We talk about science communication for
** Support Planet B612 on Patreon: https://patreon.com/juliesworld** In this episode, I speak with Ira Seidenstein, PhD. He’s a teacher, author, and director currently living and working in Australia. We talk about the state of the arts today,
In this episode, I speak with Jennifer Demitor, an installation artist, and an architect! I’d never spoken to an architect before, so we discussed what an architect does, how Jennifer plans for new projects, how inspiration plays a role in her
In this episode, I speak with Dr. Kel Pero, owner of KMP and Associates. Kel left academia to start her own business as an academic editor and copywriter. We discuss all sorts of topics relating to writing and editing, such as the importance of
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